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Small Game Perk Improvement Idea

Sunbreaker7Sunbreaker7 Member Posts: 580
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Small Game is the almost perfect counter perk for Hex builds. With it, you can kiss goodbye to Undying + ruin combo or any other annoying Hex build in that matter. It is honestly a pretty underrated perk considering people are always complaining about Hex builds. However, what I find strange about this perk is that it lets you find Hex totems nearby without actually letting you find them...

Depending on the map, the mere sound alarm notifying of a nearby totem in the direction where you face is not always enough to tell whether the totem is actually there. Sometimes because of the map, the totem may be below or above you. Sometimes the hex totem is so damn well hidden to a near-impossible level to find it despite the perk, which kinda makes the perk feel useless at times when you literally can not find the totem despite the notification alarm going off again and again.

When it comes to spotting trapper's bear traps, the same thing applies. More often than not, I find myself still stepping on the bear trap because of the cone detection that spreads the possibility of the bear trap's location like a shotgun fire in long distance. Again, in these situations, the perk feels useless at times.

What I suggest is allowing the player to actually see the aura of the spotted hex totem or bear trap. Also, while we are at it, I wonder why the devs allowed us to see Trapper's bear traps but not Hag's Phantom traps, wouldn't that make sense to allow us to see them too? Same thing for Freddy's blood puddles and Demogorgon's portals. It feels kinda strange allowing us to utilize the perk against just one Killer. What did the Trapper ever do to you, haha. No, but seriously, I would rather disable the bear trap detection for the perk if it is not made equal across all trap-based killers.

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