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Adept Killer Changes

I'm doing my adept killer steam achievements and either the requirements should be lower (3 kills with unique perks), or the emblems should be awarded for specific scenarios.

In the past like 5 games I've had multiple DC or kill themselves on hook too early, thus preventing me from getting the points necessary for adequate devout, malicious, and chaser emblems to earn a Merciless victory. This doesnt even go for Adept, but emblems in general. Killers legit can not play any better, and still lose out of the victory and achievement just because survivor players can deny these points in a way the killer can not influence. At the very least, make a DC count as having 3 hook states, 6 M1 hits for malicious, a sacrifice, and 6 chases won in favor of the killer, or whatever was missing before the survivor Disconnects. I can see no bad side to this. The only argument maybe is that it will inflate rank if there are excessive disconnects but first of all, there should be a substantial punishment in place to prevent disconnects and second of all, why would an inflated rank mean anything, if rank isnt supposed to mean anything except bragging rights anyway. The matchmaking is already broken and doesn't place proper ranks together more times than it should.

Adept at base (Playing with 3 perks on a charcter you might not even enjoy) is already enough of a chore. Don't make it harder and more convoluted by requiring a "Merciless Victory" when the killer doesn't have full control over it, and additionally it being more/less difficult depening on which rank you are. Set it to be something standard such as earning a 3K (3 kills) (3 because if the last one escapes by hatch then yeah, how unfun is that). This way it can be a silly and fun thing to achieve that requires at least some skill expression by the killer player, while not getting rid of some game-related requirement to earn it. Survivor adept is a grind, but its fine, escaping is part of the game. Killer adept should be the same level of difficulty and same translated requirement (survivors need to escape, killers need to kill. I.E. make it so adept killer only requires 3 kills in a trial with the 3 unique perks).


  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 1,262

    The "Merciless Killer" requirement is written into the achievement. This stipulation cannot easily be changed and likely won't be (Sony and Microsoft aren't big on changing how trophies/achievements are unlocked, and I don't think Steam adjusts them much either). Basically, they can't change the achievements themselves beyond re-defining what is required to earn "Merciless".

    Keep in mind that what a "Merciless" victory is has actually changed. It used to just mean that the killer got four sacrifices in one match. As it's a results title, it changed over to focus on pips/emblems when the emblem system was introduced (which is what made these harder).

    Now, I don't disagree that I'd rather see Adept Killer be reverted back to the old "get four sacrifices in one trial" challenge. That would be more in line with the survivor's "just escape a trial" version of Adept.

    It would probably make more sense for them to just replace the "Merciless Killer" win definition with an alternate title (such as "Relentless Killer") and adjust the "Merciless" title itself to be some kind of post-match award earned when all four survivors are sacrificed in one trial. To my knowledge, this would not require re-doing the achievements themselves or actually changing the victory types, but would re-introduce the old version of Adept Killer to the game (as the achievements look for whether "Merciless Killer" was earned or not). Any match with four sacrifices could then be considered a Merciless win separate from the various pip-based end titles.

  • NemesisDarkingNemesisDarking Member Posts: 28

    I feel like it does need to be changed. I was so close to getting the leather face adept challenge but just because the survivors healed a few times it knocked my points down so I couldn't get the double pip :(

  • BastardKingBastardKing Member Posts: 664
    edited May 2021

    It should really go back to just being four kills.

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