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I wish BBQ was never a perk, and simply built into Bubba’s power.



  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 3,131

    Me too. It's too OP on a high mobility killer. If the killer's job wasn't so easy, I would probably say BBQ might be more appropriate. Survivors die in the arms of the killer now. It is TOO much information. A killer that is downing fast essentially knows where everyone is at all times. I don't know how this perk has not been nerfed. When BBQ came out, survivors were much stronger, so many more pallets and you really have a good point how Bubba can't be saved against. The devs releases perks like this but never considers how OP it is on other killers. Same as Infectious Freight. The counterplay means you can't do the objective for most of the match.

    Please nerf this perk.

  • mynameisBlademynameisBlade Member Posts: 325

    This comment doesn't have enough up votes. We need ALL of the Killers to make the match completely different. I suggested awhile back that they should take certain addons of each Killer and make them base kit, Ex: Hillbilly Chainsaw running through 1st pallet but doesn't down you if he hits you. That would make fighting him more unique. Too many killer are just... M1 focused. They don't have the flavor or effort put into them like the Killers you mentioned for sure!

  • UnifallUnifall Member Posts: 749

    BBQ is one of the most balanced perks in the game imo. You get rewarded by hooking a survivors and get blood points. Unless your team is constantly going down its a decent perk.

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,732

    Well thank you. It's easy to say "giving killers passives is like giving them free perks, so that's not fair!" but, like, it's the core theming for the game. Everybody will have a more enjoyable time if the game has more variety from one game to the next and that means changing the baseline rules for each killer

  • papichulopapichulo Member Posts: 271


  • mynameisBlademynameisBlade Member Posts: 325
    edited June 2021

    I completely agree! What are the Killers that need this attention the most? I suppose a Killer like Trapper has SOME Survivor interactivity with the disarming of his traps, so not sure if you'd count that? I am curious to hear your thoughts on a Killer like Wraith or Nurse. Giving Survivors a way to interact with each Killers power seems like a neat way to spice up the game for sure!

  • JordanMaliciousJordanMalicious Member Posts: 379

    Buddy....step into a locker for 4 seconds and it's countered. Be near the killer when they are hooking and it's countered. Run that perk that hides your aura a certain number of times. You're the lazy one for not wanting to take time to counter the perk YOU deem as bad/lazy.

  • BenihimeWrathBenihimeWrath Member Posts: 968

    Heres a real hot take for you. I think BBQ, Ruin, and the BP part of we're gonna live forever should just be baseline.

    • Double bloodpoints for everyone for obvious reasons, rewarding killers for spreading their attention to all survivors baseline, and encouraging altruistic playstyles baseline.

    • Baseline aura reading as a built in anti-camping mechanic that gives new avenues for survivor perks to interact with a killer while simultaneously increasing the skill cap of killer by allowing them to identify perks based on when they can see auras, reduce aura exposure to 3 seconds and allow perks to block it innately. Baseline range of activation reduced to 32 meters.
    • For example Distortion will always block it, but it will not consume any tokens. Other perks could be Repressed Alliance, blocking your aura when a generator you've blocked is active. Left Behind/Sole Survivor blocking your aura when you are the last survivor. Empathy, For The People, Babysitter blocking the aura when near teammates. Self-care, Bite the Bullet blocking your aura while healing. (Keep in mind this would only be for the BBQ-esque auras, all other killer perks would work as intended.) Giving windows for survivor skill that more easily fit into their perk choices consistently throughout the match. OoO would prevent any perks from blocking their aura no matter what. (Again, only for the BBQ-esque auras.)

    • Ruin with no hex totem baseline to provide a small cushion of gen defense and also reward the killer for generating pressure, thereby reducing the necessity of such perks, passively buffing other perks. Encouraging build diversity. Tune remaining gen defense perks down to be more reasonably in line, reducing their overall feeling of oppression.
    • Passively reduces the compulsion to tunnel/camp/slug gratuitously as each second of pressure on a survivor is now much more valuable than previously, reducing the need to actively suppress nearly the entire team for effective gen pressure at any given moment. Simultaneously increasing the weight of every decision a survivor makes while repairing generators, making the objective more engaging overall.
    • Remove kick as baseline ability, have it be unique to those perks that require breaking a generator.

    And before anyone comes in here with an ad absurdum argument of "Well then people are just gonna stack 4 defense perks or 4 tracking perks on top of X/Y". Yeah, obviously some people are going to do that, but that shouldn't cause other, more healthy avenues of gameplay to be shut down just for the fringe minority of cases.

  • pedrolitopedrolito Member Posts: 50

    I play main survivor and check this in every rank: people are stupid and NEVER hide in a locker. You know pretty fast when a killer play with BBQ. But...

    And since killer camp almost every time, this perk is rarely used to pinpoint other players. Maybe that's why they don't have this reflexe.

  • JimboMasonJimboMason Member Posts: 758
  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,732

    Players disarming traps is a KIND of environmental interaction, that's true. The issue is that the Trapper player doesn't have an actual power to use beyond setting those, and his has to both place the traps manually as well as retrieve his traps from random places in the environment. If he had, say, a baseline inventory of 3 and reloaded at a locker, it would be more reasonable to say that evasion and disarming is the back and forth. But for how long it takes the killer to set all that stuff up (not to mention how few can reasonably be put in one region), it feels more like the players making sure the killer stays in their "man with stick runs after you" baseline mode. Which is why I suggested the traps resetting themselves addon as a passive: players can poink the traps to turn off the killer's bonus, but it'll come back at some mysterious point, so you must be always on your guard.

    Wraith should really have the "you can't tell how near or far the bing bongs are" addon baseline. If players are checking out all around themselves in paranoia any time the bell is run, they're applying psychological pressure everywhere on the map. Perhaps even adding little, fake 'shimmers' as if he's close by that move around randomly, so survivors are never sure when it's safe to stop hiding. Keep up the pressure of the invisible threat!

    Nurse is tough. In the hands of 99% of players, she's the worst killer in the game because her power is so hard to use and her movement speed is so slow that you are forced to use it all the time. But in the hands of the 1% who put in tons of practice and got good, she's nearly unbeatable. There is no "man with stick runs after you" phase to her. It is all power all the time and if you're good, you can be practically everywhere at once. Given her whole deal, I think an interesting one might be to have the UI lie to survivors: if you're a certain distance away from your team mates, their portraits all say that they're injured. That way, you're never really sure who's in need of healing or who's just not near you.

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