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Is NOED Really That Bad?

DemoFrogDemoFrog Member Posts: 193
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Survivors get a Busload is Second Chances, so why is it so hated by Survivors? Do you think it's really that bad, and if you do, explain why?


Is NOED Really That Bad? 94 votes

NOED Bad (From A Killer Main)
TapeKnotUistreelglitchboixtr4meVulcanicoreFriendly_BlendetteShamelessPigMainash13HaunterofShadowsmagicmooman 10 votes
NOED Bad (From A Survivor Main)
Toblerone007hiddeninkVioletCrimes 3 votes
NOED Good (From A Killer Main)
HermanTheDoctor GlamourousLeviathanRavenTheWraithGuest1567432getuy45u4iuTurtleSushiTVDemoFrogSketchK1d_BigBallLowFatYogurtAcoZnas94 11 votes
NOED Bad (From A Survivor Main)
swager21Avignon 2 votes
NOED Good (Mixed)
AdelooRainbowPatooieAssassinZodiacWaffleFalafelA_Can_Of_Airmusstang62MrPenguinSillierHorizon5kylerabdcgamer10Warcrafter4MaxwellcanalgpcynicalChurchofPigwhatsgoingonDerZuntorFobboGizziMoundshroudUnifall 38 votes
NOED Bad (Mixed)
GibberishshardsDimekTaigameatisadelicacyInsaneCoasterDawnMadMadLordJackSpookyPumpkinPiezGenerator_RepairerYordsTripleStealTheGannManDwightFairfieldDistortedDreambowoKirkyladTheArbiterGuiltiiBadonkadonk 30 votes
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  • musstang62musstang62 Member Posts: 498
    NOED Good (Mixed)

    Just had a game today where I did all 5 bones before the gates were powered and the killer got absolutely zero value out of NOED. It can be deactivated completely before getting any use, or it can be deactivated with one totem at the endgame. I get why it's frustrating if you get hit by it, but there kind of needs to be some punishment to only slamming gens. Totems are the secondary objective, and NOED is pretty much the only thing that keeps it that way. Small game and detective's hunch make totem hunting pretty simple

    All that said, NOED could probably use a little bit of a rework to make it less frustrating to play against (not a buff or nerf, just changing how it works a bit)

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 9,274
    NOED Bad (Mixed)

    I hate this perk so much, please rework it. I love it when I play well throughout the whole match but as soon as EGC starts and I don’t know I’m exposed, I get downed and die on first hook. NOED is up there with Iron Will, Dead Hard, and old DS for my least favorite perks to go against.

  • Pr0p3r9Pr0p3r9 Member Posts: 104

    I don't appreciate the phrasing on this poll. What does bad mean in this context? Is it a measure of strength? Are you talking about bad for the game's health? Or could you mean that it's bad manners? Even if you were clear, all of these questions have been argued to death already.

  • T0thLewisT0thLewis Member Posts: 38

    I would only change one little thing for NOED. As soon as EGC starts the prompt comes up if NOED activates and the exposed status comes up. Being it a surprise hex perk is kinda annoying I agree, but the endgame punishment for not cleansing totems is a fair point.

    Like every survivor these days are running DH, DS, Unbreakable, IW, BT, all the meta perks that don't really contribute to gen work or co-op work. As someone said before, Detective's Hunch and Small Game will make totem hunting very simple while doing gens and avoiding the killer, on SWF you can even relay info to your teammates. If it's a well co-ordinated game, the killer will get zero value out of NOED and you will even get 5k plus bloodpoints for cleansing totem. Survivors, STOP trying to nerf this game into a solo survivor experience and START working together to get out on the winning side. The point of being a survivor is being a teamplayer and contributing to the game.

    I'm looking at you self-caring in the corner Blendettes with Iron Will, Lightweight, Self-care, Botany!

  • DemoFrogDemoFrog Member Posts: 193
  • YordsYords Member Posts: 5,740
    NOED Bad (Mixed)

    It is just a terribly designed perk, a band-aid fix for a time when generators got done very quickly. I think it should be reworked to not be a hex, but reward killers for doing well throughout the match.

