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The whole game is bugged

mcNuggetsmcNuggets Member Posts: 767

I am gonna list a lot of bugs, problems and suggestion for the game.
Some of them are there since the release of the game, some came with updates.

  1. The You gotta play Dwight-Bug:
    Sometimes when a killer leaves the match, you are forced to Dwight and have to manually switch in order to play another survivor. (You may say: Hey, Dwight is cool, but still it sucks)

  2. Animation misplace:
    Whenever an animation is played, which is forced to a SPECIFC position like the reverse bear trap setting, ALL of the moris, trapping and many many more, there is a slight chance the animation is getting played in a different spot, then it should be forced to.
    The most disgusting ones are the misplaced moris.

  3. Disgusting networking:
    I've been playing this game for a long time and a thing which really bugs me is the completely messed up networking.
    If a killer lags, you can't unhook, go over a pallet, a window or whatever.
    There is a thing called prediction, which is used for the movement of the players, but not for actions FOR SOME REASON.
    I get it, survivors have to network for example, the unhook to the killer, so it can proceed.
    But this is an extremely awful implementation of networking right here.

  4. The menus:
    There is always a minimal chance of the menu getting stuck, resulting in the player having to restart the game. (Often happens when searching a lobby)
    Then there are things, I question myself: "Why?".

You can spectate, when the killer left the lobby via pulling the plug (or you pulled the plug). = Spectating does spectate the world
You load a loading bar to enter the initial game. WHY?
There is a chance, the heartbeat sounds when beginning a game is played twice. WHY?

There might be more issues, but I don't remember them all.

  1. Precaching:
    When ever you click on a new menu point, you get sprint burst, you get blood lust, you display some sort of icon, the game freezes.
    Why you may ask?
    Precaching. Could you so please precache the icons INGAME atleast, so we don't get a freeze while hunting or running away.

  2. Inbalancement:
    You already know about it, but nobody does anything about. (It's not a bug tho, it only ruins the game)

  • Too many SAFE windows (in general too many windows) and no way for the killer to get around that. (Pallets are "ok" now)
  • Too many overpowered survivor perks and mainly only useless killer perks (Sprintburst, self care etc.)
  • Why the [BAD WORD] does sprint burst even exist? It counters nearly EVERY killer ability, making killers AGAIN useless.
  • Totem placements
  • insert networking related inbalancements in the favor of the killer
  • Killers without perks should be getting more points than survivors, as they can not keep their addons, nor find addons in the world.
  • Killer addons are [BAD WORD]. (mostly all of them)
  • Killers aura reading perks/addons and other "seeing" addons shouldnt even exist in a game which is around hide and kill. (They should all be nerfed and other killer perks/addons improved)
  • The nurse and the hillbilly are too overpowered, completely as a 2-3 man survivor team doesnt even stand a chance (Only the gen rush with a 4 team can help them survive)
  • There are only 2 viable killers, listed above.
  • The gen placement are too near to each other giving the killer the opportunity to heavily take the game hostage and win in the end with almost no effort than babysitting generators.
  • You should be able to unlock teachable perks at level 40, 45 and 50, otherwise it's too easy to unlock the overpowered builds for survivors.
  • Please update the survivor perks, that are not meta perks to allow stealth player WITHOUT iron will, which shouldn't even exist in tier 3 form if you ask me. (I wanna see different perks than the meta ones when playing, there are like 60 perks for survivors and only 10 are used frequently)
  • There shouldnt be excessive loops like the one in mac millan with the windows. This is too much.
  • The gen times should depend on player count, so 4 players will have it harder than 2 remaining players. (4 = 120sec, 3 = 80sec, 2 = 60sec, 1=40 sec for example)
  • You as killer should get a blood point multiplicator for SWF teams. (max. 20%)
  • You shouldnt be allowed to view profiles or view the killer perks when the match has not ended (The steam player list, shouldnt list the current teammates either.
  1. Visual bugs:
  • You can see hair through fog.
  • The render distance always includes survivors, but not obstacles they are hiding behind, which leads to the killer, seeing the survivor behind an obstacle.
    When having a mini-lag, physical assets on the player begin to spaz out. Like hair.
    If a survivor died on the hook, with a reversed bear trap onto them, the trap remains there.
    When the trapper traps someone and gets the person out of the trap to pick him up, the trap teleports to the trappers location.
    The trap placement indication in front of the player is not accurate. (Animation related?)
  1. PTB:
  • When throwing down a pallet, you always turn, even if you dont want to (wasnt this supposed only to happen, when NOT standing still)
  • You only can throw down a pallet when spamming SPACE as you can not see the exact zone when being able to throw down a pallet (more of an annoying thing than a bug)
  • The survivor tutorial did bug out for me (When you have the objective to unhook another player, there was none to unhook, there was no killer either.
  1. It's not scary anymore:
  • The game is not randomized at all, the maps are totally predictably generated, making the game too easy and not scary at all, if you know the maps.
  • The killer sound when going out of ?AFK?-mode should always be there when a killer attacks you and you didnt directly look at em. (NOT IN ANY DIFFERENT CASE as this breaks balancement already)

PS: I am a killer/survivor-main.

Sorry, if I misspelled some things, still improving my english for long texts.
And sorry again, if some of these things seem rough or aggressive, it isn't meant this way.

I am just trying to help improve the game. <3


  • dskedcristydskedcristy Member Posts: 3

    40% of the bugs this guy noted down happened to myself as well.

    • after you die, you can't always SPECTATE the other survivors left alive.
    • sometimes chat is not working. You can't type or send your message.
    • sometimes when the chat works, the left side of the screen doesn't > you can't spectate+you can't check your progress/can't check BPs and the players list...no pages are shown.
  • mcNuggetsmcNuggets Member Posts: 767
    edited June 2018

    I found a full list of more bugs:

    One of them is, when you hit a survivor while sprint bursting, while getting out of a locker or when vaulting over a pallet and the animation is JUST finished (for the locker or vault stuff), the grab begins, but then stops immediatly (or the hit registration registers a hit and stops your character from lunging).
    When you grabbed a survivor "not successfully" they have no collision with you.

    Also if you get up while being picked up with unbreakable or heal yourself with insta heal while dying, the game's networking gets messed up
    The unbreakable bug includes you stuck in the "dead" on ground animation but while able to still move and perform like a normal survivor.
    The insta heal just heals you, while you are downed (even up to two states)

    Then there is the fast vaults.
    Female characters can fast vault even when they should do, due to their hitbox being smaller than the males, gives them more room for twisting and jumping a window in a excessive loop, where they shouldnt be able to fast vault.

    The disconnects are bugged either.
    When getting picked up and disconnecting sometimes you can still be hooked OR you can still be unhooked and EXIST invisible in the game world.

  • Jack11803Jack11803 Member Posts: 3,930

    ”Just throw the whole game away!”

  • NantesNantes Member Posts: 64

    More than half your post are suggestions for improvement and personal opinions rather than bug reports. Please be more organized and make separate threads for those.

  • mcNuggetsmcNuggets Member Posts: 767
    edited June 2018

    @Nantes said:
    More than half your post are suggestions for improvement and personal opinions rather than bug reports. Please be more organized and make separate threads for those.

    One POINT is for "Inbalancement" and this is the only one where my personal opinion is included.

    It's 1 out of 8 points.

    If I would have to do a new thread for every bug, this forum was spammed only with my threads.

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