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What kind of player are you?

YordsYords Member Posts: 5,551

Are you a survivor or killer main? Or do you play both equally?

Are you a good sport?

Do you feel the need to max out all of your characters with all perks and prestige them?

Do you get tilted when playing this game?

Do you buy cosmetics?

I am a player who would be considered a good sport (most of the time at least) and who plays both sides equally. I myself feel the need to max out all of my characters and I can get very tilted when playing this game (but never take my anger out on anyone, I just say gg with tears in my eyes). I also don't really buy cosmetics because it is far more satisfying to earn them and don't feel like supporting BHVR, at least right now.



  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    I play both.

    I don't know what a "good sport" is any more because being a "good sport" doesn't mean "letting your opponents win when your only option is to play dirty", but I certainly don't badmouth people on the chat unless it's to call something out. Like lagswitching or my Tinkerer proccing 1 second before a gen finishes multiple times in a trial (hmm).

    I don't care about Prestige, it does nothing and at this point it never should. People who prestige knew what they were getting when they did it. I definitely max out perks on the characters Inplay and am slowly working my way towards all perks on all killers (already have all survivor perks on Zarina and am slowly getting there with Kate and Yui).

    Of course I get tilted. I'm fairly certain everyone gets tilted. It doesn't happen that often, though, and its mostly when I'm caught by surprise with extremely broken RNG (massive tile chains, complete deadzones, etc.)

    I buy some cosmetics. Mostly I save up and use shards on them (I actually like most of the yellow-tier recolours), but I have been known to purchase paid ones.

  • HaunterofShadowsHaunterofShadows Member Posts: 3,459

    I'm a killer main but I do play a decent chunk of survivor. I am a good sport despite what may be happening in the matches.

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,098

    "I am a player who would be considered a good sport (most of the time at least) and who plays both sides equally"

    I can relate to that, or at least I try my best to. Unlike you, I don't see the need to max out a character, unless said character is my main (Freddy, for example). I can get tilted when playing, but it takes A LOT to tilt me. And as for cosmetics, I buy some of them, but I would much rather earn them during an event or something.

  • NomiNomadNomiNomad Member Posts: 2,682

    I play both, but more Killer as I find it more interactive. And Solo Queue makes me angry.

    I consider myself a good sport, yeah. I don't really care about winning or losing in this game, so I try to just have fun.

    I want to get all the killer perks on every killer, and all the survivor perks on like three Survivors. I don't give a single crap about prestige.

    Not really? Solo Queue can tilt me, and so can REALLY good survivors, but in general I try not to get tilted much.

    Not really. Once in a blue moon, if I really like a skin.

  • ExorExor Member Posts: 235

    I am a 60/40 killer main and always say gg and if possible try to go for 12 hook games, although I do like to fuel the flames if I notice that the killer/survivors are being toxic/unreasonably salty in endgame chat after a gg, mostly since I can't take them seriously at that point.

    I do have every killer maxed out at p3 with all perks(and the grind gets more and more annoying as more killers with more perks release), but only have my main survivor at p3 all perks, since survivors are just skins for me and I can't be bothered to invest more points for skins.

    I only really get tilted by bugs, but even then it doesn't affect my behaviour and gameplay too much. BM from either side doesn't bother me at all.

    I am unreasonably stingy with my Iridescent shards (only ever spend money on the first battlepass). I am sitting at 160k shards and mostly just buy unlicensed killers/survivors with them, although I did buy the true blight skin (before it got its discount sadly) and all the other halloween skins after the discount + the oni inspired spirit skin.

  • zombitehdeathzombitehdeath Member Posts: 583

    I play both sides.

    Sometimes. I try to be by the game would go fast it I don't.

    I want to p3 and have all perk on all characters.

    Yes, I get very tilted most of the time. I often take it out on survivors that is making me angry (they aren't purposely making me angry but my mistake I make do) but I don't take it out on my teammate unless they make be pissed off then there will be a chance that I do something that negatively affect the game for my team.

    I do it if I like it even if it on my favourite character. Feng seoul cosmetics doesn't look great and all wraith cosmetics look great.

  • lewislewis Member Posts: 63

    80% huntress main, other killers for dailies, trying to learn Billy curves to main as well and survivor gets played only for challenges and maintaining red rank at reset.

