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(Answered) Not ranking up?

BuppiChowBuppiChow Member Posts: 2
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Hi! I earned the black safety point, silver point and I think the gold point, but my rank progression didn't go up at all just says 0, and I didn't earn any of the points to my 1/5 progression.. I figured it would have gone up twice if you reached three of the diamonds? Am I misunderstanding? This has happened a few times now 😭 I thought as long as I reached the silver I get a +1 into the progression? Thanks if anyone has any idea!

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  • TripleStealTripleSteal Member Posts: 1,298
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    Your understanding regarding pips is correct, but visual representation of emblems post-game doesn't work properly recently. For example, in fact you got 4 silver medals and earned safety pip, but post-game tab shows 2x iri and 2x gold resulting in double pip. Actual adjustment to your rank is based on "real" emblems rather than displayed ones.

    In some very rare occasions, real emblems themselves can be bugged, but usually you kind of understand which emblems you should be getting for a match.


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