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What kind of player are you?



  • AgentPugAgentPug Member Posts: 37

    I'm a killer main but I play both sides

    I consider myself a good sport I saw "gg wp" in endgame chat and I don't trash talk, bm, or tbag

    Yes I absolutely want to P3 and max all of my characters

    Generally no though is there that 1 game every once in a while that just makes me get off and play runescape for a bit

    The only auric cells I've ever bought have been for the rift pass and I only bought it once I was at tier 70 though I'll probably save my shards for the birch witch skin.

  • worriedfeng03worriedfeng03 Member Posts: 82

    I always try to be respectful to the other side and my teammates. For instance if I'm soloing with a SWF and they're being really toxic to the killer I'll gift him my item at the exit gate to hopefully make them feel better. And if I'm playing killer then I'll be respectful to the survivors and will make sure to give them all a fair shot, even if it'll disadvantage me at some points (for example, I'll always let who just got unhooked have a chance at freedom and I'll go after the unhooker instead).

    I (for the most part) play how I would want to be played against.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,554

    I like playing killer more, but I do play both sides equally I'd say.

    I'm always a good sport as survivor, never tbagging or flashlight clicking, at least not at the killer. As killer, if you annoy me or are toxic, I'm gonna shake my head or hit you on hook. Occasionally I'll give hatch, like if I'm already rank 1 and don't need to pip.

    I get all my characters to lvl 50, then find all the perks I like to play with for them, then use up almost all of their add-ons and offerings, then prestige them. Once they're P3, then I try to get all the perks on them. I've only P3'd Trapper so far.

    I do get tilted in this game, less so on survivor. It's just the matches where I do 5 gens worth of chase and my team does like 2 gens that I get mad. As killer, I'm tilted a lot, more than is necessary. And that's because you never really know if you're winning as killer. I've gone against great teams who did all the gens like they were nothing, and I've gone against terrible teams who somehow almost did all the gens. So in those easier matches, I have almost the same level of stress as the sweaty ones because I never know if things are gonna go sideways or if the survivors will suddenly turn their brains on and become efficient.

    I've only bought cosmetics with shards, and only for killer. I didn't get the first rift or 2 done, so I'm going back and buying the killer rift costumes they put in the store so I can get those. After that, I'll start using shards to buy killer cosmetics that I think look cool.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460

    Are you a survivor or killer main? Or do you play both equally?

    I play both more or less equally.

    Are you a good sport?

    I'd like to think so. Unfortunately you have to define it today. There was a time when everyone knew how a good sport behaved. As far as DbD goes it means:

    1. Don't cheat, either by hack or lag spike.
    2. Don't disconnect; if you start a game, finish it.
    3. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

    Do you feel the need to max out all of your characters with all perks and prestige them?

    No. I could care less about these things.

    Do you get tilted when playing this game?

    Not anymore... not for a long time.

    Do you buy cosmetics?

    I bought the Krampus skin for Trapper, but that's about it.

  • ZonkyWizardZonkyWizard Member Posts: 568

    Survivor or killer main? Survivor main. I only play killer for fun/challenges/dailies. Not a sweaty killer who always aims to get a 4K nor do I tunnel/camp.

    Are you a good sport? Yes, I don't send hate mail, don't tbag killers during a chase, always cooperating as a survivor, I give hatch/gate to those who ask, if I feel bad for a killer who didn't get anyone and they've played well and was trying their best and they gave up at the end as a killer I favorite, I'd most likely die for them.

    Do you feel the need to max out all characters/perks and prestige them? Depends. If it's a character I really enjoy playing as or is considered one of my favorites or if I like their bloody outfit, I'll definitely P3 them. I'd like to get everyone's perks on T3 though.

    Do you get tilted when playing DbD? Sometimes. Usually when a killer is tunneling, camping or maybe even cheating with other survivors... That ain't enjoyable.

    Do you buy cosmetics? Yep for both roles killer and survivor that's what makes DbD fun.

