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How to balance spirit

Rework her power so it takes as much or more skill then nurse as well as a couple basic Nerf's like a tell when spirit is phaseing, this is just a random thought I had


  • GannTMGannTM Member Posts: 9,770

    This is a random thought you had? Can’t believe no one has ever thought of this.

  • KoboldsInATrenchcoatKoboldsInATrenchcoat Member Posts: 22

    An idea on how to nerf spirit could be that her husk gradually moves with her when she’s phasing, as in every like 2-3 seconds the husk teleports to her space when she’s phasing, so that it’s no longer a bloody guessing game as to where she is

  • twocansofbeantwocansofbean Member Posts: 200

    I thought of this recently but how about if the husk constantly points at where the spirt is. So there's still the standing still mind game, but you can play around it.

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,676

    Through the random simple ideas I had, the one I kind of like is this.

    Once spirit starts phasing she and her husk disappear and every x seconds (like 3 maybe) she visibly appears during phasing so survivors get to see her and she gets to see the survivors for X seconds (probably like 0,5s or 1s), then the same repeats until she ends her phase.

    During all of this the sound and all other notifications are disable completely, just visuals like moving grass etc which affects her as well now. No sound whatsoever for either side.

    Kind of like old Freddy's dream transition.

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