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  • TriforcerTriforcer Member Posts: 139
    edited May 2021


    Start the trial with a .04 m/s reduction to base speed. Every time you hook a survivor you receive a token (up to a maximum of 6/8/10 tokens). For each token, your base speed is increased by .02 m/s. [i.e., going up 5% takes 10 hooks]


    Activates when at least one set of Exit Gates are opened. If you hit a survivor with a Basic Attack or Special Attack, that survivor may not pass through the Exit Gates for 8/10/12 seconds. Cooldown of 60 seconds.

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 3,000
    edited May 2021

    TRICKS OF THE VOID (Survivor Perk)

    Your experience with the entity seems to have granted you some favour with it, or perhaps it’s just playing with its food, either way, take advantage of this small window of opportunity.

    When hooked on a non-basement hook, your first attempt to unhook will no longer have a chance of escape, but will instead transport you to another random non-basement hook on the map at least 32 meters away, breaking the hook you were originally placed on for 15 seconds. Escape attempts consume an additional 60%/50%/40% of your life bar.

    MYSTERIOUS RUST (killer perk)

    A strange form of corrosion appears to affect the metal objects around you, and grows stronger with your own tenacity.

    When hooking a survivor, all Generators not being repaired automatically regress at 100%/150%/200% of normal regression rate for the next 60 seconds. All generator regression is paused when you are within 32/28/24 meters of a hooked survivor.

  • KillerKirbyKillerKirby Member Posts: 79

    I love active perks with big risks so here are my ideas for a killer and survivor perk.

    Killer Perk: Pallet Pummel: When a survivor is sliding on a pallet grasp it and use it to smash the survivor into the terrain breaking the pallet and dealing one health state to the survivor. This perk has a 300/240/180 second cool-down.

    Survivor Perk: Heroic Slam: Slam into the killer to stun then for 2 seconds. take one health state of damage upon successful hit and obstain the broken status for 160/140/120 seconds. Upon Missing become exhausted for 180/120/90 seconds

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 1,553

    A killer perk that reduces sprint-burst when hitting a healthy survivor.

    A survivor perk that allows you to fast vault windows from any direction. Exhaustion perk.

  • Marty_147Marty_147 Member Posts: 1

    Survivor perk:


    When you are unhooked or unhook another survivor, the un-hook notification is delayed to the killer for 3/5/7 seconds.

  • redsopine00redsopine00 Member Posts: 905
    edited May 2021

    Killer perk (no name I suck at names surgesstions welcome)

    Gain a token every 120 100 80 or per gen done seconds consume tokens for 1 2 3 seconds of turning your collision off and gain a small speed boost.

    awww cute you think you can stop me.

    survivor perk.

    for every crow above your head gain a speed 10% boost when repairing and healing at the cost of the birds taking twice as long to disappear.

    these birds won’t leave me alone I gotta act quick if I want to survive

  • LazyPaydayLazyPayday Member Posts: 420

    I always had this idea for a Tommy Jarvis perk that allowed survivors to directly attack the killer.

    Rebellion: Your hatred for then entity caused you to directly rebel against its rules. When sprinting in one direction for X seconds, using the active ability button will cause you to jump forward and attack the killer, stunning them for 3 seconds if successful. Causes exhaustion for 60/50/40 seconds. Getting interrupted (either by taking damage or a killer landing a non-damaging power on you) while in the leaping animation will cause exhaustion anyways but cancel the attack.

    This animation would be clunky as you're effectively jumping in the air with your fist swinging down, making it obvious what will happen. The attack is slow with a very small hitbox (much smaller than Head on) but can be used anywhere, and yes it will force a killer to drop a survivor. There's many problems with this perk, it can be stopped by anything during the animation, is easily dodge able, and if you miss you'll stumble and have to correct yourself, effectively making it impossible to not get hit if you miss.

  • DemogorgeouseDemogorgeouse Member Posts: 361

    Killer: Accession. You hate survivors touching your gens in weird ways, and you will do all you cant to stop them. See the aura of all survivors within 3 meters of a generator. Accessions aura reading can be countered by crouching to the gen. Blowing up the gen deactivates all aura reading effents on that gen for the remainder of the trial.

    Killer (again) : runner. Press and hold the active ability button to go jnto a speed boost of 390% for 5 seconds. Successfully hitting a survivor during this time instantly downs them. Runner deactivates once used

  • CillesCilles Member Posts: 4

    Wont Give You The Satisfaction

    "Your fight for survival wont end. Not well he's watching. When you are hooked, as long as the hook you're on is in the killers terror radius. Your struggle bar will drain 10/15/20 Percent slower."

