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Matchmaking + tunneling

KeletKelet Member Posts: 2

I'm "new" to this game, 80 hours in the span of 3 years. Recently reinstalled game and started to play as killer and after probably 3 wins (3 down,1 escape) I get in almost every game unmatched by atleast 10 ranks (when I was 18 avarage survi ranks were 10-8 and now at rank 16 I can get 2 red ranks + 2 purple in single game). How am I supposed to learn how should I play when in every game gens are repaired almost instant in few mins and most of survis outruns me (pallets,flashlight, 360 etc.)? It gets even more frustrating when in order to acquire more than 10 k point I try to focus players which were previously hooked and after game those players flame on chat how much "trash human being" I am. Also those players don;t farm this rank in "this season" (not sure how exactly ranking system works) because those players have 700+ hours or like in my last game 3500 (and combined with other players it was 6200 hours total).


  • AssassinZodiacAssassinZodiac Member Posts: 259

    I agree with you 100% that this game can be nearly impossible to play killer as a new player. It's very demoralizing to learn to play and get cussed out in end game chat just for trying to play the killer role how it was designed to be played.

    The good news is that they are currently working on an MMR or SBMM. They have tested it a few times over the last year to varying degrees of success. Personally, the last test worked wonderfully for me. I'm rank 1 both sides though. If it's working correctly, you will be matched against equally skilled opponents every match. That would mean fairer matches for everyone.

    Also, if you stick with it in the meantime before MMR goes into effect. You can get better at killer more quickly by going against higher skilled opponents. It will be incredibly frustrating sure, but the frustration is not without reward in the end.

    Good luck in your future games! ; )

  • papabear2009papabear2009 Member Posts: 115

    I would say not-so-good news the MMR system wasn't even mentioned in the last live stream so it will probably be a while till we get it

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460

    The skill based matchmaking is like Bigfoot, reports of it never die off completely but nobody much believes in him anymore.

  • KirkyladKirkylad Member Posts: 1,927

    That's why most new players ditch killer and just stick to survivor.

  • ZroZro Member Posts: 58

    Welcome to dbd. I think sometimes the matchmaking is just a random factor. I myself have only 150 hours and have to play as a killer against people with 5-10 times more game experience. But if you take it easy and don't mind not getting any kills or just one kill sometimes, then go ahead. For me it's the most fun when I play chilled out and relaxed without paying attention to my rank. If you keep at it, you learn relatively fast. You're also at a disadvantage at the beginning because you haven't unlocked the good perks for all the killers yet.

    Let the people in the chat quietly rage, enjoy the salt, or turn off the chat completely.

  • KeletKelet Member Posts: 2

    Ohh didnt even know that I can turn off chat, well I guess now I wont be that frustrated after games because for me being outplayed is one thing and I accept that I'm just not good enough to be big obstacle for survs but mocking from those players after game triggers me a lot.

  • AvignonAvignon Member Posts: 133

    shrug Tunelling is fine, and according to several mods and the FAQ it's perfectly fair way to play. You kinda have to tunel at Red Ranks, it's up to the persons team - mates to protect the dude. 2-3 gens done is when you're looking for your first kill and USUALY that'll be due to tunelling.

    Ideally you'd juggle two people and ignore the other two but if someone is unhooked and the unhooker choses to hide while the person on the hook is sprinting away (hence strach marks) well.....

    Hell between Unbreak-a-bill, Borrowed Time, DS, We'll make it, Soul Guard, Dead Hard, Sprit Burst, Flashlights and Head On it's kinda on the dude getting tunelled and to an extent his team it can even happen. Cos you play against good survivors, there's no such thing as tunelling.

  • GaffyGaffy Member Posts: 222

    ALWAYS play how you want, take no advice from survivors if they are calling you names for you playing in ways that THEY don't personally like. Sometimes playing not nice is necessary in higher killer ranks unfortunately, if you need to make pressure as killer then make it. Survivors will never make the game easier for you so why should you make it easier for them?

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060

    About the part of getting better, not really. You can't really get better by just playing against players that totally mops the floor with you.

    It's like a newbie playing chess against a pro without holding back. It doesn't teach you anything. Even worse, you get insulted from being bad.

    Hope the new matchmaking works. Until then, I won't recommend this game to any new players.

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