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 3,144
    1. I consider myself a killer main. But I also play a lot of survivor because I enjoy it as well.
    2. I try to be, but I would be lying if I said certain killer/survivor setups do not annoy me greatly.
    3. Yes, all my killers are maxed out at P3 (just finished Trickster recently). I only have two survivors maxed out at P3.
    4. I used to get tiled when playing killer (sometimes I still do). But overall, I've really mellowed out when it comes to my killer game play. I still get plenty tilted while playing survivor because of solo queue. Sometimes I have a streak of survivor games that were simply unfun. I rarely experience that as killer.
    5. I've bought a few cosmetics that I really like. But I try not to give BHVR too much money.
  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 7,503
    1. Killer main
    2. i like to think that i am. im not going around flaming people in end chat or anything like that, so i think so?
    3. Yes. at least for my killers.
    4. Yes. and i find myself struggeling with playing again after i started playing some other games again that dont tilt me.
    5. occasionally. usually im going for the shard ones though.
  • Karao_KeKarao_Ke Member Posts: 1,217
    edited May 2021

    1. I tend to lean towards playing survivor more as gameplay feels more laid back when compared to killer, although I do play killer a few times a week.

    2. 99% of the time I'm a good sport and tend to only BM if the killer/and or survivors have continously been doing it throughout the entire match. Taste of their own medicine, yknow? With that being said, I never send anybody messages in an angry mindset/mood.

    3. As much as I hate the grind, it's addicting and I do feel the need to prestige as it makes me feel like I'll always have a goal in this game since P3 all perks on everybody probably takes a billion hours.

    4. When I play survivor I tend to get tilted over my teammates more than anything. As killer, I'm always on edge so I'm more prone to getting frustrated especially when it comes to BMers.

    5. Love cosmetics as I'm one of those people who constantly has to either switch outfits or switch survivors in order to stay interested because I eventually get bored with the same combination. I mean.. have you seen that new summer skin for Dwight?

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,842
    edited May 2021

    Survivor main but play killer also, probably 80-90% of my games is survivor.

    What is a good sport? I play to win on both sides. That means I loop the killer, throws pallets and DS stun them. As killer I tunnel and camp if I need to or just wants a more relaxing game. I still see myself as a good sport because it's free to play how you want. I have never ever t-bag or used flashlight clicking as survivor because it does not win games it's just toxic. Camping and tunneling is not toxic. But I know many disagree.

    I have played 3300+ hours so getting all perks maxed out on all killers and survivors just happens because I use every character and need to spend BPs on something right? But I don't prestige I see that as a waste.

    Getting tilted is very rare but it can happen if I'm not in a good mode when playing.

    Cosmetics I get with shards. I only use real money to buy characters that you can't buy with shards.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 3,096

    75 survivor, 25 killer.

    I'm not here to make any killer mad, but if a survivor bit more than they can chew of my tolerance for their bullsh*t, they have to go.

    I max out every killer with all perks and max prestige, but i only prestige and get every perk on the survivors i feel like id actually want to play (or listen to...poor Jeff.)

    My survivor teammates piss me significantly off more than the killers I face. A killer creates an issue, then the survivors compound that issue with either their incompetence, their fear or by literally sabotaging everyone else so they can be the last one standing

    I'll buy any cosmetic that'll make a survivor sexier, or a killer hotter/scarier. RIP Pyramid Head's ass, now I have no reason to buy that torn up apron Linked Cosmetic.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,797

    1. I play 50/50. Being able to play both sides helps develop an understanding of the overall game and experience, plus I also feel this is how to get the most out of the game.

    2. Yes, very much so. There's little to be achieved from being salty, and I've yet to come across an opponent who responds negatively to a compliment for winning - especially when the compliment is about a specific part of their gameplay. If a loss is incurred, objectively review what could be improved on and move on.

    3. No, because it's about the journey and not the endgame. It's not important to me to get these items, because completion isn't my objective (which is to just enjoy it).

    4. It would be a lie to say nobody get tilted. Everyone gets frustrated, and there will always be those odd trials where I'll be annoyed. Yet I'm able to be objective and look to improve. This very quickly deals with the tilt; turning it into a learning exercise. It's using the emotion positively.

