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Who is your favourite licensed killer?



  • xllANDRESllxxllANDRESllx Member Posts: 20
    The Pig
    Reverse beartraps everywhere 💀

  • urielito3010urielito3010 Member Posts: 3
    The Pig

    I love the pig xd

  • TheDrTheDr Member Posts: 23
    Michael Myers

    Myers is a haunting killer that can change his gameplay in an instant, he can go from "I'm breathing down your neck" to "RUN, SURVIVORS, RUN FROM THE SHAPE." His stalking ability in game is so cannon to the movies and the way he holds his knife up to his shoulder to stab is so terrifying to run from. This huge guy is looking at you so casually with the most expressionless face, creepy, and this huge guy is walking faster than you run and has his knife up ready to imbed his knife in your ass, I just love this killer.
    I like it how he has his own chase theme instead of the boring original music, I love his weapon it may be big for a kitchen knife but its short simple and scary.
    There are a few things that bug me about him though, I don't like his first person view of him he holds the knife right up to his face, I don't like his successful hit animation, he holds the knife inches from the screen and even clips through his face and when he's in tier 3 I don't like how we don't see he's knife raise in first person, y would Myers chase after a survivor and his knife would teleport downward around his hand to stab them and have it teleport back upward to look at it. The devs say that in first-person the weapon raised to the killers face should make sense to the killer, ya that makes a lot of sense.

  • A_CrowA_Crow Member Posts: 193
    Michael Myers
  • danganreapingdanganreaping Member Posts: 2
    Freddy Krueger

    Of course half of y'all chose Myers, ya nasties :p

  • TheluckyboiTheluckyboi Member Posts: 1,113
    The Pig

    I´d say leatherface but then i remember i am only good with him because i play basement builds with him, Piggy is BRUTAL in the endgame, i remember one time the survivors genrushed me and was about to lose, i could not down a single one of them and kept teabagging me, but thanks to NOED and Blood Warden i killed 3 of them thanks to the reversed bear traps.

    I dont understand why people usually put her so low on tier lists, she is at least a B tier

  • TheCatLadyTheCatLady Member Posts: 60
    The Pig

    Amanda <3

  • UltimateHit47UltimateHit47 Member Posts: 45
    Freddy Krueger

    Yes Freddy is kinda weak but I used to have a lot of fun playing him. I don't as much anymore as I have branched out a bit but Freddy was my first killer to prestige 1 so I have to say Freddy.

  • TheBlackDiceTheBlackDice Member Posts: 2
    Michael Myers

    Myers for me, he's a great killer to play if you love scaring people. Fun to face, and leaves you feeling on edge every trial you face against him as well.

  • NebirosNebiros Member Posts: 17
    edited December 2018
    Michael Myers

    Michael Myers, The Shape.

  • GMAKGMAK Member Posts: 38

    Bubba needs more love, he's such a fun killer

  • jsims789jsims789 Member Posts: 6
    Michael Myers

    all of them

  • TwistedRustyTwistedRusty Member Posts: 15
    The Pig
    The Pig
  • JowDaddyyJowDaddyy Member Posts: 19
    Michael Myers

    It's got to be Myers. Fantastic ability that has potential to cripple a team whilst being balanced. Perfect character.

    The Pig


  • GraviteaUKGraviteaUK Member Posts: 464
    Michael Myers

    Perma Tier 3 users stand for the national anthem!

    Du du du du du du

  • DriftDrift Member Posts: 3
    The Pig

    Sam from Trick R' Treat

  • Adonisadon234Adonisadon234 Member Posts: 147
    Michael Myers

    Mostly all of them, but i love myers the most. He's my main.

  • BunnyBunsBunnyBuns Member Posts: 4
    edited February 2019
    Michael Myers

    As a killer: Myers has the best music, most suitable gameplay, and is actually even usable. Leatherface and Freddy are both pretty terrible. I guess Pig is okay but don't really like her playstyle.

    So, Myers by far.

    As a survivor: Pig is again okay, but both Freddy and Leatherface are unfun to play against since Leatherfaces camp and Freddies tunnel. Myers is the most fun killer to play against especially if he's using jumpscare build.

    So, Myers by far again.

    The Pig

    pig all the way

  • BonkoulBonkoul Member Posts: 12
    Freddy Krueger

    Freddy's my favorite, by far even though he's poorly executed, but the others have their own kind of fun to have with. Even if most LF are just insidious face/cave campers, you can still scare the ######### out of some people by falling on them with your chainsaw at minima volume and great speed. Piggy is good for ambushes and the annoying reverse beartraps are really doing their job. And the boi Myers is scary as ######### if you stay phase 1 all the game with "Monitor and Abuse" equipped. Those without a good vision or the perks "Premonition" or "Spine Chill" will get scared the ######### out of them.
    But ma boi Freddy, ya just have to make someone sleep with your power and he's gonna reveal the others by how he's moving. Doesn't even need to follow him to see him while he's in the Nightmare's World x)

  • snowflake102snowflake102 Member Posts: 2,151
    The Pig

    Pig is mine

  • snowflake102snowflake102 Member Posts: 2,151
    The Pig

    2nd is leather face

  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278
    Michael Myers

    @Giddawid said:
    Let us know who your favourite licensed killer is!

    Myers, complete 3 to 4k machine. A reliable machine of destruction and your worst nightmare to play against.

  • LillikaiLillikai Member Posts: 19
    Freddy Krueger
  • SamwiseSamwise Member Posts: 36
    Michael Myers

    Myers is the only reason I even considered buying Dead by Daylight and here we are 2k+ hours later lol.

  • The Pig
    Pig she is so much fun to roleplay as 
    and very fun to get good smbushes off
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