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Twins rework when?

toukenttoukent Member Posts: 88
edited May 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

They are undoubtedly the most unhealthy thing in the game at the moment. Please rework or remove this slugfest of a killer.

And don't say that not everyone slugs as twins. Literally ALL of them do and it's so impossible to counter at all since victor's cooldown is literally so short that it doesn't even matter if you kill him or not.

Ideas for a fix? Yea I got a few:

  • If victor is used to down a survivor, victor should die/respawn with a cooldown to discourage slugging.
  • Make victor's cooldown longer so that the killer can't just use it over and over in a chase.
  • Fix victor's hitbox. 90% of the hits don't even connect. (Unless it's ping related)
  • When victor is left out and the killer switches back to their own body, there should be a cooldown on when you can switch back to him or have him despawn after a certain amount of time (such as 30-40 seconds)
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