  • DerZuntorDerZuntor Member Posts: 288
    NOED Good (Mixed)

    It's a strong perk, but a Killer will not improve if they rely on NOED, it's effect is strong, but it's bad for the games health.

  • TrickstaaaaaTrickstaaaaa Member Posts: 1,256
    NOED Bad (Mixed)

    When someone runs NOED for me, it show that individual has no confidence in paying that killer. Because for me I can tell if a person has NOED. My rule is if the killer is horrible at playing, there is 50% chance they could have NOED based on what I seen.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815
    NOED Bad (Mixed)

    It's a free kill perk whose "counterplay" hands killers 4k's. I wouldn't call that a good thing.

  • InsaneCoasterInsaneCoaster Member Posts: 300
    NOED Bad (Mixed)

    It's not a fair perk design and often rewards poor play.

    It's by no means stupidly overpowered, but something doesn't have to be stupidly overpowered to be unfair or unfun and need reworking.

  • GibberishGibberish Member Posts: 890
    NOED Bad (Mixed)

    Bad as in it's a weak perk and a waste of a perk slot.

  • DawnMadDawnMad Member Posts: 1,030
    NOED Bad (Mixed)

    It's a perk that gives a free kill at the end of the game for minimal effort. If every other perk was as good as it any killer with 4 perks would get a 4k consistently.

    You are saying survivors spent probably 2 generators worth of time finding and doing totems to prevent a perk that the killer might not even have? That sounds like a lot of value to me.

  • DemoFrogDemoFrog Member Posts: 193
    NOED Good (From A Killer Main)

    Then that means it can act as a backup and a slowdown.

  • ShamelessPigMainShamelessPigMain Member Posts: 1,843
    edited May 2021
    NOED Bad (From A Killer Main)

    It gets blown way out of proportion by a lot of people, but it really is a pretty terrible perk, in terms of healthy game design. The Small Game buff made it easier to clear out NOED outside of an SWF, along with most hexes in general, but it should never be the case that 1 perk is dedicated to the nullification another perk, and it's just a really badly designed effect that's too powerful for what it tries to achieve. Cancel NOED, buff rancor, make Trixie Mattel a killer, Katya should have won season 2 of All Stars.

  • LucentLucent Member Posts: 209

    I have to agree. Any perk that rewards bad play and acts as a crutch should be removed. Need to start discouraging bad game play. Adrenaline, DS, DH, Noed all should go. I mean seriously you don't need any of those, if you are a survivor just don't get caught and if you are a killer just down more people. sheesh.

    P.S. I love when they realize I have noed and try to run for the gates only to see blood warden is up. End game builds are the best.

  • KeezoKeezo Member Posts: 449

    few things, 1, both survivor options are 'NOED Bad', 2, no option for it being bad, as in, being a bad perk

  • DwightFairfieldDwightFairfield Member Posts: 1,247
    NOED Bad (Mixed)

    I like DH, hate NOED

    They both allow for insta downs, but in DH's case you work for it AND get a little lucky/bring undying.

    With NOED, no one knows it's coming, no one can predict it's coming, and dependent on build you can easily get a 4k with no effort.

  • DemoFrogDemoFrog Member Posts: 193
  • musstang62musstang62 Member Posts: 498
    NOED Good (Mixed)

    Right, that's the one scenario where someone or all survivors spend 1-2 gens total of time totem hunting. Gens are still fast enough that an extra 1-2 gens worth of time is really not a problem most of the time. Pop, ruin, and arguably even sloppy butcher each provide as much if not more slowdown and aren't as reliant on the survivor's actions, so they're giving much more reliable slowdown

    Then there's also the scenario where you can do zero totems all game, and pop just the NOED one at the end. If you don't want to spend the time on totems, you can just make a mental note of where some are in case you need to check them again in endgame. Most are right out in the open next to gens, so you don't even need to go out of your way to spot them. Worst case scenario, if the survivors are unlucky and the killer immediately gets a down + hook close to the totem, then yeah, that's probably a free kill and the survivors should leave. In my experience, the majority of the time, there's going to be distance between the killer and the totem, so they're only going to get roughly 1-2 insta-downs out of NOED before it gets deactivated. And in that scenario, the killer has to play most of the match with 3 perks to potentially have that advantage at the end, and NOED provides zero slowdown prior to endgame

