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Mettle of man bug

MichealMicheal Member Posts: 288

For some reason I'm not getting protect hits half the time when the killer trys to tunnel the survivor I get in the why of the killer in a narrow opening survivor is only 2 feet away from me and have two protection hits for mettle of man she hits me and it doesn't count and end up dieing.

I had a challenge on me where I have to take protect hits or save people off hook which I didn't have the chance to unhook and it says I did 3 protect hits mettle of man only gave me 2.

What's going on?

I played mettle of man ever sins I started playing DBD 2 years ago. I really want this fixed pls.

Mettle of man all ready has the penalty of aura being seen to the killer even now he hits you and you get away and heal and still can see you aura until youer put in the dieing state just for it to restart the process.

So pls this the protection hit box.


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