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Hag should be unable to place traps around the hook

MineguyMineguy Member Posts: 318
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This is the dumbest mechanic in the whole game. You can make a hook into a minefield with almost no real counter. Yeah sure your can crouch but the extra time that takes the hag can easily come back. This should not be a thing.

It should be like pyramid head that around a certain radius you can't place traps or they get instantly destroyed.

Or make it that when the survivor is saved all traps get destroyed after that in the radius, I don't care just nerf it. I'm ######### done with make your choice hags and stupid survivors who instantly run after they get saved

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  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,408

    An idea I have read a lot and seen a lot (I think Otz had this idea in one of his videos) is to remove all Traps at a Hook once someone is saved. This would still mean that the Hag-player gets some delay because the Survivor has to crouch, but those two Survivors who be able to run away instead of being forced to crouch, which just gives her time to get back.

    I would also be fine with allowing to walk over Traps, it should not be the case that you are ######### when you dont have Urban Evasion.

    In general, Hag needs a Rework, some stuff needs to go and nerfed and others needs to go and there need to be compensations (e.g. walking over Traps should be possible, but Traps should not get burned by Flashlights... Personally, I would also be fine with tuning down her ability a lot to give her 4,6m/s, at least this would make her more enjoyable to play, at least for me).

  • PilotPilot Member Posts: 1,158

    And deny her Make your Choice perk to instantly down the healthy survivor, hook him, and chase after the injured one?

    Or waste your time by crouching for 5-10 seconds and allow her to just waltz over to you slowly?

    No, never!


  • MojoTheFabulousMojoTheFabulous Member Posts: 2,015

    I've always liked the idea of being able to walk over traps without triggering them but these ideas are good too.

  • kaerukaeru Member Posts: 1,561

    What is the difference if you trigger trap under hook or somewhere near hook? That change would make you couch earlier if you don't want to trigger a trap. But if you rush to unhook, that change make no difference because hag will just teleport and interrupt you as before.

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,524

    Playing against Hag's is usually a miserable experience. Yesterday I played against a Hag with Mint Rag + Make Your Choice literally just camping every hook from a distance:

    Very nice gameplay.

  • Wrathclaw88Wrathclaw88 Member Posts: 48

    Flashlight - Crouching - (when you know where the trap is - make it activ - play toghether with your group) = counterplay

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,408

    So, being a psychic and knowing that you go against a Hag is counterplay? Or do you consider being lucky counterplay when you grab a Flashlight out of a Chest?

    And crouching does not really matter - if the Hook is full of Traps, you either have to run, which triggers the Traps or you have to crouch, which allows the Hag to come back.

  • NomiNomadNomiNomad Member Posts: 2,845

    Hag needs to be deleted.

    I mean not really but I hate her so much I can't even explain

  • WishIcouldmainWishIcouldmain Member Posts: 3,973

    As a Hag main yes this is stupid and once you unhook someone every so and so meters the traps should be erased. And also Mint Rag can use a change.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,206

    Hag would be so much more fun to fight if the game didn’t encourage this type of play

  • HaunterofShadowsHaunterofShadows Member Posts: 3,552

    nah you shouldn't be able to walk over traps. You can't do that with trappers you shouldn't be able to do it with hags.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,828

    Devs floated the idea of survivors erasing traps similar to disarming Trapper's traps.

    Never went anywhere.

  • KharbargKharbarg Member Posts: 126



    Nor should she be able to put her traps so close to each other

  • bibibib8bibibib8 Member Posts: 844

    Im saying this just like that but have you try to run over all of her trap before you go for the unhook and loop her away while someone else go for the unhook i do that in my swf and it work really well

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    To be completely fair if the Trapper can do it the Hag should be able to as well, and I HATE the Hag.

    That said, since I HATE the Hag, I will use this chance to say again that something about her should be dialed back a bit. Less traps, less of a trap radius, more distance between the traps and the items that survivors have to interact with, some cooldown on her teleport, SOMETHING.

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,635

    Let me go to opposite way with that and say that the Executioner SHOULD be able to place Torment Trails around the hook. It's GOOD to force the survivors to have to move slowly when doing a rescue. And at least everybody can SEE the torment trails and know that you have to crouch walk out of it

  • SypherpathicSypherpathic Member Posts: 488

    The real problem is for the unhooked. You can crouch up and unhook someone and it's IMPOSSIBLE for them to be crouching when they land, thus setting off a trap if it's close.

    Hag and Trapper are nowhere near the same. The Trapper's traps are much fewer - sometimes I see Hags spamming 5 or six traps around a hook. THey also have a huge radius compared to the Trapper's. All in all, it really does feel miserable going against a hag playing this way and I usually can't wait to get to the next match.

  • MineguyMineguy Member Posts: 318

    You don't have it every round - Takes so much time that the hag just comes back - Then the person don't get saved and the hag makes new traps - Not everyone is playing swf = No real counterplay, just works with certain stuff or baby hag

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,555

    I'd say remove Hag traps entirely and replace them with fireworks lol

  • HeaderHeader Member Posts: 141

    just crouch to the hook. if she comes back get hit and run away. if she chases you she is throwing the game and if she retraps the hook you can heal. during this time the others can do gens. a hag cant stop gens, protect the hook and fix her web at the same time.

  • OopsAllHexesOopsAllHexes Member Posts: 624

    No. Just no.

    If the Hag is setting up a minefield, she's wasting a bunch of time doing so.

    Also, sounds like it's the fault of your teammates for running when there is obviously traps nearby (that they should know exists because they most likely watched her place them down) instead of the Hag's fault.

  • OopsAllHexesOopsAllHexes Member Posts: 624

    Hold down the crouch button while being saved and you won't trigger any traps.

  • SypherpathicSypherpathic Member Posts: 488

    Really? I've tried every time and it never seems to work!

  • Nyx32Nyx32 Member Posts: 130

    if the hag is camping from far away like people say she is, it won't take long to crouch out of the radius of the traps if they're right under the hooks.. maybe a few extra seconds? A killer with low base move speed can't walk across the map that fast

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