    5. Yup! I'm not a mad spender, but there have been a fair few purchases in my time.

  • hikenhiken Member Posts: 891
    edited May 2021

    i play both sides but not equally anymore. in the past i would of played more killer now is the opposite still rank 1 all seasons (as if was hard anyway its not.)

    good sport? if the survivor team is not sweaty yes if not will create 3 gens, come back to hooks, slug, etc- if i dont need no. as surv? i chill with friends.

    p3 all characters? only killers no survivors they are all teh same

    sometimes i get stress out of this game yes.

    buy cosmetics? yes some with real money and others with game currency.

  • PabloLovesMCPabloLovesMC Member Posts: 163

    I was a killer main and i avoided tunneling and camping. Now with the new maps that are heavily and obviously survivor sided i just want to quit. I wanna play the game but ik that the devs dont care much for the killers (before you try to counter me just know that im a crap survivor but ive still run purple ranks for 4 gens in both the game map and on coldwind. Survivor on these maps are easy mode)

  • BeaburdBeaburd Member Posts: 815

    Killer-only player in 2016-2019 (when I wasn't on hiatus). Survivor-mainly player afterwards and to this day (I seem to be eternally burnt out of killer, and don't enjoy it anymore).

    I think I'm a good sport. I don't BM killers at all because I understand how horrible that can feel. I also tend to take protection hits and even die if it means saving someone on death hook or at end-game.

    I do not feel the need to max any prestige, because I don't see the point in it. Though I may do it in the future one character at a time for something to do, if/when I ever get every perk on every survivor and killer.

    I can get frustrated, but I rarely tilt.

    Things that can frustrate me include: Spirit and Bubba (when no window loop is around). Things that do frustrate and also risk tilting me are: Teammates doing nothing, or doing something stupid.

    No, I do not buy cosmetics.

  • BeelzeboopBeelzeboop Member Posts: 1,306
    1. Mostly killer. I almost never play survivor because I literally don't have time for the queues.
    2. I'm a fairly good sport, I would say. I do tend to be a bit bitter after getting bullied for eight minutes straight though.
    3. I will prestige pretty much as fast as possible once I run out of good add-ons (I still don't have IAE on PH somehow).
    4. Yes. I'm not exactly a calm person, if you couldn't guess.
    5. I've bought some, and will probably buy some more in the future. But only if I really like both the character and the skin.
  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,583

    I play both.

    I'm usually a pretty good sport. I give what I get. If the other side is chill, I'm chill. If the other side is trying to be optimal, I'll match it.

    I max perk killers. Only prestige the killers that have good P3s. I'm slowly P1 max perking survivors for the memes.

    I definitely get tilted when I get robbed by the servers, bugs, etc. Not so much at what the other side does, but more that it's too easy to be unprepared. Full meta is complete overkill in 99% of my killer games, but I hate losing games that I don't have to lose. That's what tilts me. I either 4k at 3 or 4 gens 99 out of 100 games and kill everyone's fun or lose games I shouldn't lose because I'm trying to be a good sport.

    I buy cosmetics.

  • MistikusMistikus Member Posts: 1,342

    well i think i can say im a bitchy player

  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 2,204

    I play both sides equally. I never bm, but i play often without mercy. I have one survivor p3 all perks and all killer with all perks. I have only my first killer (Billy, Hag), licensed ones and new killer (after deathslinger) p3. I dont buy cosmetics with auric cells and get rarely tilted. When im tilted it lasts only at max 5min after the game. When i started it was way worse.

  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 1,281
    edited May 2021

    I play both, going between survivor and killer based on my mood/ goals. Said goal is primarily earning as many bloodpoints in games as I can. I consider it a point of pride when I'm top scoring survivor despite dying, especially if others made it out. I'm not concerned with prestiging, though I may do it for at least my main(s) down the line. I've been more focused on getting things unlocked. I'm solid if/ when cross progression hits and in good shape even if it doesn't since I have every current killer perk unlocked.

