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Reasons why Lady Dimitrescu is going to be the New Killer


So Resident Evil Village is coming out in a few days and a new character is going to be featured in it. So I think Dead by Daylight will go with a newer character that can fit into the game well. Other than Nemesis who doesn't even fit in the game at all.

Reasons why

So I have been doing some research and here is what I found

  •  For at least seventy years between the 1950s and 2020s, she was tied to a series of violent homicides.

That sounds like basic killer material, right?

  • Dimitrescu was a follower of a Satanic witch-cult which practiced vampirism and human sacrifice, possibly for sustenance

Human sacrifice? Hmm... sounds familiar. This would mean Dimitrescu would want to be a part of the entity's realm other than fight it. Once again, sounds like killer material to me.

  • According to the RE wiki "Dimitrescu's origins are presently a mystery, in particular the questions of her age, and whether she was born with a Progenitor disease or contracted it later."
  • Among Dimitrescu's traits post-infection is the ability to elongate her fingernails into razor-sharp claws.

Just these two things make Dimitrescu perfect killer material for this game.

Just look how good she can fit in the game, she looks similar to plague in the height and body.



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