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Charlotte's collision being removed is another unnecessary nerf that lowers the Twins' skill ceiling

AltarfAltarf Member Posts: 308

Despite not being mentioned in the patch notes, Charlotte now no longer has collision when controlling Victor. This means all bodyblocking plays with Charlotte are kaput - no bodyblocking tight corridors to slow survivor movement, no bodyblocking pallets and windows to punish survivors who try to loop the same tile, no protecting gens in rooms and 1-man gens from being worked on while controlling Victor... this removes a good deal of strategy behind Twins, and is arguably even more significant than the cooldown nerf. It's like if they removed Wraith's collision when cloaked, or removed Deathslinger's spear being able to go through small gaps.

I can live with the cooldown nerf. It's unnecessary and makes Victor sluggish and even less efficient to use, exacerbating their efficiency problem, but it's not the absolute end of the world. This, however, is ridiculous.

I don't know how inflated the Twins' kill rates are from their abysmally poor pickrate and Dowsey's 4K streaks, but artificially lowering their skill ceiling is just insulting. Now that slugging is nerfed with Victor, and bodyblocking is nerfed with Charlotte, the only untouched thing the Twins have is camping, the worst part of their entire kit and yet the one thing BHVR leaves as is. It's like they want you to camp, instead of trying anything creative - or, dare I say it, fun.

The only logical explanation I can think of as to why this was done, is that in some of the Coldwind map reworks (and Blood Lodge) they've decided to do the genius move of making the basement entrances as wide as the killer, and body-blockable. I don't need to explain why this was a poor decision - it's artificially creating a reason to nerf the Twins even more. I get they're not popular - that's why literally nobody noticed when the "buff" allowing Charlotte to turn when waking up had already been in the game for months - but frankly, Twins got nerfed worse than Freddy. At least Freddy still has his teleport and his snares still work basically as well as before.

In conclusion, please consider reverting this change. A killer who wants to bodyblock the basement is going to do so regardless of who they're playing - it's not a good excuse to cut off an entire aspect of the Twins' power.

Tl;dr: Collision change bad and unnecessary, please revert it, it lowers their skill ceiling.

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