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Why are the devs nerfing moirs again

piggygooikpiggygooik Member Posts: 576

The new chapter is wonderful don't get me wrong. the stream was a bit cringy but fun but some things made me a bit annoyed tho. One of those things was them nerfing moris again. Why they got neutered already. And for some reason, they called them Toxic, like huh?! even tho they are dead now and no one uses them unless it's for a daily and a challenge. they already got rid of the BMing of mori spamming. their other reason for nerfing moris against is because "they end the game prematurely" which ya old Mori but not new moris. sometimes it's better to hook someone since its quicker than certain moris, also mori counteract ds ya I know but first of all, if the killer did tunnel they would have already been DSed by the surv and if the killer doesn't tunnel the killer would not have even seen DS the whole game.

I still don't see how they are toxic and why they are nerfing them again. They didn't even mention keys all too much which is way more problematic.

they say moris are toxic but not key. I don't think any are toxic but still at least tell us why keys an item that is a trillion times better than moris, are less "toxic and problematic" than moris

sorry. i just a bit annoyed and maybe be overreacting but still if the people didn't think the devs had a biased they sure do now



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