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i hate the bad rep the twins get

piggygooikpiggygooik Member Posts: 576

I love the twins since they are one if the most unique killers in the game. The only thing that's sad is that they have such a bad rep. they came out with one of the worst chapters in the game, and I know most new twins player camp and that annoying. (i also know that most good twins players slug but still, u should not get mad since it's like getting mad at an oni for slugging. it's basically how they will get the most out of their power.) it's really sad because I bet you if the devs actually just nerfed their camping and not there slugging and they came out in a good chapter they would be a fine killer. I really hope the devs look back on this killer and nerf there camping only. (the funny part is that they didn't even nerf them well, they just feel much clunkier to play.) And plz to the people that say the twins require no skill plz play games of them and see how hard they are and how much micromanaging you have to do to play them well.


  • kucerkakucerka Member Posts: 186

    I play Twins and they're quite frustrating to play as now. The cooldown after successfully downing a survivor with Victor is too long (I don't need to pounce, but I'd like to switch back to Charlotte and now I just have to wait with Victor for few seconds to switch back, huge time waste considering I have to walk with Charlotte to the downed survivor and even waiting second tll she wakes up).

    I even had a game last night and Victor's pounce didn't work at all so I became a full M1 killer.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 7,323

    They have to slug because they'll rarely win by playing normally.

  • piggygooikpiggygooik Member Posts: 576


    the sad part is a doubt they will buff em back to what they used to be since the devs a bit stubborn

  • Nos37Nos37 Member Posts: 2,792

    Yeah, The Hag is way scummier than The Twins. She can place down several Victors right next to the hook and the survivors cannot "kick" these "Victors" even after crouching to get in close to them... -_-

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 4,335

    I agree, I'd rather face the Twins than the Hag^^

  • beachedbeached Member Posts: 302

    I think it’s just because a lot of twins players (not all of them) play kind’ve like hag where it’s a constant go back to hook game which just gets boring. Placing victor under the hook before hooking a survivor is a good example. I personally don’t mind facing them especially if it’s a twins player that uses their power to actually spread map pressure rather than just camp hooks constantly.

    The second reason I think people dislike the twins is because of how less experienced players don’t really know how to counter victor. He is extremely quick and when you have toy sword it feels like there is little you can do about him just getting a down besides praying they miss. I’ve learned over time that small circular objects (like the new weird hay circular objects on coldwind) are a great way to deny victor a down just by making him unable to charge fast enough to get a hit.

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    Well...until BHVR rework the killer into something that even resembles something interesting people are gonna hate the Twins. I obviously don't have anything against anyone who plays them, you can play whoever you want and however you want and it's my problem to deal with, but I'm still gonna hate the killer itself for what they are, and what they are is one of BHVR's biggest killer design failures they've ever made next to old and current Legion, and Hag.

  • LittleSageyLittleSagey Member Posts: 77

    i love going against the rare twins because it destresses me, i lose focus cause i cant stop laughing at victor, this little midget running around grunting, his animations are hilarious and when they are trying to aim a pounce its him strafing back and forth and i just find it so funny

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