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Why Kate appeared in the Entity's Realm?

electraheart28electraheart28 Member Posts: 15
edited June 2018 in Lore

As far as we know - Entity grabs survivors with the tough life , with some problems and etc , however they have hope . And hope is the reason why Entity takes survivors in it's realm.
But wht Kate ? Her life was (is?) pretty good and cheerfull according to her lore. So why Entity grabbed her so intensively ?



    its so sad :'(:'(:'(:'(:(:(

  • SaaronSaaron Member Posts: 4

    I think that the Entity grabbed her because of her cheerful and hopeful attitude, as Vell said, there's more to feed on, but she also brings hope to everyone else, it says she sings at the campfire about joyful things. I think she cheers everyone up, therefore making them more hopeful and, unconsciously, she feeds the Entity even more.

    If I'm right, the Entity is even worse than I thought-

  • Psylocker101Psylocker101 Member Posts: 18

    Someone made a post here that she actually summoned the entity, which the more I think about the more I see that its very likely. Her backstory is quite strange comparing to others, and if I remember correctly, no one else saw anything before they were "snatched" into the realm except for Kate

  • CalliopeDESUCalliopeDESU Member Posts: 6

    In her lore it's stated that the entity let her kept her guitar probably a trick to make a little bit more hope for everyone in the camp

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