    I always gg or say nothing no matter the result. I like to go for 12 hooks if the game is going easy but I’ll ramp up the pressure if I feel I’m really behind.

    I get tilted at myself sometimes for missing easy shots or stupid plays but me being tilted doesn’t mean I’ll BM unless giving a head shake is lol.

    I buy some cosmetics especially for my cute dweet, I like the basic look on huntress with the recolours and I’ve p3 all perked my killers and 5 survivors, working on the rest :(

  • _NIGHTMARE__NIGHTMARE_ Member Posts: 693

    60% Survivor 40% killer

    I like to think that I'm a good sport.

    I don't feel an urgent need to p3 all characters with all perks, but it would be lovely if I did get them all someday.

    Never really get tilted, but I do get annoyed when the game crashes on me, which luckily doesn't happen often.

    I only get the Rift when I know I have the spare time to complete it. So in a way... I guess I do spend money on cosmetics?

  • ProfGameAndTalkProfGameAndTalk Member Posts: 326

    Killer main, Spirit, Doc, but play both sides, Kate is my gal!

    Good sport until clicky-clicky teabaggers show themselves. Then all bets are off and all's fair.

    The characters I play a lot I'll max out. I have P3 Kate, Doc, Spirit and working on Deathslinger, Clown, Bubba.

    To my shame, I have been tilted before. It tends to happen when there is a combination of survivor antics (body blocking, teabagging, flashlights) and second chance perks. I just take a break and cool off then I'm good to go.

    I've bought Doc (mechanical head and outfit), Spirit (Greek armor), and Kate (tight jeans and guitar top) cosmetics because those are my mains and I like them.

    See you in the fog!

  • NoelleMinaNoelleMina Member Posts: 638
    1. Used to be both, but I’m almost 85% a Survivor main.
    2. Most of the time, yes. Most.
    3. No, only the characters that I like.
    4. Of course, but when I do it’s time for a small break.
    5. Yes, a ton of them. The compliments I get sometimes are nice. 😌 We love to die (or kill) in style.
  • JimboMasonJimboMason Member Posts: 758
    1. Both equally, but I find survivor a little more favorable
    2. I try to be
    3. Only the ones I want maxed out
    4. Yes, I can get pretty tilted, but even so I just take a break
    5. If they're cool enough and I like them, yes
  • GargledFireGargledFire Member Posts: 83

    I'm a Billy main that relaxes with playing solo survivor(More survivor after his nerf). As killer I'm an amazing sport, never tunneling or camping just going for curves and fun, never had a game where I came out upset at anything but collisions and hitboxes. Never going into a game expecting to win or lose. Will throw the game for fun or if survivors want to mess around. I play to the other teams skill level too, I'm not going to demolish players who are clearly learning. While this leaves me at a low rank, I go up against skilled players anyways so I don't care lol.

    As survivor I'm nowhere near as good a sport, I find myself getting angry at killers who don't play like myself. I'm not "toxic" in-game but I'm not afraid to speak my mind and call things as they are post game. I think this comes from Killer being the one to set the "pace and difficulty" of the match, as I've never fought with survivors when playing killer except if they let teammates die. However, if the killer is having fun or playing to show skill I'll be right there with them.

    I try to prestige/max out my favorite characters but don't have time for them all. I think its a silly mechanic but it can be fun at times to essentially "restart" your character and relearn how to play the game without the best perks. Definitely reinforces the core mechanics of the game.

    I get tilted much more as survivor than killer. When playing killer its mainly hitboxes/collision etc. never really what survivors do. As survivor its mainly up to how the killer plays and their latency. Getting hit through windows and pallets that I clearly made is the most infuriating thing in the game for me other than 1st hook deaths.

    I try not to buy cosmetics with real money, the last real money skin I got was Billys scarecrow outfit for like 2$.

  • TapeKnotTapeKnot Member Posts: 248
    edited May 2021

    Are you a survivor or killer main? Or do you play both equally?:

    I'm a killer main, although I do enjoy playing survivor from time to time.

    Are you a good sport?:

    I'd consider myself a good sport. I don't DC unless I have something urgent to attend to, I don't BM, and I don't trash-talk.

    Do you feel the need to max out all of your characters with all perks and prestige them?:

    I'm a bit of a completionist, and I've spent far too many bloodpoints prestiging my characters.

