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Blast Mine vs Repressed Alliance

Jacoby2041Jacoby2041 Member Posts: 838

Is it just me or is Blast Mine 10 times better. It lasts longer and you don't have to stop repairing or block other people from repairing to use it. And you only have to do 52 seconds of repair to activate (66% of 80 seconds). And the killer doesn't know if you have it or not until it's too late. Also you can use it while other people are on the gen but for Repressed Alliance you have to be the only person on it to block it

I supposed Repressed Alliance does stop Ruin regression, and Blast Mine won't stop a determined killer from kicking the gen with Pop for as long. But still it seems like one is just way better than the other. It's a super cool perk, probably my favorite from this chapter, I just thought it was kinda weird how this perk is pretty much superior to the other one that is supposed to have a similar purpose (stop the killer from messing with the generator)

Also I haven't tried it, has anyone tried to use both perks at once? I think they both use the same button


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