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Honestly Ready to just give up learning Killer

I'm so frustrated. I have no idea how red rank Killers persevered through the absolute shite to go through the ranks, but I have a feeling camping and tunneling was the only way they felt they could win. And I say this as a survivor main who gave up playing Solo survivor because I just can't stand the camping and tunneling anymore lol.

I decided to try to learn Killer because I really like the premise of DBD, those scant few games that are actually well played by all are really fun. But the other 95% of games are just exercises in demoralization. I play on PS4 and I already feel there is a difference in mobility compared to PC. On console, I have never been able to 360 around, gliding like I'm on ice skates as I've seen PC survivors do.

The thing is, just 2 weeks ago if I got a Lobby of Solo survivors I stood a chance to at least get 2 sacrifices, which I think is fair. I don't need to 4k, but it would be nice as the Killer in the scenario to not feel absolutely mocked and powerless. For one thing, SWF has a distinct, ridiculous advantage from the get go. I find I'm leaving more and more lobbies if I think that might be the case. Secondly, as a Rank 13, I'm constantly matched with purple, or even red rank survivors. So three of them will be red/purple, with ONE Rank 16 thrown in which I guess is how they landed with a low rank Killer?

INB4: My queues are quite fast. So it's not a case of there being no survivors my rank, and then the search was expanded to high ranks.

The other issue I've been having is the Rank 16's I get in my Lobbies PLAY like they're RED ranks. For example, I had a Rank 16 Yun Jin that somehow knew every loop, every tile, ran around with a tool box sabotaging my hooks- teabagging me at every pallet, *clicky clicky* and in the post match stats had amassed the most bloodpoints. How in the hell is a Rank 16 that amazing? Like, I'm sure someone will post that it's a rare gaming wizard that just happens to know it all naturally. But I call BS. Either it's someone smurfing, someone who has purposely de-ranked, or something else. Then the bloody mocking, pointing, waiting at the gates and refusing to leave- every down I got they SWARMED the hook, all 3 of them, sabotaging the hook, flashlights everywhere- I just feel out-matched constantly. And it never gets any better. I feel too jaded and frustrated to continue trying.

So as much as I hate camping and tunneling playing as a survivor, I found myself so irritated that i considered maybe I should start doing that. Most of these survivors I've faced today don't even consider there's a human being on the other end of the Killer. I had to turn of my messages because mocking IN game wasn't enough for them. I need snide comments post-match as well apparently. Meanwhile, I've always kept playing decently, keeping survivors experiences in mind- but holy crap after my last bunch of matches? I'm ready to pack it in. It's just not fun.

Yes, I'm venting. I'll just wait for the inevitable bitter forumers to come tell me to "git gud" and the unnecessary vitriol I've become accustomed to here, but I'd hope that if you have nothing to contribute, save it for your life and keep things civil here.

Question to higher Rank Killers: When did it all start getting better? Did you have a moment where it clicked, or did you use a certain Killer when you were new? Do you drink copious amounts of vodka when playing to tolerate it? Thanks in advance.



  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,091

    The rank 16 was probably because the last rank reset got pretty randomised. Some rank 1 survivors didn't reset at all, some went to green or brown ranks

  • CluelessWandererCluelessWanderer Member Posts: 825

    I heard about that and I was wondering about it.

    If that was the case, then it's just doubly gross that they felt the need to have such BM towards a Killer they knew was far below their rank. Idk, I'm an adult but sometimes I feel like DBD is filled with spoiled, 15 year old basement dwellers.

  • ProfGameAndTalkProfGameAndTalk Member Posts: 326

    Sitting on Rank 5, got to Rank 3 last week. I remember those days that you are talking about. I used killers that I enjoyed playing and went into a game thinking, "I'm not going to 4k, I'm just going to work on this one thing" as I would play, That way I didn't get tilted very easily and knew that I wouldn't get the 4k going into it. Like, I would work on chasing and determined that I would chase someone until I was actually on top of them and not lunging for a hit. Over time I learned maps and survivor tendencies and got better slowly. I used Doc since his natural power helped me find survivors before I knew the maps.

