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New OoO is trash

ShirokinukatsukamiShirokinukatsukami Member Posts: 1,624
edited May 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

Nobody seems to want to say it so I'll say it.

  • If I want to know what aura detection the killer has Distortion is 1000% better, even with its crappy 3 charges.
  • Having zero control when OoO activates is horrible, and a lethal effect and it can really screw you over at the worst times. It can sometimes help you loop, but still only an idiot would take this perk unless everyone else is running DS or some such to offset it.
  • Completely breaks synergy with Sole Survivor. I mean lol who the hell designed this? I completely warned them about this when the OOO suggestion was made but as usual nobody at BHVR cared. SS is already bad it didn't need the only decent combo it had in the entire game become completely useless.

Poor Laurie, she's officially the most abused survivor in the game, everything has has has been nerfed to oblivion and they even left her crap perk (SS) broken for a long time, and now it hasn't even been buffed as they suggested following the OOO nerf.

Can't believe they went forward with these changes and didn't even consider any of the feedback to make the perk actually worth taking. But I guess they felt OOO was just too powerful so they as usual had to nerf it into the ground.

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  • OniWantsYourMacaroniOniWantsYourMacaroni Member Posts: 5,892

    Well,i really really like the information i get from the new OoO.

    It's pretty nice but it can definetely screw you over if you aren't careful.

    Had to learn that the hard when i was playing against a Nurse yesterday 🤣

  • WishIcouldmainWishIcouldmain Member Posts: 3,940
    edited May 2021

    Lol who runs Sole Survivor that perk is the definition of trash? The perk provides useful information not limited by tokens. And you know when it goes off the killer can't keep track of it.

  • NamelessNameless Member Posts: 825

    Overall, I'm enjoying the perk. Sometimes, it does screw me over yes but that's the trade-off of the perk. I've been the last remaining survivor a couple of times and this perk really is a death sentence in those scenario's, but it's really helpful in any other case. Knowing where the killer is and which perks they're using is quite helpful.

  • Nos37Nos37 Member Posts: 2,711

    You can still use Object of Obsession to see the killer for almost the entire match

    • Object of Obsession
    • Alert
    • Kindred
    • Dark Sense (since the killer's aura can be read with OoO if they see you with Bitter Murmur, this perk can be replaced with Open Handed to buff Kindred)
  • yeetyeet Member Posts: 1,819

    OoO was incredibly unfun to play against and broken with SWF, i'm not upset it's gone

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,182

    It might not be super strong, but it's a massive improvement over the old OoO.

    It was useless for solos and OP for SWFs.

  • GladonosGladonos Member Posts: 392

    OoO is for making epic montages on Youtube called:

    "Poor killer gets looped for 5 gens!!! 😂"

    "Salty killer just doesn't learn to look at walls and gets blinded while picking up xxx2000xxx times!!! 🤗"

    "Rank 20 killer misses every single attack. 😏"

    Not for playing seriously.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460

    Then don't take it? :) Take Distortion if you like that better?

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,740

    haven't played dbd yet but if this is true


  • thisisntmaxthisisntmax Member Posts: 229

    New object is super fun. Free 3 seconds of 6% speed on gens, cleansing and healing every time someone is hooked, you're seen on Nurse's or you're cleansing totems with Undying up. Not to mention the 30 second CD, really powerful for running loops if Undying is up and you run past a totem. Even without that, you can try time it so you run to weaker tiles like long walls and they basically can be guaranteed won. The killer can't mindgame during those three seconds.

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,019
    edited May 2021

    this is one of my favorite perks. definitely a 4/5. the perk tells you that the killer has nurses calling or barbecue and chilli or any other aura reading perks/addons for that matter. it has infinite uses. now, the aura reveal every 30 seconds can screw you over if you are the last survivor but the information you get is worth it. it tells you if the killer is coming your way and it tells you if ghostface is in his stealth mode. seriously, when i used this perk against a ghostface he couldnt get a single expose because i would just keep revealing him. the perk also told me to watch out when i was working on generators so you get a lot of time to prepare. its a solid perk that discourages immerse gameplay. it really taught me how to man up and not be worried so much.

    p.s. nurses calling soaks up 2 distortion tokens and it doesnt even hide the person that is healing you.

  • xEzekanarioXxEzekanarioX Member Posts: 378

    Indeed the new object is trash. I suggest you to not give unpopular opinions in public, talking about own experience.

    Give them 5 seconds of endurance from BT and they will still say its one of the best perks in the game.

    Have nothing to talk with casual people that play once a month (im talking about lack of knowledge and experience).

    Glad you commented this, have a nice day!

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,702

    I agree with your points and much prefer Distortion personally, but I still don't mind the reworked version. It's sort of like a more aggressive, high risk / high reward version of Distortion. I'm not sure if it does this already, but if the perk icon had a timer on it to show when the next aura proc is coming that would be super useful. If you're in a dangerous spot, then, you can always consider hiding in a locker.

    I do think Sole Survivor needs to be looked at now. Its only real use before was combining it with OoO to become a wall-hacking god as the last survivor. Now it's pretty darned bad.

  • YordsYords Member Posts: 5,740

    I don't know if you know this or now, but OoO's nerf had it coming. It is supposed to be a risky perk as well.

  • TripleStealTripleSteal Member Posts: 1,298

    Just as it should be

  • DudelPumaAceDudelPumaAce Member Posts: 305

    what i say RIP before they destroy it, First Balance Landing then MoM and now OoO nobody play with them because that was not a change it was a destroying... watch the ruin change is so good and look up to that old meta perks you dont even use them for fun (fun build) xD

  • GenJockeyNanceGenJockeyNance Member Posts: 581

    Because as killer, having that one (or even two or I even had THREE OoO's one time) survivor with the perk, who you couldn't mind game because they could see your move before you did it, cancelling out any galaxy brain moves, it basically being abused by toxic swfs was fun? If you ran solo q with it along with SS and not in the toxic category, I can see why it's upsetting then but it definitely needed to go nonetheless. I'm glad it got reworked. Absolutely despised it beforehand for obvious reasons I just mentioned. Good riddance. Now I might even consider running it myself because it's a decent perk now. I like it. I like it a lot.

  • UnifallUnifall Member Posts: 749

    If you're a good lopper that likes getting chase its a great perk. I love knowing if the killer has any aura reading perks and I can keep track of where they. Its only bad if you're the only one left and it activates.

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    Damn, new OoO is great! With all the Killers that run BBQ, it will see allot of use!

    And it's no longer a 10000000% stealth Killer counter. I hated seeing one OoO in a SWF group, knowing they were basically reporting my every move. Then, when I tunneled them out of the game, I got called 'toxic' and swore at. Like I was evil for removing their OP eyes.

  • Mr_LemonMr_Lemon Member Posts: 74

    looking at the comments you really seem to be out-numbered and in the minority the changes they made where good you just have to be aware of when it goes off and be good at avoiding the killer the only people imagine complaining about the changes is people who abused the old OoO and stayed half way across the map from the killer the entire game and used it to cheese loops and walls.

  • QwQwQwQw Member Posts: 4,466

    After trying it out for a couple of games, I can confirm that new OoO is a pretty good and fun perk.

  • DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 457

    Idk how u call it trash, it was trash before, survivors used to bully me with that #########, now they cant anymore, its such a great perk :)

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