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People say Spirit is balanced because they haven't faced a good Spirit.

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I'll be honest at first I thought Spirt was fine. A good balanced killer all these survivor mains on YouTube just crouching and doubling back movement to juke the Spirit and in low ranks it was true every Spirit I faced would loose like crazy. All these nerf Spirit people weren't doing it right. Then I faced a Spirit main. All these pro tricks were worthless she just downed and downed us. A 4 gen 5k. Since then and more good Spirts I realize all this "counterplay" is literally worthless against good Spirits. And not to mention her add-ons and Stridor. Which is a viable argument since people will run these commonly. One " counterplay" I hear is just run to the next loop. Something that works against a bad Spirit but good Spirits will recognize this and just down you later. 5 seconds is enough time for her to catch up to you and not to mention how likely it is add-ons are in play. As well just double back or crouch and wait. That's great against a bad Spirit. But a good Spirits will know you're doing this since they'll use their ears from all their time getting familiar with Spirit. And once more the likely chance she has add-ons and Stridor. So tell me people who say she has counterplay have the Spirits you've faced actually been good Spirits? And standing still isn't a skill

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