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Nerf Spirit and Nerf Dead Hard

Northener1907Northener1907 Member Posts: 3,012
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I write this both on one post because i love playing both roles. I am sure someone is thinking same with me in fog.

Spirit is unhealthy killer for survivors. With Headset + Stridor, Spirit has really unfair gameplay. When i play survivor and when i see this girl i wanna dc but i am staying because of queues times. This girl has not any counter and unfair. And she does not need any skill. Great powers for low skill killer.

And Dead Hard. Catching good survivors need to show effort. And Dead Hard gives survivors one free heal, it is unfairly second chance perk. And when they are use that, they are going to safe pallet or windows and then one loop again. And generator times are fast and other survivors are still on generators. You had this survivor and you would go to back your generators but this perk made this harder. So that perk gives killer unfairly time waste and also that perk does not any skill too. Press E and get your free second chance. This perk needs rework.

Both them are unhealthy for game and both them are so annoying. Please fix both.

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