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Share your resident evil skin idea here :)

Thale20Thale20 Member Posts: 20

First of all in my opinion, whatever is coming from the resident evil world it will be amazing. But for me the most important thing is the amount of skins we could get.

The most obvious ones are Claire and Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine.

But how about those legendary skins:

The Blight as Moreau (Resident Evil Village)

The Deathslinger as Heisenberg (Resident Evil Village)

The Huntress/The Plague as Lady Dimitrescu/Mother Miranda (Resident Evil Village)

The Clown as Duke (Resident Evil Village)

The Twins as Donna Beneviento and Aingy (Resident Evil Village)

Those are my ideas. Feel free to share your ideas. :)


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