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Ruin, Undying, and Tinkerer are grossly OP and is a free win

SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,963
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I've seen these enough and they need serious nerfing. Either that or survivors need major buffs. I got out of a match against a Blight and I've never felt so cheated in games of all my life. First of all, I spawned with a Nea and we almost finished a gen but the Blight was given a "free" beacon that it was almost done so he shows up without any warning whatsoever. After a short tussle with the Nea she goes down away from the gen. Because of crutchy ruin, it lost almost half of our progress. In the meantime, the Blight uses his free aura read to chase another person off a gen and left her on the floor when he got the signal I almost had the first gen completed again so what does he do? With one on a hook, the other on the floor, he sprints across the map to get me off the "first" gen that should have been done a long time ago. I go down and hooked and both gens lost all progress. Because of perks two gens were lost. How is that even remotely fair?

By the way, the cycle continued and everyone is dead with 5 gens still up. A look at his perks shows BBQ, Ruin, Undying, Tinkerer.

I am sorry killers, if you win with this combo you didn't win because of skill whatsoever. No matter how good the survivors are and how hard they try to do the objective, you are using 4 crutch perks for a free win. You are carried because of perks. Every rank 1 blight is winning with this combo non-stop and the devs need to stop sleeping and look at this combo and how much killers are winning with it. It has to be astronomical.

BBQ and Tinkerer needs to be a one-time use perk like survivor perks. These perks are way too game changing to be used all the time. Put it on a 120 second cooldown. Something to make them fair.

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