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Grab bug fix when?

This was an issue about five months ago right before I quit and it's still an issue now. The grab animation starts but glitches and the game lets the Survivor go. I don't know if this is bug abuse on the Survivor's part or if it's just an issue with the game itself. Just happened to me when the last survivor ran up to a hooked survivor but I was right on their back, grabbed, glitched, they both ran off. I was able to kill that unhooked survivor but the other one escaped and was toxic about it.

I deserved that final kill. I feel robbed. It's been an issue for over a year now I believe. Do you, Behavior, ever plan on fixing it?


  • toloretolore Member Posts: 101

    They could at least make an aborted grab deal a damage state to the survivor, I'm fine if i don't get the grab, but I had to no option to swing if I wanted to be safe and at least guarantee a damage.

  • TheArbiterTheArbiter Member Posts: 1,512

    Haha never :(

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