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Solo ranking is absolutely brutal!

CatzillaCatzilla Member Posts: 9
edited May 2021 in General Discussions

I’m at rank 7 with 2 pips, and it’s just become so hard to get past this point. For those who reached red ranks solo, good god how did you do it?!!! I play on console, pretty decent survivor. I can run a killer around (depending on the killer, I do get caught sometimes which I guess happens to the best of us)

I make sure to do objectives, Interact with the killer, at times ending with a hook, but I’m not an easy catch (most of the time) I try to be altruistic as much as I can, but the ranking is like it has a mind of its own sometimes I think for sure I will pip but it’s just a black, other times I think I will depip for sure but its black or surprisingly a pip.

It doesn’t help that even at this rank, I play with survivors who I wonder ifthey have played this game for more than 30 mins, often going down in the first minute of a game making surviving in most games very difficult compared to SWF. Another problem is sometimes I do lose focus and get caught early by a killer, which results in a hook and no rescue until the 2nd phase, then I have to work extra hard to get points to make sure I don’t depip, and that’s if the killer isn’t a tunneller.

To be honest, I don’t care about rank so much, but there is a nag inside me that just wants me to hit a one on red rank and then forget about rank just so I know I can do it. Unfortunately its really an uphill battle playing solo, for those who did it, please share some tips thanks.


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