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Is the community getting worse? (Rant)



  • CoalTowerCoalTower Member Posts: 1,730

    I agree with the camping and tunneling part, but slugging for the 4k is fine if you know where the last guy is.

  • AnotherJacobAnotherJacob Member Posts: 64

    'Cause we are the ones that want to play

    Always want to go, but you never want to stay

    And we are the ones that want to choose

    Always want to play but you never want to lose


  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,880

    Winning in this game relative.

    As Survivor i escape as a win. No matter how low score I get.

    As Killer, if i able to dominate Survivor, or make a whole team struggle alot at some point, its a win even though they might all escape at the end.

  • NeverbornNeverborn Member Posts: 28

    I mean I think we all get our enjoyment from various styles of play, and I'm not one to judge.

    Personally I enjoy having some extra rules for myself as a killer, and if the survivors are good enough, or belligerent enough, I can start throwing out some of those rules. Some of the things I find belligerent are definitely things done survivors find fun.

    I play swf pretty much exclusively, and some of my friends are exactly the kind of people I hate to play against.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 5,894

    It'd be nice if when people try to have fun as killer survivors would play along, at least a little.

    Watched my friend try to do a Trapper Daily. The survivors burned a Gateau. Two stepped in traps, and he picked them up and dropped them a little ways off so they could be healed while he reset the traps. They refused to step in any more, they'd only try to disarm them. They did gens, broke hooks, and mostly tried to avoid interacting with him until the end when all they wanted to do was gloat against the friendly killer. They mostly got crap for BP, a real waste of time and a Gateau.

    When I play killer, I don't camp, I avoid tunneling, and I've never been one to run gen slowdown perks, yet back when I had messages on I got complaints about tunneling (if I killed) or being ass at killer (if I was friendly). Nowadays, I run really dumb perks, I often don't down anyone, I avoid focusing on anyone, and lots of times I even pretend not to see hiding survivors since they don't want to be chased, yet survivors still will be determined to find ways to be jerks. When they do that, I have to assume that means they want me to leave them alone entirely, so I just go break walls and open the exit gate to move on to the next match. It really makes me think they don't want killers on the map at all. Gen repair sim seems boring to me, but maybe I'm the minority.

    Personally, when I play survivor, the problem is usually other survivors more than anything. Sure, there are some killers who aren't fun to go against, but it feels so much worse to get screwed by your own teammates.

    Killers should just be bots at this point, that way they can play the same way by the same rules every match. They can be programmed to go easy on potatoes so that bad matchmaking doesn't screw everyone over. Boom, problem fixed, survivors will have fun every time.

    Or the game needs more structure. If it had more structure, it could limit unfun playstyles and ensure both sides always feel like they had an opportunity to play in every match. A lot of people play to win, and they'll do whatever it takes to win: in this game, that means rushing through and limiting your opponent's chances to participate. Hooking, slugging, killing, all those remove the survivor from participating. If survivors focus on the gens, rushing through them, or go immersed, they can limit the killer's chances to participate. The fun is supposed to be the back-and-forth, but the lack of structure has it so that cutting that back-and-forth down to the bare minimum is the easiest way to prevail. It's bad design because it's human nature to go with the easiest path.

  • velosinhooovelosinhooo Member Posts: 295

    You are not wrong, the community is getting infestated by children that invade the game, there are some content creators that make dbd videos focused more on kids, thats really bad for the community in general because its becoming the Fortnite community.

  • velosinhooovelosinhooo Member Posts: 295

    @DarthCat I understand what you are passing throught, I played at ghostie and got bullied many times by SWF with key, they think that they are good because they played with BT DS DH Unbreakable/Adrenaline with Key, against a killer that is not even A tier, you should just ignore and accept that they are kids trying to pass their time in a game thinking that they are the best players ever and they are douches, they know they are but this is a survivor sided game and there is nothing we can do, everyone that plays as killer frequently knows that this game is easier for survivor to escape or win if they play the basic, but thats DBD.

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 3,005
    edited June 2021

    i have serial hatemail senders that've been sending hatemail every time they face me for the past 4 years.

    the community has not changed.

    E: also why the hell are you even messaging and asking these people why they played the way they did if you claim you care about fun more than winning. like just accept you had an unfun match and move on, why extend the feeling by messaging them? seems like a you problem OP.

  • DarthCatDarthCat Member Posts: 9

    Actually in every Asymmetrical PvP game I have tried there is never a true balance which means one side can always ruin it for the other. In DBD's case the killer controls the pace of the game. If a killer decides to camp and tunnel and survivors decide to be altruistic they will die. If they decide to just let that one survivor go the killer will only get 1k. It's not fun for anyone.

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060

    The killer does not control the match. Survivors do. They control how fast gens get done, essentially how long the game lasts. This alone makes the game harder for killers, basically means less fun and more stress.

    “Is it fun for you to prevent 4 other people from having fun?”

    Why should i care about your fun? I bought the game to have fun, ME. Why should i play the game to make other people have fun?

    At this point doing everything a killer needs to (patrolling, hooking, slugging, tunnelling, etc.) means “unfun” for survivors. So in order to “not prevent survivors from having fun”, should i just play like a clown that does not threaten survivors in any way? Should i just throw the match to please survivors?

    What you’re demanding is absolutely absurd. Does survivor care my fun? NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST. Even if i did the best job of appealing them, they always find something to insult me.

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