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Been taking a break it's been a lot better

GodLikeTerrorGodLikeTerror Member Posts: 1,054

So I decided to finally take a break after putting in 2.3k hours into the game in less than a year which is insane. Honestly the game was just stressing me out a lot, and I saw myself getting really upset at matches, and stuff, but recently over the last few days I have barely played all that much. Only when my girlfriend wants to play with me, and honestly overall my mood has improved a lot. I've been going out and going fishing, and that overall has been a lot more enjoyable than playing dbd any day of the week. The problem with the game is, is that it can be extremely hard to enjoy when playing both sides. So many frustrating elements in the game, and I honestly just started dreading playing matches, so I knew I needed a break, and overall it's just been a better thing for me.


  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,929

    Sounds reasonable and like something many more here should attempt :)

    Glad the break helped you to destress and bring your view of the game in a healthier state! After all it is just a game.

    for me it helped to find a Streamer that actually doesn’t complain about everything in the game while streaming! They just shrug it off and still see and comment the good parts and is just a wholesome person and I tried to play the game a little bit more with that mindset.

  • BeaburdBeaburd Member Posts: 815


    I do the same periodically, for the same reasons.

    Heck, way back when before I took breaks I was always antsy at survivors and ready to join these weird online killer strike events - that were mainly just groups of a dissatisfied minority venting out on what they perceived as injustices within the game. Really had a bone to pick with the dev balance team too.

    Now I'm just so much more relaxed and enjoy the game for what it is.


    Though, back then infinites were a thing, decisive strike had just come out, and there was a period where flashlights and pallets could stun mid-animation... Tell anyone about these things and you'd just get mocked and laughed at.... even the devs would rant "you need to be SO skilled to pull off anything remotely like an infinite!"... and then...

    Oh, whoops! Killer PTSD flashbacks, ignore me.

    I tend to ramble randomly.

  • GodLikeTerrorGodLikeTerror Member Posts: 1,054

    I really want to enjoy the game, and honestly I think a nice break is needed after that much playtime. I can see why so many OG players do get burned out after an x amount of hours in the game. I'm extremely competitive. and I'm one of those weird people who play killers that are extremely hard to play, so it takes so much time to master those killers, and with everything recently with maps changing and stuff it's just been overall hard to keep up. Players are getting a lot better at the game incredibly quickly, and so there is so many outdated mechanics that can overall just be extremely frustrating as survivor/killer. I think it was time for a nice break anyways since fishing spawn season is in right now, and lets be honest with ourselves being outside is always much more enjoyable thing anyways usually lol.

  • GodLikeTerrorGodLikeTerror Member Posts: 1,054

    Yea, when I started playing after a while I just relaxed and took it how it was, but I saw myself just getting really upset after a while at rounds, and I think at that point is when you really need to take a break. I honestly more than likely would've threw my monitor out the window if I played in the early days of this game that is for sure.

  • Patrick1088Patrick1088 Member Posts: 621

    I'm slowing a bit down too. The games that have a pull of 1 more time, but causes stress at the same time. There's pressure about ranking, toxic players. Killers can get looped for 6 minutes straight and get no points and then t-bagged/bullied after. Survivors wait 10 minutes to get into a match only to be tunneled 3 minutes in.

    Right now, I'm limiting myself to 4 matches a week. Im using the rest of the time for more chill games (Pokemon Shield, New Snap, Luigi's Mansion 3 and Splatoon 2). The last game can have the similar mentality as DBD where bad matches can cause stress but with matches only being 3 minutes for turf war, the premise of "one more match" is more prevalent.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703

    Good. I did the same at the start of April. Had a full month off.

    Only go back when you miss it.

  • onemindonemind Member Posts: 3,089

    That's good and you can back In time for the new chapter reveal on the 25

  • KirkyladKirkylad Member Posts: 1,927

    If you get in a mood with the game then the majority of your matches are going to suck because you've already made that assumption when the match starts.

    Breaks are good because they refresh your feelings towards the game and when you want to play again matches are much better because you go into them with a fun positive attitude.

  • GodLikeTerrorGodLikeTerror Member Posts: 1,054

    Yea slowing down and playing other MP games seems to be the way to go right now. I know they are trying to improve the state of the game, but overall the game and the toxicity along with how the dev's are kind of handling things have been a bit frustrating. Usually I do get burned out of games most times, but honestly I've never been so burned out of a game before than dbd. I'm thinking about playing wow again on the side while I take a nice break. :) I'm glad you are doing the same also!

  • GodLikeTerrorGodLikeTerror Member Posts: 1,054

    That is quite true! Eventually if you enjoyed the game at some point you are going to miss it, and that's exactly what I do all the time too lol.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,882

    That is good I will also take a break soon. Have close to 3.4k hours since my first game in September 2019 that is way too much.

  • Patrick1088Patrick1088 Member Posts: 621

    I never played WoW. I don't think I have the time to commit lol

    I did like Diablo 3 and Fire Emblem: 3H though!

  • snowflake102snowflake102 Member Posts: 2,188

    I did the same thing. Haven't touched it since 2019 now I feel alot better:) and enjoying the game again

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