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Shame video thread for working with the killer?

miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719
edited May 2021 in General Discussions

I understand that the policy here is not to "name and shame" and I understand why. I also understand that claiming that a person did something wrong is sometimes subjective and abused. But if we have actual, irrefutable video evidence of a survivor working with the killer (in my opinion the most pathetic, wretched type of player in the DBD community), is it still bad to name them? I mean if we had a thread to post the videos in, would that not help to embarrass and possibly curb their antics?

I was just in a game with someone who made 1 survivor DC within the first couple of minutes but I couldn't see why. Then it came down to me and 1 other survivor. The survivor led the killer to me, the killer strangely favored me even though he could have hit the other guy (who seemed to be bodyblocking my attempt to run away) and then, lo and behold, once I was downed the survivor ran up and teabagged all over me. I was hooked, more teabagging, pointing, etc. I was then "rescued", down again, rinse wash repeat, and the killer at one point downed the other guy (obviously just point farming) then sat there spinning around with him on his shoulder waiting for me to die. EDIT: Nice, lots of "ha"s in the end game chat as well.

If I still can't name these people or show the video, so be it. I just think that in cases like this a simple "report" isn't enough.


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