    Do you get tilted when playing this game?:

    Of course I get tilted sometimes, but I try my best to not let it interfere with my gameplay.

    Do you buy cosmetics?:

    I've bought cosmetics on my favorite characters and I've gotten each rift pass.

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171

    Are you a survivor or killer main? Or do you play both equally?

    Killer main but I do play solo as well sometimes two man but rarely. I would say 75/25 my ratio.

    Are you a good sport?

    For most part. I play to win and get the most BP at same time. If the game is super competitive I will use what tools are necessary. I don't message people to bad mouth though. If I do message it's just to ask a question.

    Do you get tilted when playing this game?

    As a solo survivor yes at the team. Nothing worse then you on hook, killer in chase, team in corner self-caring, or in a bush.

    Do you buy cosmetics?

    Every one I like. Every killer has plenty in their wardrobe. Most of my killers only have 1 or 2 outfits left in shop and that's only because I didn't like them or were just a re-color of one I already bought. Survivor mains are the same way and the other survivors in the roster I bought one or two just so I would have something when I use them.

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171
    edited May 2021

    Oh and Prestige ya I'm a completionist. Ghosty and PH will be P3 by Saturday then all I got left is the 3 newest killers. Oh and get the perks but got plenty of time for that plus cakes coming. Having all these guys at P3 in just over a year I'll take it.

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  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 1,264

    I play both relatively equally. Tends to be something like a 60/40 split where the majority flip-flops depending on which role I'm having more fun with at a given time.

    I play to win, but I try to be a good sport about it. I won't go out of my way to bully other players.

    I get every character up to level 50 so that they have some perks/add-ons/etc to use if I need them for something or just want to play as them. Characters I like gradually go up to P3-50 as I have the BP available for it.

    Absolutely. I don't care about losing because I misplayed, but it feels horrible to lose because the game screwed you. And it really likes to do that (at least on console, where I can count on big stutters happening on the regular).

    Sometimes. I haven't ever used auric cells to buy a cosmetic, but I'll occasionally use my horde of shards to pick up something I want.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 11,548
    1. I would consider myself a Survivor-Main, but I play both sides equally. I just enjoy Survivor more. I play basically every Killer, but mostly Demo, Pig and Billy currently.
    2. Yeah, most of the time. I am chill.
    3. Yes. I am a completionist, I want to "finish" every game, which means, all Characters P3-50 with all Perks for DBD. Its a pain.
    4. Rarely. I am not the youngest anymore and I dont want to die from heart attack when playing DBD.
    5. Yep, I have every Nea-Cosmetic and buy Cosmetics for other Characters, if I like them.
  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 5,973

    Are you a survivor or killer main? Or do you play both equally?

    I play more survivor than killer but I will play killer matches for challenges or if I just feel like messing around. Survivor I play enough to get into red ranks, killer I tend to stay in low ranks because I don't play enough and when I do I'm not trying hard for 4k.

    Are you a good sport?

    I don't send messages to players after the game. I don't tea bag or stand swatting a survivor on hook. At most when playing survivor if another survivor is doing nothing I start following them around until they help out or if there was a survivor farming others off hook or sandbagging them I won't unhook or help them later - team usually ends out doing much better once that teammate is out of the match.

    Do you feel the need to max out all of your characters with all perks and prestige them?

    I have my main survivors maxed out. Couple I maxed out without prestiging because I had so many event items (I'm a hoarder) and they had most the perks already. Few I've prestiged and have all perks on. Working on couple others I've prestiged. After prestiging a few characters and seeing the amount of BP needed it really doesn't feel worth the time/effort.

    Do you get tilted when playing this game?

    I definitely get frustrated/annoyed in a match but when it ends I move on to the next match. If I notice I'm getting frustrated at multiple matches I move on to something else. My swf teammate knows I have a 3 bad games rule, after 3 I sign off. I've found at certain time of day the teammates get terrible and the killers get extra sweaty. If there's 3 matches that just leave me frustrated/annoyed I sign off for night instead of hoping next match will be better.

    Do you buy cosmetics?

