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Any suggestions for a new killer player (The Pig or The Blight)?

Raven0rRaven0r Member Posts: 5

Hi, I'm new to this game (less than 100hrs), and a survivor main in lv10 (pretty suck comparing to the old players)....Trying to complete the rest rift challenges by playing killers while enjoying this game. Having spend most of BPs to The Pig...barely managed to get two tier2 general perks.

And my in-game experience got destroyed by the initial three matches.

Several lv20 to lv19 survivor with only one perk (dead hard) looped the XXXX out of me. Some random guy almost flashlighted me to photosensitive coma. Another guy who only played for like 0.3hrs (with dead hard AGAIN) just keep circling around me and I CAN'T HIT HIM.

(ps. Got 4k in the end at that match, cause he got amateur teammates, and he was too arrogant to control the distance, or perhaps he just bored to see me as an NOOB)

Anyway, that guy said I got bullied, I believe him. And yes I don't know how to play The Pig.

And I said ggwp to everyone after each game as a survivor. I tried to be NICE in a COMPETITIVE game they said. Well, this is what I got.


Could anyone tell me how to play The Pig? Some strategies maybe? Or are there any advice for new killer against experienced survivors? I tried to counter their movements based on my knowledge as a survivor but it didn't help when they just loop and use flashlight to ruin my every action. I must be extremely incompetent at this game as a killer.

I still don't understand why the hell I would be in a match with some lv19 survivors with 4 tier3 perks and flashlights with all add-ons????

This is frustrating.


  • Lambch0pLambch0p Member Posts: 55

    Scorpionz, who is easily one of the best, if not the best pig player has a great guide for how to play the pig on YouTube. Biggest thing about playing Pig is getting all your bear traps out as soon as possible to get survivors off of gens and learning how to best use her stealth (monitor and abuse + whisperers greatly helps with the latter). That guide will help you with pig specifically, but learning how to play killer just takes time. Scott Jund has a great video on how to run tiles that I suggest to every new killer player that will help with killer basics.

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,000
    edited May 2021


    So firstly, Pig can be a very fun, and very powerful Killer. However I wouldn't necessarily say she's the most new player friendly of the Killers out there. She's not as unfriendly as Nurse, Blight, Billy, or Huntress, but there are easier Killers. If you are absolutely certain that you want to continue learning Pig, here's a very in depth Pig guide made by one of the best, if not the best, Pig mains in the game. It helped me immensely and It'll probably help you too.

    So Secondly, why do I recommend new players start with a different Killer? Well Pig's most powerful attribute is her Reverse Bear Traps. They can give her an immense amount of stall, to the point of bringing gens to a screeching halt... but you need to get downs to get them in play. The problem is that if you end up against a batch of Survivors you have trouble downing, you can get to the last gen popping with several of your RBT's still in your inventory at which point they are useless. The other problem with Pig is that her stealth doesn't really get super good until you get Monitor and Abuse on her. That's a Doctor teachable and there's no telling when it'll be back in the Shrine, so getting it will probably take you a while.

    The Killer who I would actually recommend starting with is Legion. Much like Pig, they're power can also give you some very very much needed stall to give you more time in the game to get used to playing as Killer. The difference is that Feral Frenzy gives you that stall much much easier than RBT's do. Frenzy doubles the speed difference between you and Survivors and allows you to fast vault Windows and Pallets. Because of that and the Deep Wound that it inflicts, you are almost always going to be able to get at least some value out of your power. Because of that, I don't think I've ever had a Legion game where I felt completely powerless. Even when the matchmaker threw me against a mix of reds and purples when I was still in green ranks. Add in that Legion loves Thanatophobia, the one decent anti gen perk in the set of Perks that Killers can get with just bloodpoints, and can make solid use out of Billy's Endurance and Tinkerer... seriously... get the Teachables from Nurse and Billy alone, throw in Discordance or Whispers and Legion has a solid build with only the Shards for Legion required.

  • MasterGritMasterGrit Member Posts: 330

    Blight is one of the hardest killer so he probably not for new player

  • Raven0rRaven0r Member Posts: 5

    Thank you for the suggestion. I've watched the streaming recording of Scorpionz for the entire afternoon. Learned quite a lot. Although trying to mindgame the survivors would take more time to learn.... And I didn't have the perks he used in game... Guess I'll have to spend more time and BPs...

  • Raven0rRaven0r Member Posts: 5

    Thank you friend! I really appreciate you detailed advice. That's very helpful for new players, thank you.

    I want to play Pig and Blight because as a survivor I didn't know how to deal with them....So why not join them I think. Love the RBTs and stealth-style mechanics. It's just so hard when it comes to chasing loopers and dealing with flashlights... I've watched the recordings of Scorpionz, he's really really good! But it would take me more time to learn how to mindgame good survivors. I'll go back to lvlup the Doc and Nurse, hopefully get the teachable perks asap.