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,861

    Hex: Futility

    A Hex rooted in survivors futile attempts to subvert you. Every time a generator is completed, if Hex: Futility is still standing, it Activates and Regenerates any other cleansed Hex totems in the place they were cleansed. If Hex Futility is Cleansed, All survivors suffer a 5/10/15% reduction to all repair, sabotage, healing and Action speeds for 150 seconds.

  • stvnhthrstvnhthr Member Posts: 624

    Feel The Power

    Every time you complete a generator you recover one health state.


    Level 1-As you repair a generator if there is another generator(s) unfinished it will be repaired at 25%. If you heal or are healed and there is another injured survivor they will receive 25% of your healing progress as well. Level 2- the same at 50%. Level 3- the same at 75%.


    This Perk grants you 5 perk slots randomly filled with perks from your library. If used it supersedes and replaces all other perks in your perk slots.

  • MaxFiGuyMaxFiGuy Member Posts: 47

    Duck & Cover - Survivor Perk

    You aren't afraid of getting dirty to keep away from the killer. You can live with laying on the ground of the Entity's realm.

    While standing still, hold the Activate Ability button to go into a prone state for up to 3/6/9 seconds. Duck & Cover has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

  • Dream_WhisperDream_Whisper Member Posts: 184
    edited May 2021

    Killer Perk Concept: "Imposter/ Ingonito"

    *This perk will create a Obsession, and will only spawn one Obsession per Match!

    *This perks rewards you with tokens, for Each Successful Basic hit that isn't the Obsession; function similar to Save the Best for Last! Up to a Maximum of 6 Tokens; while hitting the Obsession will make you lose up to 4/3/2 tokens!

    *For the cost of 3 tokens; and the requirement to hook a Survivor; the perk activated automatically; which while causes the following effects

    >The Killer becomes the Very Survivor they just hooked as a disguise, and acts like a dooplinganger for 60 Seconds; or until they attack (miss or Successful attack, will make them lose it; also special attacks are disabled)!

    * The Killer will be granted Undetectable status effect, and will have element of surprise on any Survivors they go after! As well as Survivor's movement speed; but they cannot crouch or do any other interaction!

    >The Hooked Survivor, when the perk activates; will get their aura block for every other Survivors on the map! They creates Panic Pressures, as the other Survivors needs to figure out the Hooked Survivor's location! Thr only visually indicator the Survivors got about the perk; is that they see no aura reading of the hooks location, yet the hud profile picture is the revealed that they been hooked! (Kindred or 3rd party communication will counter it, as well as other Survivors teammates finding perks)

    *This perk gives any average killer the ability to "Disguise themselves stealthy throughout the match, for limited-time " and get opportunities to strike Survivors before they realized what has happen! Plus it puts map pressure on all Survivors, for the fact that a teammate on hook, can easily feel isolated and forgotten!

    Survivor Perk Concept: "Pack Mule/ Strong Back"

    It grants the following effects:

    *The ability to bring and carry a second Item into the Match; by equipping the item in your belt on your left side! This creates two separate "Storages", the item in your hand and the pocket item hanging on your belt, which the everyone can see visually!

    *This perks disabled your ability to used Exhaustion perk, when carrying a pocket item; you will infinite be Exhausted until there is nothing equipped on the belt!

    *Press the action button while walking and standing still (not crouching) to swap items

    *Pocket items are immune to Killer perks such as Franklin's Demise; however you cannot used them, unless they are in your hand! Do not expect to keep a key in your pocket and be able to used the Hatch immediately; until you have it in your hand!

    *Perk will allow you the ability to carry the same item, and add-ons attach to it; so feel free to run double med-kits

    *You can choose to not run double items; still be able to use Exhaustion perks when not pocket anything; and if you are able to escape, keep a 2nd item you put in your pocket; perfect for item hunting builds during the match; along with Plunder's!

  • randonlyrandonly Member Posts: 283
    edited May 2021

    Survivor Perk

    Luckiest Locker (Tier I/II/III/teachable)

    "Your life was never easy, but miraculously in the end, fate always favored you"

    description: When hatch appears on the map (opened or not), a specific random locker becomes an alternative exit for the individual survivor with this perk (the exit locker has no different details/aura than the others, even don't have sound). Also, during all the match, see the auras of all lockers at 32/64/128 meters

    "My job here is done. Let's see if I have devil's luck " - Future unknown survivor

    Ps: animation: the tentacles of the entity grab the survivor who entered the right locker, opening a portal inside it, saving him for another day.

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  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 698

    "intervention of the Divine".

    3 Tokens. 1 use.

    For the survivor that is hooked. For every 20 seconds a hooked survivor is within the killer's terror radius, gain 1 token to this perk ability.

    After 3 tokens. This triggers the ability of the survivor to hook themselves with a Skill check and apply the Deep Wound Status effect instead of triggering the dying state.

    The tokens will reset themselves after 30 seconds. IF the terror radius radius is no longer audible to the Survivor.