    I try to be a good sport. I don't go out of my way to antagonize the killer and, if me and my team roflstomp them, I'm usually fine letting them have the kill on me so they come away with one kill and a few more bloodpoints. I'll make an exception if the Killer is a tunneler, as that's the one thing I hate running into.

    As killer, I avoid going out of my way to tunnel because, again, it's something I hate encountering as survivor. Furthest I'll go is slug off hook if given the opportunity, but not re-hook. This is to both to avoid DS and to allow a chance for a pickup. Way I figure it, if they have borrowed time they're forced to stop and mend. If they don't they're forced to Unbreakable or rely on a teammate leaving an objective for pickup. Pressures survivors either way.

    I'm fine letting Survivors go. I don't go out of my way to farm (unless someone D/Cs out the gate) but once I have whatever I want in a game (ritual, rift challenge, bbq stacks, 2 hooks on everyone, etc) I'll mess around a bit more to max out points. Especially if there's Bloody Party Steamers or cakes in play.

    In fact I regularly play killer during bloodhunts precisely because that seems to bring out the sweatier killers, and I figure people will enjoy at least one more chill game among whatever else they're getting.

  • Mert_MKMert_MK Member Posts: 673
    edited May 2021
    1. Survivor Main but i also like to play Killer when i'm in the mood.
    2. Yes, until i encounter the usual disrespect like Killers nodding, hitting on hook, Survivor tbagging etc.
    3. Yes i am working towards that on Survivor side at least. I have 5 Survivors maxed currently and everyone P3-50 except Ash
    4. It can happen after a streak of really bad games.
    5. Yes i buy cosmetics. I personally have a lot of fun mixing and matching. Plus it does help prevent the game from getting stale in a way imo.

  • EQWashuEQWashu Member, Mod Posts: 2,290

    I play both Killer and Survivor. While I love Killer the most, I think I wind up playing Survivor the most with friends or communities I am in.

    Definitely like to be a good sport and have a fun trial regardless of which side I am playing. Especially as killer if I feel one or two survivors might be new to the game, I'll ease it back and let them practice skill checks. And sometimes I've had survivor matches where I could tell Killers were learning powers, I'd stay for a bit and let em practice at the end of the match.

    I have maxed out many characters and prestiged a few, but I primarily focus on getting teachables and most-wanted perks and add-ons, primarily.

    I can sometimes get upset when playing (true for a lot of online multiplayer games I enjoy), but not too badly; often getting up for a few minutes and getting some air, or playing with friends, will alleviate it.

    And I have purchased many cosmetics, as well as the Rift Passes... Krampus skin for Trapper is my #1, I love Krampus so heckin much lol Favorite Survivor cosmetic is Jeff's Holiday Sweater... I need it in real life, and I don't care its too hot here to wear it lol

  • RougualRougual Member Posts: 513

    Main: Killer Main. Chad.

    Good Sport: No. All survivors are soy.

    Max or Prestige: Max all Killers.

    Tilted: No. Do what you gotta do.

    Cosmetics: Yes. I like dress up time.

  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,395

    Play both. Solo Survivor is like a relaxing mode for winding down. Killer mode is for winding up. As Survivor l play a solitary style, will prioritise gens over anything unless hooked player is close by. I usually bring a med kit in to dump as a spare and i ll open a few chests early to save time later.

    As killer, I play too nicely. Hex devour hope sums my playstyle up. I seem to start very well but struggle mid and end game, mostly for being too nice and giving survivors second chances.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,296

    One thing id like to add. I never say gg ez. To me, saying ez is like saying "you suck"

  • Sup3rCatTreeSup3rCatTree Member Posts: 588

    Sweaty Elodie main

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,472
    • Survivor main. I play killer almost exclusively in order to complete challenges. Don't like the stress, at all.
    • I'm a good sport most of the time. As someone who used to play killer a lot at red ranks I know how frustrating killer can be so almost never do silly stuff like tbag or click.
    • Well I did plan to P3 all characters all perks before losing all my progress. I was well on my way. But now I aim to max out all characters at LVL 50 with all perks.
    • Yes I sometimes do get tilted. Mostly because of the poor matchmaking.
    • I bought one cosmetic with auric cells to go along with my Howling Ground jacket for David. I regret doing so. Other than that I purchase cosmetics with shards.
  • ChiSoxFan11ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 1,046

