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What was the first exhaustion perk you ever used?



  • DistortedDreamDistortedDream Member Posts: 671

    For me, it was Lithe.

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,285

    Sprint Burst

  • SlickstylesSlickstyles Member Posts: 445

    Balanced Landing

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 3,256

    Mine was Sprint Burst, and I mean the old Sprint Burst. Once the timer was up you could sprint again mid chase.

    How did killers ever catch us?

  • GuiltiiGuiltii Member Posts: 20

    Mine was lithe, I got it from the shrine when I first started DBD and unlocked it for Dwight

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 6,686

    dead hard because it had the words "avoid damage" in the description

  • DarkskiesDarkskies Member Posts: 1,151

    Lithe and it's still my fav perk to this day 🐷💕

  • JimbusCrimbusJimbusCrimbus Member Posts: 1,007

    I don't use exhaustion perks. I'm actually good at the video game.

  • Pet_The_LizardsPet_The_Lizards Member Posts: 1,318

    Sprint Burst and Adrenaline at the same time, because Adept Meg.

  • HannonHannon Member Posts: 214


    i used to main Feng when I first started playing


    Balance landing, actually. I used it before the "rip balance landing" patch.

  • FreddoFreddo Member Posts: 124

    Dead hard for me actually, I wanted to grind for WGLF.

  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    Dead Hard because I was a die hard David main when I first got the game.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 9,659

    First ever actually equipped and used was Sprint Burst. Didn’t like it though and didn’t play around with it much.

    First I actively used and that for a very long time was Lithe, still my favorite Exhaustion perk (if it wasn’t for the window hits.. but those got at least better again..)

    (currently I use Dead Hard and it’s amazing how much more easy and stressfree surv gameplay got due to just having it)

  • PureHostilityPureHostility Member Posts: 692

    Fun Fact:

    Sprint Burst wasn't an exhaustion perk back then, neither was Balanced Landing.

    So technically, even for the veterans, SB or BL is a valid choice, as exhaustion perk became a thing since 1.5.0 AFAIK.

    Thank You and best regards from the Ministry of Useless Facts.

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