    The sweat squads are still out there, but they aren't as bad because now when they swarm I can whack them and it hurts them more than helps. Plus, if you have DLC you can get Starstruck to keep them off of you.

    Keep it up, you'll get there.

  • twocansofbeantwocansofbean Member Posts: 200
    edited May 2021

    I'm on your side about this made a post recently about how survivors stick after EGC just to t-bag you it gets demoralizing.

    I also made a guide to rank 1 with wraith after I use to sit at rank 14 with legion, until 2 months ago. Hit and run wraith relief purely on your own pressure and knowledge. I can't loop at all. Check it out if you want. It's probably the first post there still under the guides section of this forum

  • HaunterofShadowsHaunterofShadows Member Posts: 3,499
  • CluelessWandererCluelessWanderer Member Posts: 825

    @ProfGameAndTalk Starstruck is actually a good idea, thanks! I've been wondering about trying new perks. I've become so frustrated that I'm even trying to get Franklin's Demise just b/c it might be therapeutic for me to see them all drop their flashlghts and tool kits.

    @twocansofbean Atm, I'm playing Killers that I just kind of liked both in design and power. Maybe I should try Wraith. Thanks a lot for your comment. I'll check out your guide.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,203

    The best thing to learn Killer is to blame SWF for your losses, clearly. If you start early enough with that, you will 100% improve and will reach Red Ranks in a few weeks.

    No, seriously, it is just practice. Playing Killer is not Rocket Science, it is pretty easy actually. Survivor is easier (but IMO Solo Survivor has more potential to be miserable), but its not like Killer is hard. You should focus on what you can improve and not think about the fact that SWFs have an advantage over Solo players, because this is nothing which will change. MAYBE in the distant future, but I doubt it.

    When it comes to BMing, just ignore it, really. There is not really any point in being upset about that, those are some Kids who dont know better. BMing also does not affect your gameplay at all, so you can still improve when they teabag or do whatever what (and from my experience, those Survivors who really try to "bully" Killers are mostly not even good - they want to be like their favorite Youtube, but skip the step of being actually good at the game. Just today when playing Clown I had a Nea who teabagged me after a Pallet stun, just to dead hard into a wall 10 seconds afterwards...).

  • ProfGameAndTalkProfGameAndTalk Member Posts: 326

    Franklin's is EXCELLENT! It's also another mini-goal to keep the survivors away from their items and you can have fun doing that wihout worrying about a 4k. Fun stuff!

  • deckyrdeckyr Member Posts: 595

    Question to higher Rank Killers: When did it all start getting better? Did you have a moment where it clicked, or did you use a certain Killer when you were new? Do you drink copious amounts of vodka when playing to tolerate it? Thanks in advance.

    umm... hmm, difficult question.

    whenever i find myself being particularly frustrated by something the survivors are doing, i'll switch killer to one that counters that problem.

    example - i was playing a lot of plague, but i kept getting hookbombing survivors like you're describing, and they weren't cleansing anywhere that i could take advantage of, so i had no power. i switched off of plague and onto ghostface, to get instadowns and to hunt / stalk survivors rather than letting them get the drop on me and be able to plan around me. but on ghostface, i got fed up of survivors being really good at running loops, their teammates revealing me when i'm trying to stalk someone, and generally his terrible chase game, so i switched to trapper and now i trap the loops and windows well in advance before even starting. when i get fed up of survivors disarming my traps, i'll probably switch to someone new, and find a new problem that annoys me.

    i guess what i'm saying is, as you rank up and different strategies become prevalent and successful, one thing that's helped me a lot is switching to a killer that's specifically good at dealing with that problem, or preventing it from occuring in the first place. i don't think it's a smart or right move to necessarily bog yourself down with a specific "main" that you stick with at all times, rather i think it's efficient to recognise what strategy is frustrating you and then choosing a killer which automatically prevents that strategy from occuring or being successful.

