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Bring Back Old Freddy But Buffed.

I remember when the Freddy rework was announced, and I was kinda shocked that they were changing his entire ability. To me, his power now makes no sense even after or before the patch 4.7.0 nerf. Freddy is supposed to be a dream demon, to hunt people in there dreams. I think Old Freddy needs to come back to Dbd but not useless like he was before the rework.


Freddy should be how he used to be, not able to hit survivors when awake unless there sleeping, and he should keep the snares, dream pallets, and the gen teleport. Survivors can’t wake up from skill checks or other survivors, only when they get hooked. When he is putting survivors to sleep, he is invisible and will not shown for a bit during the dream transition. Also, buff some of his add ons would you BHVR?

This change will not make him incredibly powerful, nor making him too weak. The change will make him a decent killer in my opinion.



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