  • wxnickxwwxnickxw Member Posts: 742

    I'm no good with names, but here we go

    "You tried to screw me but I got got you first"

    If a survivor unhooks you when the killer is within x of the hook without Borrowed time you are given an easy skill check to drain one health state of the survivor who Unhooked you. If wounded this downs your team mate

  • justascrubjustascrub Member Posts: 4
    edited May 2021


    You enjoy inflicting pain as you taste their fear and misery from their suffering. Whenever you hit a Survivor, you recover from the assault about 75% faster. This perk would then go into cooldown that would last from 25/20/15 seconds. It would be cut in half if you let them go after bringing them down into the dying state.

    "Don't die on me now, little piggy. I'm just getting warmed up."

    Bloody Memorial:

    You'd like to make a statement to your future victims that this is where their former friend was left dangling until their demise. Whenever you manage to sacrifice a Survivor to the Entity, the hook that they died on will reveal the auras of any Survivor staying within proximity of 14/16/18 meters. This will last for 45 seconds.

    "Oh, came to pay your respects. How bittersweet. It's time for you to join them."

    Property of Value:

    Everything that you touch is invaluable to you whether it be people or you belongings. Anytime a Survivor succeeds in a safe rescue or fully cleanses a totem, Property of Value activates and lets you see their aura for 2 seconds. As you go after the culprits responsible for their intrusion, you gain a haste boost that lasts for 10/11/12 seconds until they enter the dying state. The perk then deactivates until someone dares to attempt another rescue or touch any of your totems.

    "Get your filthy hands off my things, piggy! I'm going to make a quick slaughter out of you for vandalizing my rightful property."

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  • justascrubjustascrub Member Posts: 4
    edited May 2021

    Ear To The Ground:

    You have unorthodox methods to survive, but they get the job done. When you stayed crouched for 3 seconds, your hearing is augmented by your focus on survival. You can hear the footsteps of anyone approaching your position 16/18/20 meters away from where you are facing.

    "Ay, shut up fer a sec! I'm tryin' to keep a lookout 'ere."

    Elbow Grease:

    Whether it's fight or flight, you put more effort into your actions to fend off your enemies. When you hit a pallet stun on the Killer, they would be stunned for an additional second as well as violently swaying their head from side to side. You would then be hit by the Exhaustion effect for 60/50/40 seconds. You would not recover from Exhaustion while running.

    "You gotta put a lil more oomph if you wan' da job done right."

    Draggin It Out:

    You face danger bravely every day as you can take the heat off your friends to ensure their survival. If you're in a chase with the Killer for 7 seconds, you gain 1/2/3 tokens. If you get hit, the timer would then freeze for 1 seconds. Whenever you get picked up by the Killer, they would be slowed down by 70% as the token is consumed overtime. When you get hooked as Draggin It Out is active, the token gets consumed and awards additional bloodpoints by 25% on Boldness.

    "I can do dis all day, pal. So why don't ya leave dem alone and come after me instead."

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  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,011

    Killer Perk:


    [Using your killer's powers does not slow your movement speed. This perk deactivates after 2/3/4 generators have been completed.]

    The point of the perk is to give killers a strong early game boost by eliminating the slowdown that nearly every killer has while using their powers. This includes things like Executioner's barbed wire trails, Doctor's shock, Myers' stalking, Trickster's knives, Huntress' throwing axes, (now) Freddy's pool placement, etc etc.

    Killers are at their weakest at the start of a match, and giving them just that little extra move speed buff to hopefully wrap up early chases a little bit faster and reduce the number of times players can just loop a killer until all the gens pop. Because killers are (usually) at their strongest on the final stage of the game, the power shuts off, making them slower and once more easier to loop around right when the survivors need it the most.

  • blackfoxx_xblackfoxx_x Member Posts: 49

    Malevolence (Killer Perk)

    Start the trial with 1 token. Every time the obsession changes, gain 1 token up to a maximum of 8 tokens. You see the auras of all survivors within 4-32 meters (4 meters per token) of the obsession. When the obsession is killed or sacrificed, tokens are reset back to 1.

  • ukenickyukenicky Member Posts: 1,328
    edited May 2021

    Some perks I would imagine Lady Dimitrescu to have if she was in DBD.

    Level 30 - Sadistic Pleasure

    Basking in the blood and suffering of your prey fills you with unsuspected motivation.

    For every injured, dying or hooked Survivor, Sadistic Pleasure grows in power:

    Gain a stack-able 4/4.5/5% Action Speed bonus to picking-up and dropping Survivors, breaking Pallets and Breakable Walls, damaging Generators and vaulting Windows up to a maximum of 16/18/20%

    "Rest while you can. Because I will hunt you and I will break you!" - Lady Dimitrescu

    Level 35 - Regenerator

    Your regenerative properties make you especially resilient to repeated attempts to harm you.

