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Can you turn off a teachable perk?

TheJim87TheJim87 Member Posts: 2
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I’m level 35 on Dwight Fairfield and I don’t want any of his teachable perks to show up for others. If I buy one can I turn it off? They both are on my blood web right now, and not showing any new perks I could teach Dwight.

if not I’d love to suggest making a patch to fix it for OCD people like me.

  1. make the ability to turn off unwanted teachable perks from showing up to be learned in a blood web.
  2. make it so you can turn off bought teachable perks you already purchased, even it costs shards or cells. (Good way to get me to buy cells.)
  3. Rotate in order any unpurchased teachable perks so that you only show one at a time, but have the ability to skip unwanted ones.

I would love to learn all the perks up to purple and have only perks I want showing up. Paying to disable even untaught perks would be nice too. (Even if that means making certain perks not showing up until certain levels so you can’t turn off everything, or limit it to turning off up to 4 of them.)

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Best Answer

  • RepostRiposteRepostRiposte Member Posts: 793
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    They force you to pick up useless stuff like Gearhead and Predator to perpetuate the grind


  • TheJim87TheJim87 Member Posts: 2

    I just talked in the discord and found out that if I don’t buy a teachable perk I can’t learn another perk at all until 4 pop up at level 50. This makes it super difficult for leveling other characters.

    if I could turn off perks you learn it would be amazing. Another idea that should be added would be prestige should grant a point for blocking one perk on the character that went back to level 1, and accumulate each prestige thereafter.

    so I could disable a perk that I didn’t like from ever showing up in that character’s web, such as “This is Not Happening” (When injured, the Success zone of Great Skill Checks while Repairing, Healing, and Sabotaging is increased by 10/20/30%)

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