    in general, though, i grew less frustrated with survivors when i started recognising that they are players trying to have fun just like i am, and sometimes it's going to be at my expense. i remember, back when i used to play HotS with some friends, there was this map called Blackheart's Bay. and i remember in a bunch of cases i was assigned to the bottom lane of that map, which was nigh ungankable and basically guaranteed to have a bad time if the opponent in that lane was a lane bully. but they said to me, "sometimes you have to have a bad time for the greater good. sometimes you have to fight a losing battle as best as you can so that we can win later." i know it's not fully applicable to DbD since you're on your own as the killer, but i think that it's really changed my outlook on pvp games in that you should never really give up because it just means that you're never going to get any better. you'll never adapt and overcome the hurdles if you refuse to try to jump just because you fell last time.

    i think that even if you lose the match horribly, you can take advantage of the fact it's still going and practice something you've never done before. knowing that nothing's on the line, why not try a mindgame you've never attempted previously? why not try guessing what the survivors are doing? why not try predicting what specific people are doing, and where you'll find them, based on information available? try to make improvements to your game in ways that you can use later, when you're in a tense match and it's all to be decided.

  • GarlicPopsGarlicPops Member Posts: 22

    I've been a killer main for as long as I can remember and I can just say that practice makes perfect. Sure sometimes BMing can be frustrating at times, but honestly whenever survivors are trying to make a fool of me (by t-bagging, clicking etc.) I just take it as an incentive to play even better and leave them with their tails between their legs in the end.

    I like killer for the challenge and the attention, the whole game depends on you and you are the center of the action, you don't depend on anyone but yourself and it's completely up to you to improve, I think this is the charm of playing killer.

    My favorite killer are Pig, Wraith and Demogorgon, I started playing Pig as my first killer and I have loads of fun with her, same goes for Wraith.

    Getting to rank 1 is just a matter of learning how to chase, how to prioritize and how to be efficient with your time, this comes with practice and honestly BMing shouldn't get in your way to mastering killer.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,091

    It is a bit sad yeah, in their normal ranks they probably get battered like piñatas by killers who have been clicked at too far many times to care, so they save most of their BM for special occasions like this


  • CluelessWandererCluelessWanderer Member Posts: 825

    I'm not actually blaming SWF for my losses, but I think it's quite fair to say they have a decent advantage when they're communicating that Solo survivors don't have, and they can pump generators out incredibly fast. When I've downed someone, they can instantly coordinate to sabotage the hook, or body block etc. When you're a new Killer and face an SWF where 3 of them are red/purple ranks and only one is your rank, it can feel rather unfair and you scarcely stand a chance to do ok.

    I don't play SWF personally (well with one friend on occasion but we don't communicate at all), only solo, and I agree with you that it can be a miserable experience lol. That's why I've moved on to try playing Killer.

    As I stated, I don't expect 4k per match. But it would be nice to at least feel I gave them some kind of challenge, and regardless of how cavalier anyone is, I'm sure no one appreciates post-match mocking messages.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,296
    edited May 2021

    The rank 16 who knew every loop. That's probably someone who took a long break and recently felt the urge to play again. I do that quite often. I'll leave for 6-8 months then when I come back I've deranked a lot. Rank really means nothing. Only time played consecutively.

    As for sweaty swfs. Sadly there's nothing you can do except practice. It doesn't get easier. You just get better but at times it is still unfair. This game does not care about your side because you are the minority. Survivors are 4/5s their customers and from a business stand point, you shouldn't piss off the majority of your customers. Look what happened to Star Wars and Star Trek over the past decade :P

    If your rank 13 and four R1s are waiting 10 minutes for a game, the MM is going to tell you to take one for the team. Then it happens again, and again and again until you get tired of it and the devs wonder why hardly anyone is playing killer. It took them 4 years to finally balance DS. Ruin+Undying took not even 4 months.

    For hate messages I am at the point where I feed off their malice. The trick is to never engage in conversation with them because there is no reasoning with them. Send a report for harassment, block them then move onto the next game. No matter what people say this is a competitive game because 2 sides with opposing objectives are pitted against one another. Don't ever let your opponent tell you how you should play. Their fun is not your concern. They did not buy your copy of the game and have no right to determine where your money takes you. Do whatever is best for your objective at the time.