    I play both sides pretty equally, maybe a little more survivor. I stream 20 hours a week on Twitch playing almost exclusively survivor (almost always as part of a SWF, ranging from a 2-person group to a full-on 4-person group). With the excpetion of a good friend who started playing with me almost from the beginning when I picked up the game a year ago, the people I play with are almost all people who were opposing survivors in games where I was the killer, lol. I record for YT almost exclusively killer rounds, and I get in probably 15-20 hours a week in that role.

    I definitely think I'm a good sport. As a survivor, I don't teabag, point, locker/pallet spam at the end of the game, taunt, etc. I can't use a flashlight, so no "clicky-clicky" on my end either. I finally got an old Rift challenge done the other day to blind a killer when someone was AFK, and one of my teammates had found a flashlight in a chest and let me borrow it, lol. I don't hang around in the exits when the game is won, and I try to stick around only if a teammate might need help to escape. As a killer, I do my best to not tunnel, even accidentally, if at all possible, and I won't camp, unless it's EGC and someone is on the hook -- even then, it's more me patrolling the hook. I've never facecamped and never will, even if the opponent has been toxic. I give hatch pretty often -- especially if someone rage-quits and screws their team over -- and I've definitely been part of many a farming match, using as Piggie when people are in a Booping mood.

    I can get tilted by BM'ing opponents, either killer or survivor, but I try to remind myself at the end of a match that it's just a game. I have bigger things in life to worry about than if I was tunnelled or if someone teabagged me at the exit, so I try to keep everything in perspective. To be fair, however, that can sometimes be hard to do in this game with some of the people you run across, lol.

    All of my killers are sitting at Level 50, with the exception of a couple I never play (Deathslinger, Twins, Trickster). The killers I play the most with (Pig, Doctor, Wraith, Ghostface, Myers) have every perk -- Piggie, who I'd say is my "main", has a ton of add-ons, offerings, and the like, as she's gotten the most BP put into her by far. Other killers have a lot of perks and eventually I plan to have all of them fully equipped as well. All of my survivors save Quentin are Level 50 -- Meg (who I started playing as when I got the game) is who I play the most, and she's the only one I got to P3, though I've slowly started getting other survivors to that level. None of my killers are, and none of them will ever be, since I wear cosmetics on all of them when I play.

    When I started playing, I thought buying cosmetics was foolish and didn't understand why anyone would do it, since it didn't change gameplay -- and now I have more cosmetics than I know what to do with, lol. 😅 Most of my survivors have numerous outfits to choose from, as do my killers I play regularly. As frustrated as I feel sometimes with BHVR and some of their decision-making, I DO enjoy the game and what it provides me, and I don't mind supporting them. The only DLC I didn't get upon release was The Twins (for the obvious reasons), but I'm certain this game will see more from my wallet in the future.

  • snowflake102snowflake102 Member Posts: 2,188

    I Play both but mosty killer.

    I'm a good sport and sometimes let one player live if he has a bad team. But if I face sweaty tryhards which I tend to get mostly then i will use mori no mercy

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,450
    1. I started as 100% killer, 0% survivor; now I'm 80% survivor, 20% killer.
    2. I fit my own definition of a good sport. I don't BM people or ruin their experience on purpose; I proactively ease up if it seems like I matched with rank 20s.
    3. I decided not to prestige because I thought it would take too long. I would like to have all the perks for convenience's sake, but mostly I'm driven to grind for cosmetics (I don't like the prestige ones).
    4. Playing survivor is very peaceful for me. Even if the killer behaves terribly, it doesn't really bug me that much, and I forget about it pretty quickly. Playing killer is bad for my mental health. For some reason, the stuff toxic survivors do gets under my skin a lot more than the stuff toxic killers do. If the match is bad enough, I can be angry for the rest of the day.
    5. I buy cosmetics and I wish I wouldn't.
  • YordsYords Member Posts: 5,746
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