    I have before on licensed characters to support the game. I stopped though because it didn't feel like my money was going towards making my experience on console better. I bought the charity case cosmetics pack because I liked that it went to charity. If I "buy" the rift it's because I made it to tier 70. Any cosmetics on original characters I use iridescent shards never auric cells.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675
    edited May 2021
    • Survivor main.
    • I try to be a good sport, but I'm not perfect.
    • Never prestiged. I have one survivor I play and that's it. I'll only level up the others if they have perks I want.
    • I can get tilted sometimes just like anyone else.
    • Haven't bought a single cosmetic. All the ones I have were either gifted to me (I think I was gifted two cosmetic DLCs back in the day), or came with the game.
  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,110
    edited May 2021

    If I am playing alone I am killer. If friends are on I am survivor. I am fair minded when it comes to balance but I often find myself siding with killers. On the flip side when someone suggests a buff to a killer I will point out if I feel that would be OP or broken.

    I am a good sport but I am also vengeful if I am mistreated. I play to the best of my ability but I am here to have fun. Your fun is not my concern. If your being rude I will return the favor in kind. I will play in a way that helps me fulfill my objective. Often my decisions are considered toxic but this is someone's salty opinion because I am not playing the way they want me to.

    • If you got unhooked and touched a gen I will go after you because your injured and I know you don't have DS.
    • If your looping me near a hooked survivor I won't walk away because I am pressuring 2 people at once.
    • If someone rescued you, I can't find the savior but I see your blood trail then I am going after you because there is no one else to chase.

    Yes. I know I don't have to P3 a character but I am worried it will come back to haunt me in the future. Say I cap someone at lvl 50 and unlock all perks for them. Then one day I decide I want that bloody cosmetic. All those points I poured into them dug me a deeper hole. It's exactly like when I played CoD. I prestige and immediately say "I want my guns back"

    Not really. Unless someone is clearly cheating which I have only seen happen maybe twice. If someone is playing in a style I don't enjoy I ask myself "Would I do the same in their position?". I get frustrated a lot at the balance of the game but I usually play something else before I reach a boiling point.

    Very rarely. I bought the ashy slashy puppet because I liked that series. I bought the Nurse's blight costume because I liked the look of it. I will tell myself "This isn't worth it" and not buy something. I can unlock the twins and trickster for free and I haven't because I feel they aren't worth my money. If I feel this is a predatory practice then I won't buy it. I've waited 1 year to play games because EPIC pulled their 1 year exclusive crap and I refuse to put that launcher on my PC. A lot of my friends said the same thing but almost all of them caved in because they don't want to wait.

  • Viktor1853Viktor1853 Member Posts: 692

    I play both killer and survivor equally

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,042

    50/50 leaning on killer

    I play for fun, not necessarily to be nice but for fun

    got a few prestige 3 max levels but not a lot unless i really want the p3 outfit

    Yes i get tilted, it's natural

    Bought a few cosmetics, but not very many with auric cells

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 2,008

    I play both

    I play pretty sweaty and sometimes I'll BM in the match (people make mistakes when they get mad), but I'm always nice in post game chat. I think when other people are mad in post game it's hilarious though.

    Only the ones I play.

    Occasionally if I'm on a bad streak, but I just take a break and play again another time.


  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,229

    80/20 killer/survivor

    as killer I mostly just play in response to the survivors,

    a casual team who doesn't get much done = 12 hook game

    both totems popped and slamming gens = go after 1-2 people and win any way

    generally when playing killer I would play blight and he has the tools to win from almost any game state but its mostly in response to the survivor what tools I use.

  • Lx_maliceLx_malice Member Posts: 1,329

    Definitely a killer main. I play killer like 80%.

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by good sport, but I feel like I'd meet most peoples' criteria on subject. I don't dc and I don't bm or even return bm. I never dm anyone after a match because I'm salty.

    The only character I've P3 50d is my main (Nurse) and that was just for the achievements. Other than that I don't really care to P3 50 anyone else. Unlocking all perks for all characters I could see myself doing though.

    I definitely get tilted. It's Dbd. Like I said I never take it out on my opponents after the match though. Usually I'm blaming Bhvr lol. That being said yes I know the difference of when something is my fault and something is the game's fault. Not saying I blame the game every time I lose. Even if I win I can still be kinda pissed because my power bugged a lot during the game or something like that and I'll just end up playing something else.

    I do buy cosmetics. Most recently I bought chicken suit clown even though I barley play him. If I like the cosmetic I might buy it even if I don't play the character much. Gotta admit the design team knows what they're doing.

  • madradfoxmadradfox Member Posts: 183

    Solo-survivor. I stay away from killers, because everyone knows they have cooties.

