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Haddonfield on the chopping block?

LliartLliart Member Posts: 188

So with all these realm reworks going on, the only three that need looking at left are Haddonfield, Swamp, and the Lab. With Haddonfield being the oldest and most outdated right now, is it safe to say that Haddonfield would be next? Especially considering how powerful some of these houses are on the map compared to Swamp and Hawkin's design.



  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 890

    Don't forget Red Forest.

    We've got three (four if you count Hawkins) realms left that NEED a rework from the ground up. Hilariously, my three least favorite realms are all bunched together because BHVR for some reason wanted to save the best for last. If the rumblings are true, Swamp should be up next. Hopefully, they do Swamp and Red Forest together and then save Haddonfield for when Myers and Laurie get their visual updates as well.

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 2,951

    With the bugs that showed up on the swamp I'm pretty sure thats the next one we can expect, then maybe Red Forest and Haddonfield. I don't think Hawkins is gonna be reworked since I think its still under the "updated map" category

  • CoalTowerCoalTower Member Posts: 1,730

    Blight, Nurse, console, Huntress, Trickster, Oni, Billy, Trapper, Bubba. Must I go on?

  • jester20kjester20k Member Posts: 827

    Hawkins is not being reworked

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,326

    I dont think Lab getting reworked. Lab is paired with Saloon which are the last map (minus Silent hill & RE). Sactum of Wrath (Dec-2019) being the middle between Lab (Sep-2019) & Saloon (Mar-2020) which is outdated because using Yamaoka realm. Which is why Yamaoka was the early one to get reworked.

    Swarm, Haddon, Red forest are the last. I think all of them will be done in this year.

  • DistortedDreamDistortedDream Member Posts: 671

    I don't think Hawkins will get a rework, But I do hope Haddonfield is next. Playing on that map is torture.

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 6,666

    I hope haddonfield isn't next tbh they'll put breakable walls in stupid places and ruin gameplay

  • bibibib8bibibib8 Member Posts: 844

    How can huntress like this map she rdy a hatchette the survivor enter a room and lose LOS.

    Trickster is a bad killer and he suffer the same problem i said about huntress.

    Billy is not really played anymore but like i said you just need to enter a room when he charge his chainsaw and just like that you counter him

    If you cant see the trapper trap i think you need some glasses

    Im not a huge nurse player but most of the video of the main nurse i have seen all said that hawkings is the worst map for her i think i will believe a 5k hours nurse player over my 100 hours nurse XD

    Blight i did not play him enough to give a fair opinion. I believe that oni is good in that map because he dont get ######### when a survivor enter a room while he use is power.

  • NoOneKnowsNovaNoOneKnowsNova Member Posts: 2,280

    I think hes trying to say that they're bad on the map, hence the map needs the change. Not that they're good on the map.

  • bibibib8bibibib8 Member Posts: 844
  • papabear2009papabear2009 Member Posts: 115

    Haddonfield just sucks so much....its just the worst feeling when a SWF brings an offering for that map.

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,033
  • savevatznicksavevatznick Member Posts: 651

    No, the reworked maps still need looking at because there are still terrible maps that just got some lipstick on their pigface.

    God knows that Haddonfield should have been the first to go if they cared about design, but since Carpenter seems stuck releasing his mediocre Halloween sequels, I suppose BHVR is mired in licensing issues and waiting for the Myers house to re-appear in the films as well as us as a community waiting for Carpenter to let out his latest medicore Halloween bowel movement.

    TL;DR : It'll come when the movie comes. And the movie will be bad, and the way BHVR balances it will be underwhelming,

  • Avarice00Avarice00 Member Posts: 39

    Wait did they say Myers and Laurie were getting graphical updates?

  • xenotimebongxenotimebong Member Posts: 2,803

    Considering that the farm maps are still really unbalanced, I wouldn’t hold your breath on a Haddonfield visual rework making it any more fun to play on.

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 3,631

    Yes, I am expecting Halloween event this year to be big and also new cosmetics for Laurie and Micheal as well

  • AdelooAdeloo Member Posts: 1,396
    edited May 2021

    Lab isn't getting rework i think, it's already part of the "new" realms.

    As for Haddonfield, i think we might get it pretty soon, since the new Police map bring new police car models :D

    As for Swamp they talked about Terrain, which would make sense for this realm :3

    Red forrest also is missing a rework, but honestly it still looks rally good so it might be the last to be reworked;

  • OGlilSPOOK20OGlilSPOOK20 Member Posts: 716

    Hawkins isn't getting changed the Devs said this already.

    The only maps left are Haddenfield, Red Forest & Swamp.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703

    I think the lab is fine.

    As a long-time Halloween fan, one issue I have with Haddonfield is that it doesn't look or feel like Haddonfield.

    I wouldn't mind alternative map types, one daytime and one night.

  • JimbusCrimbusJimbusCrimbus Member Posts: 1,007
    edited May 2021

    The pallets on Hawkins are only as useless as the survivor running them. Period.

    All that tells me is you don't know how to "run" anything but a completely safe pallet.

  • HaddixHaddix Member Posts: 866

    how was it not? it's insanely different looking compared to before lol

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,033

    Keep that in mind next time you try to loop using one of the hallway pallets against Huntress, Deathslinger, Trickster and soon Nemesis

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703

    I would like to see a washing line with sheets attached in the Haddonfield rework. Imagine slashing at a survivor and having blood splatter all over them.

    As the current set up of Haddonfield shows that Lampkin Lane is now seemingly derelict, how about have it changed to include some of Michael's victims bodies shown in iconic ways? It doesn't have to utilize the actual authentic characters, but it could be a nice touch. A man pilled to the wall by a knife, a woman dead on the bed with Judith's tomestone etc.

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    ...precisely the reason you mentioned lmao. The current design for indoor maps is terrible for DbD's gameplay loop and eliminates what makes this game fun. You can definitely make indoor maps work, they kiiinda showed they could do it with The Game.

    The center of that map on the top floor is quite open and you can actually see things and it's not claustrophobic as all hell. You can make maps indoors but just make them open with a giant ceiling so it doesn't feel so cramped and so you can actually see more than 5ft in front of you.

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,220

    Not blight, blight can still use his power on that map

  • Guest1567432Guest1567432 Member Posts: 728

    Nah they will update the textures on Hddonfield. Maybe change some bush positions and put about 20 pallets and 35 breakable walls in.

  • latigresalatigresa Member Posts: 85

    Indoor maps are killer sided in general. Even weaker killers do better on indoor maps. A lot of players, regardless of role, just refuse to learn those maps and it shows.

  • CoalTowerCoalTower Member Posts: 1,730

    Yeah 😂

    These are the killers and systems that make this map bad. Maybe you misunderstood 😂

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