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Camping & Tunneling & Slugging As You Know Them Do Not Exist

Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572


Ensuring the person on the hook dies. Which is our goal as a Killer. This frequently also draws in OTHER prey who want to save them, thus making our job easier because we don't need to hunt for our food.


Going after wounded prey. Why would a predator waste more time & energy chasing someone healthy for 70 seconds if they can down a wounded person in 30 seconds?


Leaving a person on the ground to go after someone else. Usually done when it's nearly Hatch time, or if someone is nearby trying to flashlight save, or you know the downed person has DS.

Any other definition, as used by salty Survivor mains, are complete bunk meant to shame Killers into playing sub-optimally so they can win easier.

They also scream it's a problem and demand the Devs put in 'fixes' and 'punishments' for a problem that boils down to 'The enemy team killed me and I should I always win, remove their ability to kill me.'

But here's the thing; the opposing team does not get to decide how you play. So camp and tunnel and slug to your hearts content. And be happy knowing that at least 50% of the people you do it too are probably screaming about how 'unfair' and 'unfun' it was that you beat them.

And because they're playing a legitimate tactic; they won't improve, and they will lose to these things again. 😁



  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    Yes they are.

    If one Survivor can tick off the Killer and make him waste time chasing them instead; they did a good job.

    Hell, I'd say there should be a BP score for making a Killer switch targets after a pallet drop or flashlight click.

  • ZroZro Member Posts: 58

    It is often argued that these tactics are no fun. But the killer is not the entertainer of the survivor. The devs are responsible for the fun. If someone wants to play efficiently (as survivors do) why punish this way of playing? There is nothing toxic about it, otherwise it would be banned. Neither a tactic, a character, an item or a perk is toxic. Toxic is when you are insulted in the endchat because you used Noed.

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 641

    He is also the one now in another place complaining about as he calls it, "Toxic Slugging" and a way to fix it. His response is to give unbreakable pretty much to everyone instead of just not getting slugged. If your entire team gets slugged you did something horribly wrong and deserve it.

    Here is the link to his how to fix Toxic Slugging even though above he says to slug and camp and tunnel away because it is a tactic. Overall I am learning he is just someone that wants the game to work to his advantage and does not like when things don't go his way. He says to slug but then gets slugged and now says no slugging and better fix it!


  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    Wow, so children like you attack people based on their posts.

    While I accept that slugging, camping, and tunneling are part of the game, I can also accept that there is such a thing as toxic slugging. IE: Slugging the whole team and leaving them to bleed out to ruin their fun.

    I mean, heaven forbid I be intelligent enough to differentiate between a valid tactic and a toxic attempt to ruin people's fun. But I guess being an adult is strange to someone who digs through a person's forum posts to find reasons to dismiss or insult them.

    ANd yes, because gen speeds are too fast. I can take Survivors 6.66 minutes or less to do all 5 gens, and the Killer needs 12 minutes if he is expected to 12 hook people.

    Killers would camp less if they had more time to look for Survivors because, as it is now, we feel like we HAVE to remove someone RIGHT NOW to slow down gen times.

    I don't get why you and Wyle think having varying opinions is somehow bad? It's called 'critical thinking'.

  • Progamer888Progamer888 Member Posts: 230

    If you need 60 second to down a survivor your not playing efficiently. If you need more than 15 second to injure (or down) a survivor, you should change target, apply pressure, and also your statement it's false, for two reason

    First, it's unlikely for a survivor to stay on a gen for its entire duration, he will be harassed by a good killer with good perk (you also didn't considered slow down perk into the mix but whatever)

    Secondly you didn't consider the travel time, and that can make a huge difference, in some map gens are spread out and you need quite some time to reach one gen as a survivor (not considering the fact that you could find the killer meanwhile)

  • piggygooikpiggygooik Member Posts: 576

    i mean i wouldn't say flashlight clicking, onrushing isn't very good cuz how I see it its you just do gens ignoring your teammates, and I didn't know somes killer hated body blocking it was always a static

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Firstly, tunnelling has a very clear and simple definition, it's "getting tunnel vision". That is literally where the term comes from and, like camping, it's mostly the killer being lazy AF and hoping the survivors suck. AKA, preying on solo que for cheap wins.

