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Is this game survivor sided or killer sided?



  • solidhexsolidhex Member Posts: 767

    I don't think it works like that, because a lot of people are playing both. I don't know any killer main who is not playing survivor (but i know some surv mains who never play killer).

    My opinion on the big question, there is no definitive answer. It heavily depends on all the variables and RNG. 4 good survivors will mostly win against a good killer if they don't have really bad RNG. But a mediocre killer will also often win against 4 mediocre solo players, even by just camping and tunneling. A big part of the playerbase is playing survivor very casually without much knowledge or sweat. A merciless killer will have a good chance of winning against them. But killers need to learn and play a lot more to get to a high skill level that 4 survivors in a team can achieve much easier. So i would say, on highest level definitely survivor sided.

  • AdelooAdeloo Member Posts: 1,398

    I would say there are many aspects that change the side of the game :

    player experience (rank doesn't matter anymore but i'll use it anyway)

    As a player, you gain experience and learn to either apply enough pressure and make the good decisions as KILLER, or waste enough time for your team to do gens as SURVIVOR

    • from rank 20 to rank 11 = KILLER is easier and the game seems KILLER sided
    • from rank 10 to rank 6 = game doesn't have any side
    • from rank 5 to rank 1 = SURVIVOR is easier and the game seems SURVIVOR sided


    Some killers have a stronger basekit than others, basically if a killer can travel the map fast, he/she is likely one of the strongest killer to play.

    • If all players are on average Rank 15 and killer is Spirit = game is probably KILLER sided
    • If all players are on average Rank 8 and killer is Trapper = game doesn't favor any side
    • If all players are on average Rank 3 and killer is Clown or Trickster = game is probably SURVIVOR sided


    Perks can also affect the balance of a game (this is why you try to have a build that isn't countered fully by the killer perks or his/her power)

    • If all survivors run a health base build against a Plague = game is KILLER sided
    • If all survivors use Spine Chill + Sprint Burst against a PIG or an ONI = game is probably SURVIVOR sided


    Some maps are survivor sided because of their size (Red Forest), their stealth potential (Yamaoka) or the number of pallets (the Game)

    But then again those same exact map can be an advantage to some killers : Mobility killers doesn't care about the size of a map, stealth can also favor a stealthy killer (Ghostface for example) and pallet towns aren't so much of an issue for Bubba, Clown or Doctor ;)


    It's well known that a solo survivor will struggle more than a duo, a trio or a quatuor of survivors, because he/she doesn't have the same amount of informations about the killer position, the survivors position, if someone is coming for the save, how far the gens are, etc

    But than again a good SOLO survivor can do more in a game than 1 SWF of 3 survivors.

    But in a game where informations and collaboration gives you more chance to escape, a 4 SWF, a 1 SWF of 3 or 2 DUOs will likely have more escape chance than a trial full of SOLOS.

    Then again, not all SWF are sweaty and plays to make the killer miserable. But the fact that their are communicating directly is already negating half of the killer potential of pressure.


    Taking everything in count, i would say the game is pretty balance right now and doesn't favor any side. especially if you play for fun and not to either escape or 4K every game

  • RougualRougual Member Posts: 513


  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,196

    it's entirely dependant on RNG pretty much

    you get Shelter Woods with a bunch of T-L walls? Killer Sided

    You get Haddonfield with a bunch of god windows and ridiculous loops? Survivor Sided

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,657

    This game is actually way more balanced than people like to admit. It still has its jarring problems though of course. Mainly matchmaking and FEELING of gameplay (killer might feel more stressful even if they ‚win‘).

    if the survivors are very skilled and organized (which is more easily achievable for SWF) the balance tilts to the survivor side. But then you just have to take a very skillful killer player and it evens out (see content creators that main one killer, or even generally; they are mostly complaining that survivors are OP and the game should be more balanced around high skill players while they are high skill killer players that almost always win even against …)

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,091

    Swf sided, generally

  • YatolYatol Member Posts: 1,410

    4 solo then its killer sided

    If its SWF its survivor sided

  • SwampofferingSwampoffering Member Posts: 384

    SoloQ games tend to be killer sided, but It depends on both sides skill

    DuoQ games if both survivors are good and the others are not really really bad, is 50/50, if randoms are bad is killer sided.