    I do get that it can be annoying, and a rework to solve that aspect of it would be great, but there are plenty of objectively stronger perks for most killers

  • alaenyiaalaenyia Member Posts: 550

    Since there was no option for NoEd Good (surv main) I went with mixed although my survivor/killer match ratio is probably 90/10. But as a survivor main I have no issues with NoEd. There is a counter to NoEd and perks that help you find totems. Is NoEd a crutch perk for killers who didn't get it done during the match, absolutely. Is it a completely viable perk, yes of course.

  • cynicalcynical Member Posts: 19
    NOED Good (Mixed)

    I honestly couldn't care about NOED. I don't run it on killer 'cause there's a lot of better perks and if I do end up getting kill with NOED in endgame, it isn't really deserved for I played the rest of the game bad for ending up in this position. As a survivor, I don't mind getting hit with it, especially 'cause I can affect it being spawned etc. You pretty much remember totem spawns anyway so just run through them and get the unhook. If it happens that the totem is right next to the hook then it's just gg. Also Bloodwarden is a fun perk to run and go against and it just happens that NOED goes well with it.

  • GizziGizzi Member Posts: 19
    NOED Good (Mixed)

    Rank 8 killer and rank 9 survivor here. Noed is not bad. Literally just hold m1 to counter. It's really not hard

  • Jane_Is_Mega_ThiccJane_Is_Mega_Thicc Member Posts: 137
    edited May 2021
    NOED Good (Mixed)

    Noed is perfectly fine, the problem is that nobody wants to do the totems, coming from a survivor main the extra points AND a no risk to Noed is good.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,702

    I agree with you that I think NOED is fine, but that's seriously oversimplifying it, especially in solo queue.

    I'd personally keep it mostly untouched but just remove the speed boost.

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,019
    NOED Bad (From A Survivor Main)

    realistically speaking, youre not gonna be able to cleanse 5 totems in solo queue without special perks. youre not even going to make it to the end game if you play like that. i dont like the insurance policy design of the perk. it kills half of the perk adrenaline cuz the extra health state doesnt matter. nothing tells you that the killer doesnt have the perk, so you can spend all game looking for totems just to find out that he didnt even have it. also doing 4 totems is the equivalent of doing 0 totems. doing really good but then getting struck by noed and facecamped feels like a robbery.

  • hiddeninkhiddenink Member Posts: 9
    NOED Bad (From A Survivor Main)

    NOED is okay, but if you run particularly well throughout the entire match and the entire team survives because of lack of experience or skill from the killer, it can get frustrating. I play altruistically and usually go for saves at the EGC, but NOED basically counters any of that.

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,920
    NOED Bad (Mixed)

    Totems keep getting buffs. They change the maps (good luck finding any totems in the blinding corn, for example), they changed the look of totems, making them harder to see even when they're right in front of you, and Small Game was nerfed. I personally find it frustrating as a survivor because you'd be surprised how often I only have time to do four totems and then die because I was hit once. I can't blame killers for using it, I blame my teammates who can't be bothered to cleanse even one totem ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Toblerone007Toblerone007 Member Posts: 598
    NOED Bad (From A Survivor Main)

    If totems actually benefitted the team more than exclusively doing gens than noed would be a healthy design. Unfortunately it's a bad perk and isn't very popular at high ranks.

    The inverse of this is its impact on low rank games. It has a high pick rate, totems are hardly ever completed before end game there. It's impossible to communicate totems solo q. Therefore, noed is highly effective perk there. I think survivors mostly agree it's very unfun to go down to noed and lose because of it.

    I'm a firm believer it hurts the longevity of the game and player retention. Similar situation with old ruin which I've brought up many times before. Perks that stomp new survivors shouldn't be a thing.

  • IwaneTheOneIwaneTheOne Member Posts: 2
    NOED Good (Mixed)

    So.. Where's the NOED Good (From A Survivor Main) option? XD

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