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Which killer and survivor would you be friends with And why?



  • ryseterionryseterion Member Posts: 445

    I would he friends with dwight, since we are almost the same person lol. Id also be friends with sally and evan

  • FreddoFreddo Member Posts: 139


    -Quentin. He seems very chill and overall a great dude to hang with.


    -Trickster/Legion/Ghostface. Trickster mainly because of the BOP from the teaser trailer. Legion because they are around my age. Ghostface because he's ghostface.

  • FilthyLegionMainFilthyLegionMain Member Posts: 1,109

    Claudette and my boy Danny. One i'd protect and one that'd protect me. Plain and simple.

  • AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 2,205

    legion bc i am a fellow edgy teenager

  • littlegirl37littlegirl37 Member Posts: 1

    Well I believe I’d be friend of a lot of survivors, most seem like good people and been struggling with some heavy problems.

    The only ones I don’t like are Feng and Yun-Jin, because both the lore shows they’re incredibly selfish people, who only cares about their own safety, and Nea, because she is a criminal who would not have a sense of moral enough developed.

    My favorites are Laurie, because I am very related to her personality, such as fighting evil the hardest possible way, smart decisions and her empathy, and David, because he does all to protect helpless people.

    The same reason why I love Claudette and Cheryl, both of them really cares about other people, as Yui who fight for her friends and even her competitors, also Jeff and David, because they are the opposite of cowards and truly David harms himself to protect you.

    I wouldn’t be friends with any killers, because anyone who think innocent must pay for their own ######### is unfair, cruel, merciless and heartless to me. So they don’t deserve respect or even pity, as they don’t have that for anyone apart from their interests.

    my favorite survivors are Claudette, Laurie and David❤️

  • Pyramid_head_mainPyramid_head_main Member Posts: 25

    Pyramid head because of how interesting he is to me, Then tapp because he seems like he would be interesting to have a conversion with.

  • GlamourousLeviathanGlamourousLeviathan Member Posts: 800

    Out of the killer's, I would say that The Twins seems like the most reasonable ones to befriend. They are not motivated by some ideal like Plague or Pig, neither by an urge to kill for pleasure like Doctor or Trickster, rather they just do it to survive. I imagine being fairly easy to befriend them if you try a friendly approach like offering them food or supplies and show them that you aren't a threat.

  • TheStabbiNAngeLTheStabbiNAngeL Member Posts: 1,264

    Freddy is taboo, and in the realm of The Entity there all adults, so don't be so judgmental

  • AshreaveAshreave Member Posts: 139

    I wanna be friends with all of them except the Clown, Doctor, Trickster, Yun, Ghostface, Freddie and Myers. Bubba is a dirty basement camper but to be fair he's also kinda traumatised and was raised to not know any better. So if there was a sheet of reinforced chainsaw proof glass between me and him I'd go for it. But Clown is a sociopath, the Doctor has potentially fried his own brain and was not a very nice man before that point, Trickster is a Narcissist, Yun is just kinda an ######### and Freddie and Myers are Freddie and Myers. The armchair therapist in me is highly suspicious of Myers backstory and what's left out of it in regards to his home situation but the horror fan in me knows better than to risk it. Freddie is a child murdering, child diddling given it's the remake version, a-hole who likes to mock his victims. Ghostface is just pure sociopath, no sympathy from me, I'm tempted to try just cause he's supposed to be charismatic but that way lies death. Frank and Julie are probably sociopaths too but the fact they are teens makes me less wary.

    TLDR; All survivors except Yun and any killer who is not just a straight sociopath but actually had a real reason to become what they did. Yun and the other killers can go take a hike.

  • Dito175Dito175 Member Posts: 1,362

    Nea and Feng, they seem to be close to be age and i see they being really sarcastic.

    Cheryl, she seems really depressed ingame but she was quite sassy in sl3 so I don't know.

    Susie, she looks pretty shy and based on her lore we probably have a lot in commom

  • LiterallyweezingLiterallyweezing Member Posts: 83

    Claudette seems cool, also I kind of feel bad for Deathslinger based on his lore so i'd probably try to get to know him

  • RandomJoJoguy147RandomJoJoguy147 Member Posts: 6


    Ash: Because he’s a badass, chill, and funny guy I could easily get along with him and he could tell me interesting stories.

    Steve: I feel like he would be same as a funny and chill guy to be friends with.

    Quentin: Quentin seems like a chill and friendly guy.

    Cherly: Same as Quentin and Steve.


    Sadako: I feel bad for her and if she wasn’t a violent and vengeful onryo then I would consider giving her a hug and comfort her.

    Amanda: If Amanda isn’t out to kill me then I’ll consider talking and comforting her about her trouble past.

    Wraith: Considering on how Wraith tricked to kill people and is being forced to kill the survivors by the entity, I feel like I could befriend him and have nice talk with him.

  • LekitzulLekitzul Member Posts: 474

    I'd never be friends with Meg, she's too sportsy. T.T I think Mikaela would be fun to talk to. Ghostface's tend to be friendly in person, so maybe him. XD

  • Demo_Gaming101Demo_Gaming101 Member Posts: 22

    He always was a Pedo, it was implied with the dialogue between Nancy and her mother (he obviously did bad stuff to her before the parents burned him), according to both Wes Craven and Robert Englund he's a pedo, it was later shown outright in Dream warriors in the newspaper, before being added explicitly in the official novelization

    He has always been like that, a stalker who raped,tortured and killed children in life and became a demon after his death

    2010 Freddy is more closer to Craven's original vision than the looney toon of the post part 3 movies

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