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"Do bones" Is literally "Pressure Gens" but for killers

ItzZane_ItzZane_ Member Posts: 949



  • Progamer888Progamer888 Member Posts: 230

    And both statement are true. You need to pressure gens, and you need to do bones if noed could be in play.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    Totems are easy to find, though. I find multiple totems without even trying.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Except you need all 5. If only 4 totems are cleansed, you wasted a lot of time. If all 5 are cleansed, you wasted too much time. If multiple people are looking, you're all wasting too much time.

    I'd rather a perk that forces survivors to cleanse all 5 dulls than NOED. It's so much stronger.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    You really only need one, but I understand what you mean.

    If I can cleanse 2 totems in a trial by myself while gens are being done, my SWF teammate cleanses another 2, and we get hit with NOED anyway, that's on the survivors for not cleansing even one totem.

    There have been multiple threads from people complaining that Small Game's counter is not what the community was asking for because it "only counted totems that [they] cleansed". In truth, it counts any totems that are cleansed, it's just that nobody is willing to cleanse the totems. Sorry, but this is a player problem. NOED shouldn't be nerfed just because most survivors are unwilling to cleanse totems. Let's raise that skill floor a little, yeah?

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 3,638

    Don't forget "just bait it out" in regards of Dead hard

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    First of all, you're in a SWF. That means you have information others can only get by running a perk, which is ridiculous because that's using a perk to counter a perk and is oth terrible gameplay and completely unfair on solo survivors. It doesn't matter if it's only 2 people, it is huge even by your own admission. After all, you said your friend knows where two totems were, meaning your search area for the last totem is significantly smaller.

    Second, if multiple people are doing totems while not in a SWF, they are wasting time searching areas that have already been searched. That is why the entire concept of "do bones" is heavily flawed. Even if those survivors have totem perks, which once again is extremely stupid that people insist they should be a NOED counter given that SWF get something even better completely for free, they will be wasting time looking for totems others have cleansed all because their wasted perk slot shows a little icon saying there's 1 totem left, assuming that's the anti-totem perk they were running.

    Third, I really would rather a perk that blocks exit switches until all the dulls are gone just to watch this community burn to the ground. Wait until "do bones" becomes "play in a SWF only and use totem hunting perks".

    Blame the survivors all you want. Good survivors know it's better to let the killer have their petty kill than throw the entire trial by wasting minutes looking for and cleansing dulls. It's not even good practice to cleanse dulls, you should be remembering where they were so you can check them when the gens are done. If you casually spot 2 totems, that's a 2 in 5 chance you're going to be able to get that NOED, which is much higher than your chances of the team getting all 5 and escaping.

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,196

    Actually no, a killer cant be in 4 places at once at the same time but a survivor can do bones quite easily... and people only say do bones because of noed which isn't that strong and can be countered by perks and items. While the pressure gens is killers struggling

  • FreudentraumaFreudentrauma Member Posts: 1,044

    I agree that NOED isn't too strong and dealable. But "Do Bones" still is used as a simple excuse for the frustration people feel with this perk. Especiall, if you done a good bunch of the totems, but still got hit with it, because nobody else did. Or because you can't find that ne totem that happened to be on a well hidden spot etc.

    Frustration isn't always about strength. I mean compare it with Rancor, which should be more frustrating for the obsession player right? But we rarely hear complains here. And I think this has more to do, because Rancor is something people are better prepared to deal with. You can see the killers aura during the trial and figure it out, you get exposed immediatly etc. And also while it's seems "more unfair" that you can't remove it like NOED, by destroying totems, it's probably less frustrating, because you know that you couldn't have done anything anyway.

  • Leachy_JrLeachy_Jr Member Posts: 1,695

    I mean it's surprising people don't know how to efficiently counter NOED yet. People are still doing all 5 bones?

    Heres a 100x more efficient strat if you care about NOED so much.

    Go around and find 3 or 4 totems (do not cleanse them)

    Wait until final gen pops

    Go back to the 3 or 4 totems you found

    There's a 3/5 or 4/5 chance that NOED will spawn on one of them totems, making finding the final few totems useless. If it does spawn on the final totems use basic game sense to find which part of the map its on and listen for the burning.

    Not only do you not need to cleanse totems, you also have a much higher chance of finding it.

