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How zarina kassir outfit (grant applicant) face graphics rework should look like

Since I saw Dwight, jake, claudette and meg face is getting a rework on progress and we all know that this is zarina old face which is from the outfit called grant applicant.

On my own but somewhat if feel this old one looks weird

So how would you think about this new face rework should be updated for her? Let's say it took me quite long to do this but of course I tried as best as I can to make this face as a high copy from this second picture outfit "Budget woes" collection

Is it good, fair or bad?

Let me know how much is this looks satisfying?


  • beachedbeached Member Posts: 302

    I think it will be quite awhile before they make it to Zarina. She was released at the end of 2019 I believe if my memory serves me correctly. She honestly looks decent as is, but your design is cool. I just wouldn’t expect her to be updated any time soon. Especially when people like David and Nea are much older character models that are likely to receive updating.

  • LuckyJewelLuckyJewel Member Posts: 50

    Of course I like zarina but yes you can say am nea main but I just made that design to suggest people if that could make it more satisfying as they did it for Dwight, jake, claudette and especially meg. Because meg is the coolest rework coming in the next upcoming update but still I have no idea about any one of these 4 survivor are the best one but in my opinion, I see that meg looks more slightly better than before and still I don't know about the others like nea, kate and zarina if they might look more awesome

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