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Should Spirits passive be changed?

ChaoxideChaoxide Member Posts: 69

Many players from streamers to casual players myself included can find the spirit frustrating to face at times. And its not even due to her power in my opinion, although many dont like her power i find it just to be the ultimate mind game power at times and dont find it frustrating to face. What i do find frustrating however is her passive phase, the Spirits passive causes her to shift while moving even during chase which results in basically her appearing to teleport or lag several feet forward which many times results in a hit due to the player just not being able to track her due to the mechanic of her power. Its frustrating and just feels bad to be in a chase and have what appears to be lag thats not even a mechanical skill happen during the chase and have you go down due to thinking you have more distance then you thought, even removing any mind game around corners not being able to see her stain while doing her passive. In my opinion Spirits passive needs to be changed for its just not fun to experience during a chase. But whats the forums opinion?


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