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Thank you DEVS

emyungemyung Member Posts: 135

Thank you.... it is orange.... I was hopeful that it would be orange.... and yes, it is orange.

Thank you DEVS.

Only men of culture will understand this.

Thank you.


  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,233

    I also enjoy oranges, they smell like orange

  • dspaceman20dspaceman20 Member Posts: 3,443

    I don't get it what are we talking about?

  • TheMadCatTheMadCat Member Posts: 1,913

    Scratch marks from colourblind mode? 🤔

    (I don't get it neither, but I guess it could be it...)

  • Friendly_BlendetteFriendly_Blendette Member Posts: 2,356

    Orange is good.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 9,671

    Orange is friend, not food!

    (no seriously, what are you talking about??)

  • Kira4EvrKira4Evr Member Posts: 1,643

    I don't understand, what is orange? xd

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,983

    OP is weirdly obsessed with the Afterpiece Antidote.

  • Lx_maliceLx_malice Member Posts: 1,335
    edited May 2021

    Only men of culture will understand this.

    There's only one thing it can be then.

  • emyungemyung Member Posts: 135

    I have no doubt. Despite this terrible times my tribe still survives, hidden.

    Very few saw the RED in the past.

    Now we can see the ORANGE.

    Men of culture will always, somehow.... endure.

    If you do not understand, you are not from the tribe, you have not the same heart and love, but that is okay, my tribe is few and hidden.

    And I do thank the DEVS to allow some small happiness with the ORANGE.

    Thank you.

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