    I never played the Legion before, sounds very interesting. I hate pallets and pallets with flashlights pointing at me....I've seen Tru3ta1ent played Legion a few times...But again every killer seems quite OP in his hands....

    Also, I've seen some recommended BBQ, is that a perk with top-level priority? My current perks are NOED and three from the Pig.... Gonna take me quite some time to get it....

  • Raven0rRaven0r Member Posts: 5

    Thank you friend. I really hope one day I can no longer be frustrated by this game.

  • ChiSoxFan11ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 884
    edited May 2021

    I posted this for someone else before, so I'll cut and paste it here:

    As someone who plays The Pig a LOT, a few thoughts -- other Pig players experience with her will obviously vary, but there's always more than one way to play successfully.

    -- You're gifted with an innate in-game slowdown in the form of your traps, so use them. Some Pig players like to save them, but I start busting them out immediately. Nothing worse than having the last gen pop, and you still have a trap left that's been rendered useless. Survivors will, for the most part, start searching boxes immediately, even if their trap isn't active, so that's a survivor that's NOT working on a generator. That slowdown is invaluable in a game where gens can go by so quickly.

    -- That said, additional slowdown perks for gen regression are useful, if almost necessary. Corrupt paired with Pop can work, though Pop can be unreliable at times. Even though she's not a high mobility killer, I will run Ruin paired with Undying -- again, once a survivor has a trap on, particularly an active one, they won't be looking for your totem. I tend to run Surveillance with her as well, and I get a TON of use out of it with Ruin (as long as the totems stay up). I run BBQ with her mainly to reduce the BP grind, but Enduring is a 4th good perk (since you'll be eating through pallets, or Save The Best For Last (since you can save stacks by using your Ambush Attack on the Obsession). Sloppy Butcher isn't bad either, as survivors who take longer healing won't be searching boxes or working on gens. Any additional slowdown you can get is good for you.

    -- Stealth is not her strength, but it still can be useful. Her terror radius doesn't go away immediately like Ghostface, and after you uncrouch, there's a brief period that it takes to come back. She moves painfully slow while crouched, so while it's okay to use it to move around, you have to be selective -- you don't want to be crossing the entire map while crouched. I get a lot of cheeky hits using her crouch to stealth back to a generator that Surveillance tells me someone has jumped back on. You don't have to use her Ambush attack in those instances -- using her stealth simply to get close to a survivor and in position to land a hit is often enough. There are many matches where I barely use her stealth at all and are still successful with her.

    -- Her ambush attack is underrated at loops that aren't large ones. If you can break line of sight -- and even better if you can get into the pallet -- you can turn it into a no-win for the survivor if they hesitate and don't run immediately away. Here's a great example of how I'll land that type of hit:

    You can also FAKE using her Ambush Attack as well, since her roar telegraphs it (something that it would be nice if that would be changed down the line). You can crouch and snort, faking that you're charging the Ambush Attack, then immediately pop back up after a survivor has run from what might have been a safe tile for them.

    -- Her best add-ons are the Combat Straps, which are a common that reduce her crouch time, and either the Video Tape (an uncommon that reduces the time it takes to charge the Ambush Attack and the cooldown if you miss) or the Last Will (which gives you a 5th trap). If you're feeling particularly spicy, the Tampered Timer/Crate of Gears is deadly, if for no other reason than only the most experienced survivors will realize you're running it before someone dies (if they notice that you're putting the trap on them slightly quicker than normal). I've had survivors die to the TT simply because they got healed off of hook with an active trap and got pushed off of a box somewhere along the way. Her other add-ons are not really anything to write home about.

    -- Speaking of traps, the best way to start a round is to get a down and a trap on a survivor's head before the 1st gen pops. If you can do that, you'll have immediate pressure on. While it might be tempting to chase after a trapped survivor, that's NOT the way to play her. The trap IS the pressure, not you chasing after the person who's trapped. RNG can sometimes be cruel -- it's frustrating to see everyone getting their traps off immediately -- but that's still time they have to do something OTHER than work on a gen, which gives you additional time to get the downs you need to win.

    -- The exception to the above rule is when you come across someone on a Jigsaw box, it's always worth it to harass them off of it, even if you don't commit to chasing them. They lose all progress on the box, and if it chases them all the way to another box somewhere else, even better. If, while chasing someone, you run across someone searching a box who's injured, downing them and continuing your chase can provide a ton of pressure. Don't camp boxes -- not only is it a waste of time for you, but it's bad form to do so, and you'll just end up watching all the gens get done while you're doing so.