  • zombitehdeathzombitehdeath Member Posts: 587

    Honestly just give up for now.

    killer is too frustrating to play since most of the map aren't balance and most loops are safe.

    until they balance loops and map. Killer will always be frustrating

  • CrypticghoulCrypticghoul Member Posts: 539

    It gets better with time and experience. Red rank killer is an awful experience until you learn how to mindgame and run many of the loops as well as just develop a general game sense of where people are at a given time.

    After 1k hours the only times my games aren't at least somewhat chill are against SWFs bringing in 16 great perks and slamming gens hard, which really isn't that often.

  • SoulpawSoulpaw Member Posts: 290

    I'd recommend to get tips from videos for killers. Remember that your not gonna win every game and that's fine! Pick up your bearings from that game and head to the next one with a mind set of, I got this. Maybe you should switch up your killer too or just a brake even. There's options all around.

  • TrickstaaaaaTrickstaaaaa Member Posts: 1,256

    Yeah playing killer is more of a chore at certain times. I would suggest to avoid playing killer at times when they are sweaty. Play at night when survivors tend to play less sweaty. Just ignore the shenanigans that survivors play such as clicking and things like that.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 6,635

    It got better as I developed more sense for the game and what needed to be done and when. On top of learning how to deal with different tiles and set ups. Something you have to accept is you can't get 12 hooks done before 5 gens get done. Unless they're super bad. So sometimes slugging, camping, tunneling is needed. It's just developing a sense of when you should do those things

  • Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 1,435

    That's a really good piece of advice. I don't play killer to win every game and sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I get how frustrating it can be. But I keep at it sometimes if one roll frustrates me I switch to the other one. If they both annoy me I take a break.

    You're right. when I play survivor I sometimes send messages out of frustration. However most of the time it's just for some interaction.

    The other day I was playing Jeff and we were up against a legion. I sent them a message that the group could keep our bands van but could they at least return the weed? just got a stupid response.

    Oh but as killer. I get messages all the time from people just laughing and calling me trash. and I've even gotten GGEZ from people. It would be so much easier if the console version had an endgame chat but yeah the majority of the ######### talking comes from survivors in my experience I've done it done it too sometimes.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 6,635

    Trust me...Console players are far better off without the end game chat. And not being flamed because of how they played. Who they used. What add ons they brought

  • WishIcouldmainWishIcouldmain Member Posts: 3,947

    What killers were you using?

  • Luciferr_2ndLuciferr_2nd Member Posts: 909

    Its very difficult, killer is hard.

    Keep on persevering and you will get results, take breaks regularly if you need to do so.

  • Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 1,435

    I agree. I just miss the few fun interactions I had on PC. I played against a Michael once. and I just yelled his name in end game chat. The response *tilts head*

    I also went up a killer named Rusty Shackleford. My response "Well Played Dale" and they said "At least someone gets it"

    I miss the little interactions like those. The trash talk I can do without.

  • PabloLovesMCPabloLovesMC Member Posts: 163

    (Part reply part rant)

    Welcome to survior sided dbd. The survivors think the killers are too overpowered but the truth is that the killers take a crap ton of skill to play. Any survivor that wants to complain that a killer, perk, or power is too op needs to try to use them first. Killer takes a lot of skill and thought and to be fair so does survivor. We as killers dont have time to avoid tunneling. We dont have time to not slug. But the survivors have a ton of time to find the hatch and teabag over it with a key in hand. The survivors have so much time to begin with. What makes it worse it the maps being released now are featuring safer loops and more survivor sidedness. Like fr... a main building that has 2 infinite loops where i have to take the time to break 2 walls to stop it? I have 4 survivors to keep off gens and each one is gonna loop me for a minute or two because all the loops are too darn strong. I dont have time to break walls and i dont have time to break every pallet in the map. I want the game and coldwind to be reverted cause they're too darn easy as survivor. I suck at survivor and ive looped killers for ages on those maps. They give survivors easy mode and constantly make it harder on killers and im sick of it.