    SWF is just 100% survivor sided, the win condition for Killers there is if they want to Rush ir they want to Chase or bully you. But if a SWF wants, they can Smash Killers 95% of the games due to how unbalanced is voice chat and perks combos. If you suspect that the enemie team is SWF, just Dodge, even if they are not, its better to Dodge, we have insta queues so It doesn't matter, but Dodge, for your mental health

  • AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 1,769

    it isn't

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,451

    Most killer-sided it’s ever been. Been playing since late 2016.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773

    4 decent Solo players against a decent killer. Pretty balanced the only outlier is the map/perks in use.

    The game isn't survivor sided anymore and it hasn't been for a very, very long time.

    It's SWF sided.

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,116

    You heard it here first folks, Azarov's Resting Place is a survivor sided map apparently.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773

    I feel like maybe an arguament could be made with old Azarovs with the super long middle section, but its easier than ever to force a 3/4 gen on that map now. I almost feel bad when I'm playing Doc or Demo and get Azarovs or the Mcmillan map thats very similar.

  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,752

    My suggest to everyone is to actually keep stats of your games. After keeping stats of my games, I found that the games were heavily Killer sided. However, I haven't kept stats after the last patch and I highly think MMR has been turned on because my games seem a lot more balanced. The few games near the end of last patch, when they announced they were turning on MMR, suddenly took my survives vs kills to 50/50. Before, my kill rate was close to 80%, so a survivor would escape about 1 out of every 2 games, which was horrible and highly Killer sided.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773

    Inclined to agree. When I play, say, 10 games as Doc at rank 1. It's rare for any of those games to not end in 3K and a hatch or a 4K. Even when you get 3 good players that give you trouble in chases, 1 weak link can send it all tumbling down.

    Every so often I get a really strong 4 man SWF that just wipes the floor with me, but when I look back on those games they also had a really strong map for survivor or bought multiple BNPs.

    I would consider solo survivor to be heavily killer sided nowadays tbh. There's such a disparity in survivor skill in red ranks that there's no telling if you'll get an immersed Claudette that has no idea what looping is and wastes 90% of pallets in one chase, or a god David that runs the killer for 4 gens.

  • SwampofferingSwampoffering Member Posts: 384

    Azarov is survivor sided, but if the killer choose One side and camp a 3 gen, he could win. Same as Suffocation Pit, we must do 3 gens camping.

    Recent reworks are just more survivor sided, old Farms were strong Maps for survivors, but now (Except Rotten Fields) the ColdWind Maps are - Safe palet + Safe Palet + Jungle Gym + Safe palet + Dead cows tree strong loop + long loop with Safe palets.... I find more Safe loops than before.

    Puzzle map is just..... 25 palets, 16 Safe.

  • justbecausejustbecause Member Posts: 1,521

    It's neither sided both have equall chance to win or lose anyone saying otherwise are one sided and has no idea of both roles gameplay

  • NebulaNebula Member Posts: 471

    100% agree with you. I play strictly solo survivor and a year to two ago I would say that my escape rate was probably around 40-50%.

    I've definitely gotten better at the game since then and I would say that I escape a max of around 20% now, if not less.

    Solo survivor is a pain to play, and it's very easy to tell when playing killer if the team is primarily solo or SWF

  • NebulaNebula Member Posts: 471
    edited May 2021

    Azarov's is only survivor sided if the killer plays poorly.

    The map is heavily killer sided due to the fact that the killer can control the flow and pace of the map, deciding where the survivors can do gens is a very powerful thing.

    Yes, it can be boring to 3/4 gen a team, but it's a very legit, and effective strategy, especially on that map.