    Regenerator activates when you are stunned by ANY means:

    For 7/12/15 seconds, you cannot be stunned by ANY means.

    Regenerator has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

    "Regeneration rate is incredibly fast. The subject can heal any external wound within seconds.. "

    Level 40 - Despair

    You do not take kindly to losing your prey.

    You become obsessed with one Survivor.

    Each time a Survivor blinds you or stuns you using a Pallet or Locker, they become your new Obsession:

    You become Undetectable for 20/25/30 seconds.

    Once all Generators are completed:

    • Despair activates until the Obsession is killed or escapes.

    • You are granted the ability to kill the Obsession by your hand.

    • Once the Obsession is killed or escapes, Despair is disabled for the rest of the match.

    Despair has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

    You can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

    "Like I'd let you get away.. You'll be sliced to ribbons!" - Lady Dimitrescu

    Some of these might be a little over loaded or OP but I was just having fun making them. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Nos37Nos37 Member Posts: 2,455

    Free Spirit: If you have been hooked twice in a row, Free Spirit activates. While active, your hook aura will not be visible to the killer. During the struggle phase, press the Activate Ability button to teleport to another random hook location at least 40m away.

    Wanted to name this perk [Bad Word] Spirit because [Bad Word] the Spirit players who just use their power to warp back to unhooks to tunnel.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 9,558
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    Survivor perk: Purrfect Companion

    You and your cat are best friend and care for eachother even in this otherworldly realm.

    You spawn into the trial with a cat that stays within x meters of you and wanders/runs around in that radius. The cat uses a simple AI, no direct interaction/collision with killers or survivors. (Actually, let survivors pet the cat while crouching near it… might be too hard to implement though)

    When you are in a chase the cat will create scratchmarks just like a survivor.

    (This is a Perk that belongs to one of my survivor concepts, but it could also be cool as Jones the cat from Alien as a Ripley perk if we ever get an Alien chapter)

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  • ThePotatoPlayerThePotatoPlayer Member Posts: 9

    There's mine. It's killer perk.

  • MichealMicheal Member Posts: 288

    Perk: Let it RIP

    You have a abittite for totems that fill you with gas.

    When you break a hex Let it RIP first ability actives get in a locker killer takes you out hit the skill check to fart stunning the killer for 3 seconds first part of perk deactivates.

    Second part of perk is always on only can be used ones.

    When you're on the ground and killer trys to kill you by there hand press active button to fart in there face making you get up from the dieing state and stunning the killer for 5 seconds.

  • arturradukevicarturradukevic Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2021

    hello, are you sure this happens once?🤐

    "Once per challenge, when the hatch is opened with the key or the last player left, the hatch is blocked by the entity for 15/20/25 seconds."

    https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/245857/create-your-own-perk https://www.worktime.com/employee-time-tracking-software

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  • LordVoidronLordVoidron Member Posts: 144
    edited May 2021


    * For every other dying/hooked survivors, gain an additional 6/8/10% chance to self unhook.

    * self unhooking applies any unhooking perks equipped to you.

  • MegaGamer_01MegaGamer_01 Member Posts: 172

    Not as much of a new perk but a change to a existing one.


    After performing a Safe Hook Rescue on another Survivor or you enter struggle while on hook, Deliverance activates:

    Safe Hook Rescue:

    • Your Self-Unhook attempts will succeed 100 % of the time.

    Deliverance causes the Broken

     Status Effect for 100/80/60 seconds after unhooking yourself.

    Deliverance deactivates for the rest of the trial

    Enter Struggle:

    • Get one last Self-Unhook attempt while struggling with 4 % chance

    Deliverance causes the Haste

    Status Effect for 1/2/3 seconds after unhooking yourself

    Deliverance deactivates for the rest of the trial

    Let me know what you think :)

  • HEXthiCCstixHEXthiCCstix Member Posts: 4

    Killer perk:reaching death you start the trial with 3 tokens you can throw your base weapon by holding x button (pretty much same as hatchets) dose one health state of damage use a token to recall your weapon after you are out of tokens you can still throw your weapon but you have to retrieve it (walk up to it and press y button)

  • LagoniLagoni Member Posts: 181

    Probably not an original idea.

    Activate-able Survivor Perk.

    "You know how a hunter tracks their mark. Upon activation, kick the dirt leaving a 10 meter trail of scratchmarks in the direction you are facing, exhausting you for 60/50/40 seconds."

    This should NOT hide your own scratchmarks to make it interact with other perks, which already do this.

    It would be used as both a vanishing perk, but also a head-start perk like sprint burst, since you can have the killer follow a false trail, look in the wrong direction, and then realise you are not there, which would give you enough time to get a little head start.

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