  • NightmareKillerNightmareKiller Member Posts: 181
    • Question to higher Rank Killers: When did it all start getting better?

    I stopped using meme builds and stopped playing for fun. When I don't tryhard something always backfires and now if i lose it's because of the hatch and keys and not because of the survivors actually being good or capable. But you still have matches in which you're "outplayed" by the ######### balance of the game like 4 unbreakables, 4 DS, 4 dead hards, etc.

    Unironiaclly, "gitting gud" solves most of the issue, the problem comes that you shouldn't have to get good, you should play for fun, this is not your job or anything, like I know there are people with 99999 hours and 9999 posts in this forum who treat this game as their life and go around talikng like they are gods of the game, which is super cringe and sad.

    But still, you'll end up improving by just playing naturally. You'll learn the types of survivors, how to counter most people, etc. Don't fall for pro player streamers that only upload to youtube their easy 4k and brag about their mind games cuz if you try those mind games in any of your matches the survivors will just t-bag you and say "gg ez".

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,554

    I started watching content creators who played at the highest level. It's a good idea to watch them and learn, especially if they play survivor as well. Playing both sides gives you the biggest insights into how the game plays out. As killer, you know which way you want a survivor to run a TL or shack, so as survivor you want to run the other way. Things like that.

    Don't rely on NOED. I used it until I got to red ranks, which was a mistake because I was using it more than skill, at least initially, to get my wins. But I got to red ranks which even NOED can't carry you to; you need more skill than anything to reach red ranks. So one day I realized that NOED was unreliable and hurt more than it helped, so I took it off.

    At minimum, you want 1 gen defence perk in your build and 1 information perk. Hexes like Ruin are not always reliable so you could run Ruin and also Pop for backup.

    Play most if not all killers, because something you learn from 1 can lead to you learning a thing about another. For example TL's are typically weaker against 115% killers, but usually the ability of the 110% killers allows them to get survivors at TL's, assuming they don't just chase normally. You don't really want to chase with Hag for example.

    You have to understand the difference between god pallets and unsafe pallets. God pallets need to be broken immediately, unlike unsafe ones which you can just walk around especially with bloodlust.

    If an area has too many strong loops that the survivor knows how to run, especially if there's no gen to defend in that area, leave it. Know when to drop chase and have split pressure. Wraith is the best hit and run playstyle killer, and I'd practice doing it with him to get used to that playstyle.

    You can complain about what perks the survivors had because you can see them post-game, but you should simply start assuming that survivors in any match will probably have meta perks on. Wait out Dead Hard, when you can I mean. Wait out BT if a survivor wants you to hit them through it. If a survivor acts cocky or jumps in a locker after just getting off hook, he might have DS.

    Try to set up a 3-gen, or at least don't let the survivors split the map.

    If you take these tips and more, and endure this game's uphill battle for killer, you can get to rank 1. Once you can maintain rank 1, you're good at the game and can start using fun builds as opposed to sweat builds all the time.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,679
    Question to higher Rank Killers: When did it all start getting better? Did you have a moment where it clicked, or did you use a certain Killer when you were new? Do you drink copious amounts of vodka when playing to tolerate it? Thanks in advance.

    Been playing this game for 2379 hours. I have maxed out every killer except Twins and Trickster. I´ll notify you once it gets better.

    In all those years i got exactly 1 toxic comment from a killer. Meanwhile my steam profile has 49 pages of pure love from survivors. Doesn´t matter which killer you play or how you play.

    Honestly, most killers burn out after a year or so and stop playing for a couple of months, before they eventually come back. Thats a normal behavior with this game. Why do you think survivors always have long queues during prime time? Because so many killers either quit or switched to the more relaxing survivor role.

    Even the devs recommended this years ago. Not much has changed in that regard.

    Regarding the camping and tunneling. There comes a point where you´ll know when its better to camp and tunnel someone out.

    You don´t have feel bad about the survivors. Because they also don´t feel bad about you. Or has there ever been a survivor who apologized for rushing gens?

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