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Create Your Own Perk



  • AVoiceOfReasonAVoiceOfReason Member Posts: 2,469

    A perk like balanced landing without SB that always worked but only at 70%. I use to love BL for the reduction that it did but now the entire perk deactivates, it made it useless since there isn't many drops in the maps.

  • Ebonbane2000Ebonbane2000 Member Posts: 21
    edited May 2021

    The perfect anti-camping perk called:

    Man on Fire

    Whenever a teammate is on the hook and is still within the killers terror radius, it fans the flame of your determination. Enabling an increase of 10/30/50 % generator repair speed. But your flaming red aura is visible to the killer. Once the killer's terror radius leaves the hook, your repair speed returns to normal but your aura remains visible to the killer for another 2/3/4 seconds.

  • RezblazeRezblaze Member Posts: 843

    I have quite a few so here we go:


    With careful, precise strikes, you can dish out the most amount of bodily damage.

    Whenever you perform a basic attack on a survivor without lunging, that survivor will be inflicted with a Deep Wound.

    Additionally, any survivor that fails a healing skill check will cause the survivor being healed to become Broken for 40/50/60 seconds.


    You've mastered the element of surprise.

    Whenever you down a survivor, gain a stack of Consternation.

    Whenever you hook a survivor, Consternation activates, granting 4/5/6 seconds of Undetectable per stack.

    Maximum of 10 stacks.


    Your gorging attacks are so brutal they cause internal damages that even extensive first aid cannot repair.

    Whenever you down a survivor, that survivor will instantly lose 5/10/15% of their dying progress.

    When the Survivor is within a 10/15/20% threshold on dying, you have the option to kill the survivor.

  • MADM3RTMADM3RT Member Posts: 17

    Not really an original creation but a replacement/rework for Stridor because I really don't like that you can never contest it, especially If you've equipped Iron Will or go against a Spirit. Stridor being just a passive with no real effort is just something I'm not a fan of, so, my version would be called:


    Once a survivor has been hooked, being in the terrorradius of the killer for 10/8/6 seconds, the survivors grunts of pain are 25/30/40% louder and their regular breathing is 0/15/20% for 8/10/12 seconds.

  • jarow8jarow8 Member Posts: 12

    Lets see perk that either lets you to recover exhaustion while running or allows exhaustion to go down faster

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,683

    Vigil from Quentin let’s Exhaustion go down faster (but not while running)

  • Jmang1245Jmang1245 Member Posts: 31

    Next time Bring a Tent: Anytime the killer is within 30 metres of a hooked survivor for more than 30 seconds Bring a Tent activates. Bring a tent has a cooldown of 20 seconds. After performing a hook rescue, any hit that would put you into the dying state does not.

    "That oughta teach those camping killers. Why don't you go and pick on someone your own size?".

    Couple this perk with Borrowed time to make killers salty.

  • Poka7JokePoka7Joke Member Posts: 6

    Hex: Breakable

    You had enough from losing because of survivors being able to switch from dying to the injured state. Now is your time shine.

    Survivors can not heal themselves from the dying state by perks or syringes anymore. 

    If a survivor starts to heal a dying survivor, get a notification. After the a survivor is healed from the dying state, you can see his aura and the aura of the person who healed him for 6/8/10s.

    The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

  • KillerMain4EverKillerMain4Ever Member Posts: 142

    Hex: Nightmare Escape: Players who are activating the exit gate switch are hit with blind status.

    If the exit gate switch is left with any progress, than the progress will start to regress by up to 3% per second.

    Players who tbag at the gate are hit with a warden effect preventing them from leaving for up to 6 seconds.

    You are also trash.

  • randonlyrandonly Member Posts: 304
    edited May 2021

    Killer Perk

    HEX: boycott (Tier I/II/III/teachable)

    "Your devotion to the entity creates unprecedented anger"

    description: you gain the ability to sabotage generators that are ready for as long as the hex lasts. Your sabotage actions have a 60/55/50 seconds of cooldown. Also, the total progression required on generators to be made by the survivors is 70%/75%/80% of the normal progression. furthermore, the hatch will only appear when all generators are completed or only one survivor remains. The hex is also undone if all generators are completed.

    "My devotion to you exceeds any limit" - Future unknown killer

    Ps: the total progress required for generators to be ready returns to normal , hatch will spawn normally and the sabotaging actions no longer have a cooldown if the hex is undone. It's the first perk that allows for killer a complete generator start regress, on the other hand, faster repair is allowed on the same time, and a little note is to avoid the hatch from spawn and disappearing if the generator starts regress, this limitation on hatch is also placed on the perk.

