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Badges aren't showing in the blood web

I have been grinding on both new survivors and I haven't got a single Badge map offering. On top of that, the game doesn't choose the new map either. Is this only on Costomes?

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Not a bug · Last Updated

Upon investigating we've found the RPD Badge appears as frequently as other rare offering in the Bloodweb. Closing this out as not a bug for now.


  • ZensunimZensunim Member Posts: 116

    I think it's just bad luck. I finally got one at Level 39 leveling up my 2nd survivor:

  • HPhoenixHPhoenix Member Posts: 149

    Why can't the dev give us 10 offerings in the new map? lol. I just got like two and that it. ALso, they really need to increase the chance of that map being playable in the ptb whenever I solo queue cuz I am pretty sure I won't have the map offering. But noted never the less. Thanks :)

  • TheBus4KTheBus4K Member Posts: 256

    I have Nemesis at level 50 (and I keep spending bloodpoints on him) and I haven't had a single RPD Badge yet.

    Is there a bug that makes it less likely? I have already all the maps except that one.

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