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Vigil rework?

MrBuffaloMrBuffalo Member Posts: 299
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So uh in case you guys forgot theres this perk called Vigil it's a Quintin teachable and its pretty garbage and one of the worst perks in the game! So here's an rework idea for this god awful perk!

I'm a huge fan of the "Broken" status affect and love the perks that apply it, Second Wind, Deliverance, No Mither, For the People. And I would like Vigil to still be related to status affects in some way I think narrowing it down to just the "Broken" status affect would be the better option since all the others are much more rare.

So here is the change I would propose!

Instead of recovering from exhaustion, blindness 20% faster I would instead make it increase survivor speed for vaulting, jumping into lockers and rescuing survivors off hooks by 3% or 5% when affected by the Broken status affect. Maybe 5% is a little too much of a speed increase but I don't think it'd be that bad!

It may seem like this change is still making this perk useless but I want this perk to have synergy with the perks/killer add-on's that apply broken.

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  • MrBuffaloMrBuffalo Member Posts: 299

    Ah I wasnt aware Resilience increased vault speed. RIP

  • Drixpy_JayyyDrixpy_Jayyy Member Posts: 181

    i'd prefer vigil to decrease the time it takes to recover from status effects even more and allow you to vault faster combine that with spine chill resilience and dead hard the killer is never gonna down me unless its a deathslinger or huntress.

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,019

    sounds like a decent rework but i have a better one:

    you start with 3 or 4 tokens. each token soaks up killer effects (for example the killer hits you with sloppy butcher, a mangled addon, the effects of a perk like deliverance or for the people, and all other status effects except for exposed. the status effect doesnt count but it uses a token).

    does not stack with no mither

    tokens can only be regained by escaping a chase and not entering another one for 15 seconds afterwards.

  • MrBuffaloMrBuffalo Member Posts: 299

    theres so many cool things they could do with this perk and im sad that this perk just isnt talked about more.

  • MrBuffaloMrBuffalo Member Posts: 299

    Theres like....No status effects in this game anymore tho.....the only killer really applying them is Huntress and how often will she really run those add ons.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773

    Blows my mind when I see that perk being used. It was bad when it was first added and when exhaustion went down in chases. It has literally zero utility now.

  • MargretAtWalmartMargretAtWalmart Member Posts: 163

    It would be better if it just included effects like exposed, oblivious and broken in it's 20% reduction. It could also get a timer where once every minute or 2 it clears an effect, or maybe it just cleanses indefinite effects like mangled. If they did that though, it would probably only be a temporary cleanse to things like tier 3 exposed.

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