    Why on earth are people still cleansing dulls before endgame?

  • lemonswaylemonsway Member Posts: 800

    Problem 1: The game's Tutorial doesn't teach Survivors about Totems. That's the first issue to be tackled. The Tutorials are outdated by years, YEARS of Mechanics that are not present in the Tutorial. Totems, Obsession, Breakable Walls, Vault Speeds, Protection Hits, any and all Status effects, there's too much that the Tutorials don't tell and cause new Players to not know so much when so much of the game is about information.

    Problem 2:The existence of Dull Totems, Dull Totems do nothing and therefore they shouldn't exist. Totems should only spawn when there's a Hex in play and only the Hex Totems should spawn with exception for Thrill of the Hunt wich would spawn all 5 Dull Totem's or when Survivors bring perks that require Totems to work, like Inner Strength wich would spawn all 5 Dull Totem's aswell. When there's no Totem related perks in play Totem's shouldn't spawn.

    The existence or non existence of Totems would work as information for both sides, if there's a Hex then there are only as manny Hexes as there are Totem's so if there's only 1 Totem and you find it then there's only 1 Hex. In this scenario there's less need for a Totem detection Perk but having it will always be useful, you can quickly confirm the existence or not of Totems and thus you can make an educated guess about Perks in play.

    In NOED's case, 1 Dull Totem will spawn and become a Hex Totem like normal. This way anyone who finds the Dull Totem can cleanse it and NOED won't be an endgame Threat. "That sounds like a huge nerf to NOED", yes and no: Yes because it makes it easier for survivors to realise what's in play and No because since there are less Totem's spawning there are more spots for NOED's Totem to be hidden meaning Survivors still have to scour the map to find it. The only way to benefit from NOED would be for a survivor to bring Inner Strength and spawn all 5 Dull Totem's to mask NOED while still keeping the same weakness, if the survivors cleanses all 5 Dull Totem's then NOED can't happen.

    Or have Thrill of the Hunt aswell to spawn all 5 Dull Totem's and force a guess on Survivors, if Survivors see multiple Dull Totem's they might assume someone brought Inner Strength and they leave the Dull Totems alone to not ruin someone's build. Obviously against a 4 man SWF the Thrill of the Hunt might not work for obvious reasons but against 2 or 3 man SWF's it might have a small effect since the random solo or solos can have Inner Strength.

    So you either have no NOED or there's only NOED but will be better Hidden but it's still a 50/50 or Survivors with Inner Strength will help you inadvertadly or you make a huge commitment and bring Thrill of the Hunt aswell. And thrill of the Hunt by itself becomes a better perk by either tricking Survivors into thinking there's someone using Inner Strength and they don't need to cleanse Dull Totem's to not ruin someone's build or it is masking NOED or it just makes Survivors waste time cleansing Dull Totems and there's actually no threat.

  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 4,083

    *slowly raises hand* i run inner strength because sloppy is fairly common. Also 5 possible heals which is pretty good and healing for 8 seconds gets me back to my objective quicker.

  • Leachy_JrLeachy_Jr Member Posts: 1,695

    The hardest part is balancing how many times you want inner strength and how easily you want noed gone lmao.

  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 4,083

    Fair. Often when i find 2 totems like close to eachother i know im kinda nerfing myself. But my thing is will i get the full 5 anyway? Rarely maybe against a legion?

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,599

    And both arguments have perks that deal with them, several perks

    unlike baiting dead hard out cause I am sure dead harding for distance doesn’t allow that

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 11,553

    With the difference that killers have to keep 4 survivors in check while survivors just have to cleanse 1 or 2 totems.

    Getting hit by NOED is the survivors fault. I've seen injured survivors doing gens instead of healing (or bones), then getting hit by NOED and complain about the killer relying on crutches.

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,196

    Well rancor is less common, I honestly cant remember seeing it for the past year odd if not longer, but the simple perk detectives hunch will single handily counter noed even as a solo. Personally dying at the end of a match isn't a big issue, honestly imo it's how it should be as I feel to often do survivors feel like they should escape

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,977

    I use Detective' Hunch + Open Handed, which generally allows me to see most Totems, if not all, once the first gen pops. I'd rather pop a Totem here and there on my way to gens rather than start running around toward anywhere that isn't the Exit while the Killer has one-shots enabled.

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