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  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,401

    Live or Let Die:

    If you are the first survivor to die your death gives the other survivors a boost in action speed for the next 5/10/15 seconds

    Increases your chance to be the obsession

  • BeaburdBeaburd Member Posts: 815

    There are two types of perks I want to encourage and see more of for survivors:

    • Distance-based aura-reading perks
    • Obsession perks

    As such, my non-fleshed-out perk ideas (with arbitrary numbers) are mainly examples of similar concepts I would like to see rather than serious suggestions:

    Aura-reading perks:

    • Perk 1 - See aura of all killer belongings within 5m of yourself (totems, traps, hooks)
    • Perk 2 - See the auras of survivor scratch marks within 32m (basically a lesser bond, but with the added benefit of being able to use others scratch marks during a chase potentially)
    • Perk 3 - Allied survivors can see your aura within 40m when you stand still for 2 seconds (includes when being active; i.e. healing or doing gens)
    • Perk 4 - Allied survivors can see the aura of whatever you touched within 40m for 10 seconds (items, gens, totems, etc)

    Obsession perks:

    • Perk 1 - Bodyguard - Take a health state worth of damage in place of the obsession whenever the obsession is hit and you are within 10m. You are broken for 120 seconds. Reduces chance to be the obsession.
    • Perk 2 - Headbutt/self-sacrifice - Stun the killer for 5 seconds, but enter dying state in the process (even if at full health). Deactivates DS if used, like healing would. You become the obsession. (potential combo with mettle of man or deliverance?)

  • sesawyer3127sesawyer3127 Member Posts: 342
  • Gameboyman99Gameboyman99 Member Posts: 13
    edited May 2021

    Hard Work Pays Off


    Your time as a mechanic has taught you how to work efficiently.

    After completing a generator, Hard Work Pays Off activates. While working on a generator, you can press the secondary action button to silence generator noises for 10/12/15 seconds. Once used, Hard Work Pays Off deactivates.

    "Spend as much time around machines as I have, and you can make them do all sorts of things." - Whoever would best fit with the lore IDK

  • JediWithASniperJediWithASniper Member Posts: 640

    New perk: GENeral FOCUS

    Exhaustion perk for survivors, trigger at will, survivor crouches, clutches head and focuses!!!

    The auras of generators and their level of completion will be revealed to you for 15 seconds.

    I don’t know what cool down should be, this would be a more entry level strategy developing perk. Might have some use for red ranks in late game. Maybe similar to DH cool down.

    (Idea is based on wraith perks that show gen completion.)

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,897
    edited May 2021



    Your grief over your fellow survivors suffering emboldens you to make things right. For every other survivor hooked Recompense gains 1 token, Maximum of 3. While you are hooked all other survivors are granted a 3/4/5% speed boost to repair actions per token. Upon being Rescued all tokens are reset.


    Crippling Assault:

    Causing pain to your victims weighs heavily upon their ability to perform. Up to 1/2/3 survivors injured by you suffer from the Incapacitated Status Effect until healed/healthy. Your successful basic attack recovery time is increased by 50%.

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,897

    To me... Crippling Assault is only enhanced by STBFL as that ends up compensating for the loss CA gives you, so I think the real question is Why Wouldn't anyone run STBFL with CA?

  • PubStar87PubStar87 Member Posts: 179

    Something like this, but maybe it just moves all other totems around the map?

  • Soulslayer618Soulslayer618 Member Posts: 487

    Ive made a bunch of threads for this type of thing (you can check them through my account or whatever) but I thought of another so why not put my hat in the ring here

    Incentive bonus - for your hard work youre rewarded, but for your failures you suffer.

    for each:

    • gen completed
    • hex totem cleansed
    • 2 dull totems cleansed
    • 90 seconds in chase
    • safe unhook

    gain a token to a maximum of 8. for each token gain a 1% speed increase for all categories

    for each:

    • skill check missed on a gen
    • unsafe unhook
    • failed escape attempt on hook
    • missed healing skill check
    • time hit by killers weapon (not power)

    lose 6/4/2 tokens

  • stvnhthrstvnhthr Member Posts: 624

    Step by Step

    Every time the killer changes levels by using the stairs they are visible for 1/3/5 seconds. Maximum 30 second cool down.

  • stvnhthrstvnhthr Member Posts: 624


    All locks (Exit gate, chests, hatch) open in 1/2 the normal time.

  • AsheruSwiftwindAsheruSwiftwind Member Posts: 142
    edited May 2021

    Im ok with this as long as they fix current scratch marks. Nothing is more annoying than the current issue of scratch marks just stop existing mid chase.