    There's definitely situations where they're the right play, don't get me wrong, but it's not that often. It really isn't. Usually you should be spreading damage and snowballing. And when people complain about "slugging" it's usually complaining about 4-person slugs. It's amazing that in 5 years the only counterplay to that we have without relying directly on teammates is an overpowered perk, an inconsistent perk, and a perk that literally screams "don't slug me".

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,183

    First off I didn't say anything I simply asked a question and left it at that with no response, maybe if you used your "critical thinking" you would understand that , Also I've played since release of this game and I'm rank 1 on both sides I never have to camp the hook for my kills ive probably got more hours in the killer side alone than you have in this game I know exactly why gens are busted but both sides have things like that even though they're starting to dwindle away slowly now , slugging is the real tactic to win vs gen rushers if you want the truth, there isn't enough time to get 12 hooks against top notch players so you run high mobility killers and slug instead of coming to the forums trying to pick a fight with someone who wasn't even trying to be argumentive over your opinion that camping and tunneling are good .... Ok bro ... Have fun camping and tunneling in the low ranks and getting gen rushed to oblivion in red ranks because you want to keep noob habits against veterans I really don't care.

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    Sure, you did not attack me. You only: Dug through my post history. Linked to another post of mine attempting to call me out like I was being a hypocrite and you were finding a 'got ya' moment. And called it 'Complaining' even though the thread I made was not complaining in the slightest.

    But you were not attacking me. Sure.

    Also; I clearly know what gen rushing, slugging, and camping are. If you had read that thread of mine you dug up, you would have seen that I said slugging is a tactic, and I was trying an idea that would not limit legit slugging. I've also said, multiple times, that Survivors can do gens, solo, with no items, in 6.66 minutes, and a Killer going for 12 hooks would need 12 minutes.

    But, you're here, trying to explain to me that slugging is legit, and Killers don't have enough time to do their goal.

    ...It's almost like you dug through my post history solely to attack me and did not actually read any further than you had too in order to find dirt on me.

  • AirlessAirless Member Posts: 156

    I find it funny you put "we" in your statement, as if you think you can speak for others players. You sure as hell don't speak for me. Almost all the stuff you mentioned is rarely used and most of the time killers are just lazy and just want a kill because they weren't good enough to pressure the rest of the team.

    Although considering your other posts, it seems you just like saying stuff that makes people are, and god know when don't need more of that on this forum.

  • The_C12H15NO2The_C12H15NO2 Member Posts: 268

    I remember the OG ruin/undying there was very little camping/tunneling going on. Killers had good incentive to move away from the hook to chase survivors off of gens. Also i see killers run noed more often now too b/c dull totems are generally ignored. Personally i can't stand a camping/tunneling killer b/c it ruins the game for that survivor. But i do understand why they do.

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,948

    Good human being, those concepts do exist and are actually allowed and not punishable, BUT, it's a matter of respect in terms of gaming, you can either play "correctly" caring for other people's experience, or just be a dick about it.

    Killers camping, slugging or tunneling are as much of a dick move as survivors clicky clicking, gen rushing or teabagging the killer.

    If you need to explain reasons that allow you to be a dick to others in order to "better" achieve your objectives as either killer or survivor (in this post enfatizing killer), you do not need them, be my guest, you can do it regardless of people complaining about this behaviour.

    This is a useless post...

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,183

    I didn't dig through anything I asked if you were the same guy but it's whatever man camping is a tactic its just not a very good one and gens have always been busted are you just now figuring that out? Any veteran can tell you gen times have always been the problem that's why so many people slug , camping just highlights the gens being a problem and gets you rushed against good survivors don't pretend like it's some solid tactic to win and you "won't have to hunt for your food" that's some of the most noob ######### I've heard on here , next time when you respond and I don't answer just leave it at that and don't tag me repeatedly to continue a conversation that was already over.

  • YordsYords Member Posts: 5,553

    To be fair the gen tapping suggestion is a very valid one.