    -- Finally, players are going to want to meme with you when you play The Pig. I honor every Boop of the Snoot by letting that person live -- I've even let whole teams farm who are willing to Boop out the gate -- but that's not a requirement. If you don't want to meme with your survivors, a quick attack will let them know you mean business, lol.

    I'm not an "expert" by any measure, but I have played hundreds of rounds as her, and I've made it to Rank 1 playing the majority of matches as her. She can compete, even against very good survivors, and she's a lot of fun to play. My YT channel (the video clip above is on it -- the channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCODC_RYe0z8yDnIFlmW-TmA) has well over 100 matches on it if you'd like to see how many of my Pig matches go (just don't look at my earliest ones -- I've only been playing a year, and I still have a LOT to improve on, lol) . If you want to see somewhat occasionally competent Pig play, you'll have plenty to see there.

    Other people have recommended him, and I concur: the best Pig player I know of is a player by the name of Scorpionz -- he has a whole Pig guide on his channel (here -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UOlX6azR3A&ab_channel=Scorpionz). While I don't follow everything he says to do, I think there's more than one way to play the Pig successfully, and I have learned a lot watching him (particularly about using the Ambush Attack successfully). If you want to play the Pig, it's a must to checki him out, as he's continually at Rank 1 playing her and playing her well.

    Hope some of that helps -- and good luck playing The Pig! 🙂 (Blight, I have no help for, as I almost never play him 😔).

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,983

    Do not tunnel Trapped Survivors as the Pig. If you see someone with a Trap while you are passing by, don't be afraid to give 'em a whack. But don't hardcore tunnel them because you are wasting your Traps' ability to slow down gen progression.

  • SweetTerrorSweetTerror Member Posts: 2,318

    As others have stated, there are plenty of videos out there that you can watch to help you to learn the ins and outs with the pig, but this is by far dead by daylight's biggest downfall. The fact that you have to seek outside help to learn how to properly play this game is its biggest disadvantage. This is precisely why this game needs a practice mode.

  • Raven0rRaven0r Member Posts: 5

    Thank you sir! These thoughts are very detailed, thank you so much. I just got my second 4k, using your technique took down 2 of them, feels really good :) And those survivors I've met today were all friendly and polite as well. Some even gave me suggestions in afterwards chats.

    That's what video game was meant to be, making every player happy.

    I'll be sure to check the youtube and twitch channel. Your advice is very welcome and helpful.

    Hope you have a nice new week too😊

  • Lambch0pLambch0p Member Posts: 55

    I know it got mentioned earlier but I can’t stress enough how good getting BBQ as a teachable is. I literally run it on every killer I play and it’s amazing on both pig and blight. Scorpionz has said on multiple streams (and I think in the guide as well) that BBS, Whisperers, Monitor and Abuse, and Enduring is the best pig build. It will also help you grind bloodpoints faster to level up other killers.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,399


    • if they're shining the flashlight at you while you run/while you're carrying, look up really fast to avoid getting blinded.
    • If it's happening when you break a pallet, just accept it, break the pallet while you're blinded, and then check to see if they're behind you when you can see again (often they will run behind you right after you break the pallet).
    • If they're stunning you when you pick someone up, either stop picking people up, or pretend to pick people up and then look around for the person with a flashlight. If possible, face a wall during the pick-up so it's harder to blind you.

    If the survivors are all in a group around you, shift focus to getting everyone injured and try to concentrate on waiting for a good moment to swing.

  • Drixpy_JayyyDrixpy_Jayyy Member Posts: 181

    @Raven0r When playing killer dont play nice to these survivors because they dont deserve a nice killer when they bring keys, teabag, or etcc. Play competitively like your about to win a million dollars. If survivors send you hate because of how the way you played or blame you for their own mistakes either ignore it or comeback at em just dont take certain things they say to heart because I gotten use to getting salt lol. Theres a lot into killer if you want to be good at it or specific killers you want to master but right now I suggest you play pig because blight maybe a little to advanced for you and is best to play him on pc but console is fine too. The main thing into playing killer or pig per say is gen defense, pressure, breaking strong loops/pallets, having good ears and knowing when to stop chasing someone when they are looping you for to long. You can also take note of how survivors are mindgaming you so that you wont fall for it ever again. Like I said you have a lot to learn since you are new and you do have to be challenged by facing stronger survivors because thats the only way you would get better because you wont learn anything from weak survivors/swfs. Keep watching videos of good killer builds, how to pressure, killer mindgames to perform on survivors, and if you play survivors watch ways of how to run tiles, good perk combos, and how to be a big help for your team. Dont worry about making insane plays like flashlight saves and etc until your more comfortable on both roles. I know you will be able to do this I believe in you and you got this one day you will be experienced like the rest of us

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