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Loop Killer = Face Camp?

Ok so I was playing dbd mobile against a spirit. The map was Yamaoka. The game starts off with her hooking one of my teammates (a bill) in the basement while my other teammates (david and dwight) and myself finish a gen. I head to a another one nearby with the dwight. I’m about halfway done when dwight leaves and gets hit by the killer. He throws down the pallet and stuns her. He leaves and she loops to the other side to get me. I slide through and make it to the other side. I run to another pallet and loop her till I drop and stun her again. One of my teammates cleansed a totem that was haunted grounds. So I’m looping by a window and I fast vault but she hits me anyways. She picks me up and hooks me. But what surprised me was that she started hitting me, she also stayed on the hill unlike other killers I’ve played against. So I’m just there waiting for her to leave and she never does. Luckily the dwight came and unhooked me. She hits me, but I have borrowed time. So i jump off the hill, and guess what? She goes after me. She hooks me again and starts hitting me. I’m now thinking, why can’t my other teammates take some hits for me? The bill is just standing nearby crouching and the david is doing a gen. So I’m almost close to dying and the dwight comes and unhooks me again. She hits me and I run off to another pallet. I heard the dwight and david take a hit for me, but she continues to go after me. So I loop her one last time before I get downed and hooked for the 3rd time. I’m not upset that I died, I’m just confused why she tunneled, camped, and kept on hitting me. I didn’t teabag or anything, I just looped her for like 1 gen. When I got hooked and camped my teammates were able to finish 2 gens. Can someone give me an idea why she would do that? Sorry about how long this paragraph is, I’m just hella confused and somewhat amused that she camped me and tunneled cause I looped her like 5 times. Anyways, thx for reading if you did. Hopefully you can answer my question on why she did all of that when I wasn’t being toxic or anything.


  • beachedbeached Member Posts: 302

    I would love to know the thinking behind hook diving which allows you to just chase the survivor that unhooked and punish them and continue the game even faster is the same as camping a survivor so they get no points and have no fun is considered the same.

  • beachedbeached Member Posts: 302

    To answer the OP yes killers often times get frustrated when getting looped, most killers brush it off and just go chase somebody else. However, just like anything in the world there are some killers that just want to make a survivor’s experience miserable since they’re decent at the game and they feel outplayed. Unfortunately it’s always going to happen in PvP. My best advice is bring DS and pray.

  • wxnickxwwxnickxw Member Posts: 742

    Mostly killers camp because it's an effective way to win in the current game build

  • ChiTenshiChiTenshi Member Posts: 877

    Maybe you did something that frustrated them and she wanted to punish you, or they saw you as a threat skill-wise and decided to take you out early.

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 2,525

    You looped her and she took it personal. You're on her list of 1st to die.

  • DawnMadDawnMad Member Posts: 1,030

    You can't stop them from playing like that, but you can punish them by bringing DS and BT. Normally other survivors are supposed to either go in together to unhook you or just rush generators, but sadly Solo Queue survivors aren't capable enough to understand a situation like that so that's why the camping and tunneling worked that well.

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