    Are you a good sport? Yes, or at least try to be. I will never leave a survivor to die on the hook as long as the gates are closed and Kindred is telling me its not a camping Bubba. After over 2k hours , I know that each exit gate is just an entrance gate to the next match. Killers can have my ass, but my spirit will never surrender and hence it will always roam free, side by side with the Mohicans.

    Do you feel the need to max out all of your characters with all perks and prestige them? I don't think I ever did it on purpose but It just kind of, sort of happened over time. I have prestiged other characters, but my main survivor character (or even the 2-3 secondary ones) will never ever touch that thing (see above footnote regarding cooties)

    Do you get tilted when playing this game? Aside from versing that one trapper player who purposely holds survivors hostage inside his matches and must have 40-50 reports filed against him by now (I know I have filed one for each match and there have been 4-5 of those over time), there is very little that bothers me these days. I may get a little tired if I see fellow survivors moonwalking for no reason in front of me, or their non-indicative clickety-clicks, but these days I will literally turn my POV away from that while on a gen. My spirit = unbroken

    In all honesty, there is only one single thing that still puts me on any type of tilt: players that get rescued along with BT status, who still purposely throw the rest pf the game because they genuinely expected a safe rescue+heal afterwards. These people are truthfully very rare among survivors, but thsoe that do belong to this cult tend to be very vocal about their beliefs in post game chats.

    Do you buy cosmetics? Yes, but these days I only pay with shards and not cells. I refuse to purchase any more cells/rift passes until the madman that designs these current tomes gets relocated to the BVHR basement. We are currently on chapter 2 of the most recent tome, and the second survivor challenge either requires you to purchase Zarina or complete the ridiculous "Vault a window/pallet in a chase 5 times - and also do it in the same trial" challenge.

  • AffraxAffrax Member Posts: 19

    I play both.

    I believe I am a good sport, I don't BM survivors or only BM back if they BM me. I often give up last hatch if I stumble upon it while carrying last survivor or if the match has been finish too fast.

    I only feel the need to max out characters that I play a lot, not everyone

    Yeah I can get tilted on this game pretty easily depending on the map, when I make critical mistake, or if I go against someone toxic.

    Yes I have bought cosmetics like Bunny Feng, 2 of feng's uncommon costumes, Classic Ghost Face, Susie, Cut Thru U Trickster, and recently Yun Jin's blue outfit.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014
    1. I play both pretty equally.
    2. I can be a good sport sometimes. I've never sent someone a message that says "CAMPER" or "GENRUSHER" unless I get a message first.
    3. Yes. I've had to get every perk on every character twice because I moved over from Switch, too. Just now starting to prestige killers. Only have one survivor prestiged.
    4. Sometimes. I try not to. Some players just make you mad, though.
    5. I've bought a couple cosmetics. Not many. The Look See. Pig's black leather jacket. Spirit's Schoolgirl. American Kate. Might buy a legendary for Resident Evil if they have one I really want.
  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 5,231
    edited May 2021

    If you go by survivors. I'm a scummy tunneling, slugging, camping POS. Who's entire family should be dead and I should have cancer.

    I don't get tilted though. It's only a game and I excel at it far more then I don't.

    I started the game far too late. So I don't really care about p3ing everyone with all perks. At this point I'm just building up add ons and items

  • Torsti56Torsti56 Member Posts: 259

    Im kind of survivor sided (70% surv & 30% killer). I was before kinda douchebag, like pallet t-bagging and basic toxic behaviour (3 years ago tho) but now I respect both sides.

    Every survivor is maxed, and all survivors until Yui is p3 too, well Meg is p1. Killers who are maxed are Trapper, Wraith, Billy, Doctor, Huntress, Bubba, Plague, Deathslinger and Shape so all my main Killers.

    I did get tilted before but now Im just gonna go having fun no matter what.

    I consider myself a all around player as survivor. Sometimes I do gens and sometimes I loop killers. As a killer I try to play as nice I can. Rarely tunnel or camp. Sometimes ######### happens and I need to proxi camp hooked person because gens are close. Still I go for points before kills (which is rare thing to killers).

    I do buy cosmetics sometimes but only best ones which are only avaible with AC (Old Lady Bubba) and these charity packs because you'll never have too much Cosmetics.

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