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Huntress New Ultra Rare Add-ons Feedback

Two of my mains are Huntress and Demo. You guys did a great job with Demo's new ultra-rare add-ons. Very cool, interesting, and useful without being oppressive. However, I'm very disappointed by the new Huntress ultra-rare add-ons and here's why. I will never use them...which is the same problem I had with old iri head.

It feels so cheap to get point-blank insta-down hatchets so that ruins it for me. Survivors STILL usually DC when they realize you have it (even now when it's just 1) so it clearly ruins the game for them too. I have dozens of these that I will never use because they are still poison to any game you bring them into.

The ultra-rare that increases your movement speed slightly when you're out of hatchets is soooooo boring. Additionally, a Huntress with even a moderate experience level knows you shouldn't be chasing down survivors without hatchets a vast majority of the time anyway.

I was so hoping that you guys would listen to the PTB feedback and change these addons. I'm still hoping you do. Adding a 20+ meter range requirement for the insta-downs (and maybe not reducing the number of hatchets) would make these so fun and balanced for both sides. As far as the other one goes, I'm going to throw out an idea...the other ultra-rare would make hatchets count as basic attacks. People would have so much fun creating unique builds with this add-on to trigger different perk combos from range. At the very least it would be interesting and people would use it.


  • Thund3rstruck57Thund3rstruck57 Member Posts: 170

    Follow up thought I had...maybe also make Huntress's second add-on that I proposed apply the broken status effect for 30 or 60 seconds so it does something without perks. It should probably do something by itself without perks.

  • rharha Member Posts: 280

    I am very disappointed as well. I play Huntress to throw hatchets. I feel like both ultra-rares are designed around encouraging the Huntress to not use her power without adding anything interesting to her gameplay. With one add-on I only have one hatchet so I don’t want to do any wild snipes but keep my precious hatchet for an occasion when it is impossible to miss. Otherwise reloading after every single throw gets super annoying.

    The new one is IMHO the most stupid add-on in the game. I only benefit from it if I don’t have my power. If I regain it quickly as I should want, my ultra-rare is completely worthless. An iridescent add-on that allows me to play as a trappet without traps, wow.

    I don’t even want anything super strong. I wanted the one-shot hatchets to go entirely. But if they want to keep it, I would have voted for the range requirement.

  • AirlessAirless Member Posts: 156

    At the very least they could have allowed for you to gain 1% speed for every hatchet missing for the unltra rare

  • Thund3rstruck57Thund3rstruck57 Member Posts: 170

    @Airless That would still be pretty boring though.

  • Barbarossa2020Barbarossa2020 Member Posts: 1,095

    Iri head was my go to for key's.

    Just out of principle due to Mori nerf but not keys. Now ill have to dust off a few Mori's for those keys.

    As for her new running addon, i seen it and laughed, The idea of the Huntress is a long range skill shot killer who rewards good players.

    Making her into a melee Killer would be like removing Bubba's chainsaw.

    I guess that legalized marijuana in canada is getting passed around the office a bit.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,594
    edited May 2021

    I don't get why Soldier's Putte isn't base kit. As far as I can tell, you'd rather be a Huntress with one hatchet left than a 115% Huntress with no hatchets anyways.

  • SeannyD115SeannyD115 Member Posts: 535

    They could have made it like the nurse addon when a successful hit gives you a speed boost. But even that doesn't sound good for an ultra rare

  • TripleStealTripleSteal Member Posts: 1,298

    I also dislike how her addons were changed, basically anything else would have been more interesting. Meh.

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,019

    soldiers puttee is a decent addon. when you run out of hatchets at a loop you become a 115 killer which means you wont have to stop at a locker in the middle of a chase. i think the addon should be rare instead of ultra rare.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,702
    edited May 2021

    I agree the 115% speed one is mediocre normally, but when combined with a single instadown hatchet it's not bad. I like the limit of 1 on iri heads too. You can't snowball with it, but you can get some insanely fast downs if you're accurate. That was actually the exact change I wanted to see, barring a full rework of the add-on.

    I don't like the idea of 20+m instadowns. Can you imagine the hook camping that would encourage? Just hook someone on a hill and ez win. I can also imagine this being super tilting for both sides when the survivor is just about 20m away. One side or the other is always going to end up pissed off about the outcome.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,594

    I don't think that should be an add-on at all. I think it should just be base kit.

  • Thund3rstruck57Thund3rstruck57 Member Posts: 170

    @TAG Ya, if I saw that they made her movement speed 115% when she's out of hatchets base kit, I would shrug and say, "that's cool I guess...nothing to write home about." The fact that it's an ultra-rare is laughable.

  • Thund3rstruck57Thund3rstruck57 Member Posts: 170

    @notstarboard 20 meters was just an approximate number I threw out that seemed relatively fair. I'm sure the devs could find a "sweet spot" distance where most players hit by the long-range insta-down would have to admit that they got hit by a pretty decent shot. The more skill something powerful takes, the less people get pissed off about it...like a skilled Nurse. And there are much tougher situations to get out of than a Huntress trying to throw long-range insta-down hatchets at a hook. You'll never stop some people from playing scummy, but most people won't play like that and the ones that do will probably gravitate towards basement Bubba anyway.

  • sesawyer3127sesawyer3127 Member Posts: 342

    I agree with you,,, soooo many of the games I play when the Huntress is the killer as a solo survivor I see other survivors DC after getting hit. It is so frustrating esp when you run to save and if they dont DC they hook suicide. I lose a pip and de-rank for nothing. However, I asked a killer in chat afterwards if it gets old when this happens and their smart @ss response was "nope, I love it" lol.

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