    Gen tapping is pretty annoying and the base regression for killers is far too low as well as borderline useless. It shouldn't be this way. If you are the killer and you find survivors almost done on a generator so you slap one of them, scaring another to run around, and then you kick the gen you will not get much done if anything at all. You waste time by kicking generators but it can easily be undone in less than a second, and it doesn't even regress that much unless it sits there for a minute untouched, which hardly ever happens.

    Like I have said, the idea of "kickstarting" a generator should totally go through and would have my full support.

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,183

    I've stated numerous times in the past survivors should have to do something before starting gens, gen tapping isn't broken because perks like PGTW exist or thrilling tremors, ruin, corrupt, dragons grip etc. Gen tapping doesn't progress the gen it just stops it from regressing if no ruin is in play , I can agree gens are broken but it's ridiculous to blame gen tapping and want it nerfed before the gen itself isn't that ignoring the elephant in the room?

  • YordsYords Member Posts: 5,553

    I don't completely blame gen tapping as the sole reason for gens "being done too quickly" as many people say. I honestly think gen speeds are fine, it's map design and weak killers that are the problem.

    Survivors having to do something before working on generators would really buff the already powerful killers a little too much imo; depending on what it is at least.

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    My idea would be thus:

    Survivors have to pick up parts nearby. The parts are always around 8-10 meters away (Maybe less; I can't really visualize a meter in game). Basically, there's a slight danger of being seen grabbing parts. But they are always close enough that it's not a mile-long hike.

    This also slows down gen speeds; each part added lets the Survivor who added it work on the gen for <x> amount of time (Or until a Great skill check is hit; whichever comes first). Then, they need to go get another part.

    If they try to repair without picking up parts; they do so at half speed. This can be useful if a gen is THIS CLOSE to being completed, but a Killer is coming. A risk vs reward thing.

    If a Survivor is hit carrying a part, they drop it. If a Survivor tries to run while carrying a part, they drop it.

    Dropped parts are claimed by the fog after <x> seconds. Meaning Survivors need to go back to the pile for another.

    In this way:

    1. Gen speeds are adjusted naturally, rather than adding seconds to gen times or slowing down repair speed numbers
    2. Survivors are doing more than just 'mindlessly holding M1', as I have heard many Survivors describe it.
    3. Survivors have to move around a bit, which may make them easier to spot at a distance. This makes it more likely Killers will see them instead of stomping around aimlessly. This could help Killers with low map pressure.

    I am aware this idea is far from perfect, but I'm trying to make gen repairing more interactive, fix Killers with low map pressure, and adjust gen speeds without just altering some numbers in the code.

    (Note: All mentions of '<x>' numbers are because I'm aware that number balancing is hard. This is more a proof of concept than a solid idea, so the numbers can be anything you think is balanced.)

  • Squirrel_ThiccSquirrel_Thicc Member Posts: 2,678

    Throwing an entire game just to chase and kill one survivor is tunneling, not a viable tactic, and only done to be toxic. If you down all 4 survivors and intentionally slug them all to death, the only reason you would do that is to be toxic.

    Yes, hard tunneling and unnecessary slugging/camping do exist. If you say that some killers don't do things like that ever, then you're ignorant to the survivor experience.

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    Watch almost any youtuber/streamer:

    If the Killer downs someone & chases the Meg waiting to flashlight-save 'He's SLUGGING!' pops out. Because Survivors think the Killer has to brainlessly pick up the person he downed, regardless of any other factors.

    If the Killer chases the person unhooked because he needs to remove pressure on the gens? Or because that person has a perk the Killer wants remove (Like old OoO) 'He's TUNNELING!'

    If the Killer hooks someone and does a lap around the hook to ensure no one is nearby? 'He's CAMPING!'

    Those are the definitions many Survivors use, that I claim are BS here in this thread.

    And it's content creators doing what I just listed in this post that cause their followers to log into the game & verbally abuse me in end game chat, because their favorite youtuber says it's toxic, so they decide to be toxic back.

  • worriedfeng03worriedfeng03 Member Posts: 82

    I'm sorry but you're taking this game way too seriously...calling the survivors "prey",

    Also, just because camping, slugging, and tunneling are technically "allowed", doesn't make them any less of a major dick move. SOMETIMES I understand camping if it's during the EGC, or if you finally hook that toxic survivor that's been rude to you all game, but most of the time it's plain rude.

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