  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,752

    Actually, you don't know this and the last time Devs showed stats, it was Killer sided. I would only trust stats. People saying one thing or another don't really know unless they have stats from their games showing one way or the other.

  • HaunterofShadowsHaunterofShadows Member Posts: 3,499

    I would like to take this moment to point out this is why we don't make threads like this.

  • KatzengottKatzengott Member Posts: 581

    Killer-sided with bad survs, Surv-sided with good survs.

  • justbecausejustbecause Member Posts: 1,521
  • snowflake102snowflake102 Member Posts: 2,188

    Another one of these posts.

  • Lord_TonyLord_Tony Member Posts: 2,109
    edited May 2021

    There are 23 playable killers and literally only 2 of them are viable against red rank SWF.

    2 out of 23 ######### killers.

    Haddonfield has still been broken for years and will probably be the last map to get reworked, bet on it.

    survivor perks get nerfed years later

    killer perks get nerfed months later.

    devs still refuse to address the huge difference between solo and SWF with comms.

    survivor sided game.

  • Lord_TonyLord_Tony Member Posts: 2,109

    survivor sided especially in match making

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 1,608

    I'll put it this way. I played with 4 other players. We were all ranks 1 - 5 as both killer and survivor. We all played each other with our favorite killer, in every game the killer won. We were on comms and brought in strong items. (But nothing crazy like overloaded medkits, keys, or BNP)

  • Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 1,359

    I think base game is def survivor-sided. The survivors can finish gens in around 2 minutes or less while on a gen solo if you don't stop them or have something to stop or slow them from doing them. Now when we add perks into it I think so long as you get perks that work well with the killer you're playing it can balance things out.

    Surprised more people here aren't flat out saying survivor with no questions asked. Though in my honest opinion I usually feel the game is survivor sided as a whole, but also more killers should give up in chase more. You really wanna catch survivors in bad spots or when they're injured from a previous chase or on a gen in a bad area. Long as you protect gens as killer you'll probably win, but most people seem to have the kill everyone mentality instead of guard gens.

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,458

    This is a complicated question that has many answers depending on the circumstances.

    When it is everyone's first game ever played? Then the game is killer sided.

    When it is the 4 best survivors in the world playing against the best killer player (for that killer) in the world? Then it is survivor sided for every killer except maybe nurse.

  • PabloLovesMCPabloLovesMC Member Posts: 163

    Ok so im gonna explain first and see what others say later. First and foremost its highly dependent on your skill level. Just starting out the game is very killer sideded as the survivors dont know how to use loops effectively. As you go up in skill on both sides you hit a middle point around green/purple ranks (assuming you're being paired with people of your own rank and not red ranks) at that point, the game is fairly balanced for both sides. Thats why people think its more fun to be in green ranks. As you go up tho the game becomes very survivor sided. They know how to properly use loops and items and know how to properly manage their time (unless they are potato reds who got to red ranks by sticking to gens and hiding all match) at this point playing killer becomes somewhat infuriating. Once you hit these ranks you deal with many more free health states (borrowed time, dead hard, soul guard) you also have more survivors that can use infinites. At this point if you cant mindgame the hell out of the survivors you're screwed. So then we get to the point.

    There is no way to make this game even at all skill levels (except maybe mmr) because you have to base it around skill which emblems and ranks dont do well at all.

    Im excited for mmr because i can see it fixing the issue here and itll fix the issue where someone who plays for a long time gets to red ranks then dosent have fun because they cant get a single kill (ive been there)

    What would i fix outside of MMR? I would add more pallets that are less safe. The pallets at new coldwind are safer than they were before and i hate it as killer and love it as survivor. Same with gideon meat plant. A nice balanced map for me would be hawkins national laboratory with a few strong loops and lots of weak pallets. Theres lots of walls to hide from both sides along with lots of paths to get the sneaky flashlight save. The gen spawns are predictable for survivor so you can tell which gens to safe for last (always save the upstairs gens for last)

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