    Also Perk:

    Killer: Deja Vu

    Whever a survivor performs the same action twice there aura is revieled for (4/6/8) seconds. Same actions are vaulting, working on gens, healing others, sliding over pallets, ect... Deja Vu has a 80/60/40 second cooldown between repeated actions.

  • HexSweetieHexSweetie Member Posts: 59


    You start with 5% decrease of all actions for the whole duration of the match, but for every 30 seconds you gain 15% speed of all actions including vaulting.

  • nutmilk420nutmilk420 Member Posts: 153


    Spaner in the works- rig a single hook to break the hook breaks 2/4/5 sec after you are picked up.

    Kash vault - vault a window/plattet and kick the killer if standing on the other side stunning him exaughston for 60/50/40 sec

    Nows my chance - every 20/15/10 sec while on the hook and within 12m of the killer gain a token up to 4 tokens. Each token increases your escape chances by 25%

    Scopophobia - after being hooked gain the endurance status effect while in the killers terror radius. Peresists for 5/10/15 sec after being unhooked or leaving the killers terror radius.

  • PabloLovesMCPabloLovesMC Member Posts: 163


    "Momentum is important because if you loose it you're done"

    At the start of the game get a 6% boost to breaking pallets and gens, picking up survivors, and hooking survivors. You also have 3% bonus movement speed so long as you are not in a chase. For every hook state achieved lose .5% of your boosts. For every downed survivor not on a hook after 3 seconds, lose 1% of your boost. (you regain your boost once they're picked up or placed on a hook)

    It was the best idea I had but I feel you could re word it to be understood better, basically I wanted a perk that could help killers with early game in a way that proceeding through the game forces you to loose your boost. I also wanted it in a way that the killer can get value from it all game if they haven't gotten the value from it (in contrast from corrupt intervention) with this perk or something similar a killer can help their early game and still help if they haven't been able to get downs or find survivors. let me know what you think and how you would change the wording.

  • themirrortwinthemirrortwin Member Posts: 267

    Survivor Perk: Bitter Pragmatism

    This perk starts with three tokens. Each time you are put into the injured state from a healthy state, consume 1 token and you will not leave any Scratch Marks for the next 8/10/12 seconds. This perk deactivates when all tokens are consumed.

    Strategy: I've always wished I could make a build featuring calm spirit, Iron will, and a perk like this. The killer hits the survivor, wipes their blade, and the survivor vanishes without a sound! Three perks is a heavy price for this tactic, but I would love it for the memes! Besides, players could drop calm spirit and instead put in lucky break (thereby still leaving space for an exhaustion perk or urban evasion) and truly vanish after one scream with no sound, scratch marks, or blood.

    I don't think this is broken as it can only trigger 3 times. Additionally, it creates a mind game with the killer, where the killer can still find you even with these perks trying to hide your presence by carefully searching the area.

    I gave it a little more time than comparable perks like Poised and the recent Self-Preservation because those have more opportunities to trigger. I felt that this perk would get a few more seconds because it can only trigger 3 times.

  • tortradertortrader Member Posts: 525

    I'd like a Peeping Tom killer perk that lets the player temporarily have 3rd person perspective.

  • LordWackLordWack Member Posts: 21

    Campers delight.

    While on the hook the perk activates.

    If the killer decides to camp you and is 6 meters or less away.

    You can then hit the action button and you can Spawn on a hook on the other side of the map.

    The killer has no idea what hook your on.

    This would illuminate the non-intelligent people who stand there and hit you when you’re on the hook and Not go for any more survivors.

  • Shadow_Master953Shadow_Master953 Member Posts: 24

    A few days ago when I was watching a streamer play against Doctor and was breaking Hex: Ruin, they were talking about something with Hex: Haunted Grounds and I had this idea:

    Hex: Roulette

    When broken, 1-4 survivors (Based on RNG but minimum 1 survivor with the weakest version of the perk) can either be affected by Exposed, Oblivious, or Broken status effect (each survivor might experience a different effect than the others). The killer will have a notification that tells them which survivors are in what state. The Killer has a chance of getting a speed boost (again RNG for how big of a boost for how long. The higher tier the perk the better your odds). Other effects the killer can see is aura's revealed, undetectable or a combo of two.

    The reason why it's called roulette is because nobody knows what will happen. Its a gamble for survivor since they are the ones who chose to break the totem and its a gamble for killer since they chose to run it. Does it suck? Maybe but its not suppose to be sweaty. Its suppose to be fun.

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