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Discussing "SPORTSMANLIKE" conduct.

quazzi76quazzi76 Member Posts: 77

Okay first off Camping, slugging, tunneling, etc are all forms of killings okay, toxic or not - Agreed. Then Devs ask you to display good sportsmanship. If killers are allowed to do that how is that good sportsmanship? Gamers will say use defensive strike or borrowed time, get better, etc. That is not the point killers are allowed to use un-sportmen like conduct. If this "WAS" a sport where is the sportsmanship's conduct in camping, tunneling, slugging. You get hit, get knocked down, hooked, camped, unhooked, tunneled, hit again, borrowed time, tunneled, hit again downed, defensive strike, tunneled, downed again, and re-hooked. Repeat dead. Where is the sportsman like conduct? Yeah the killer could loose the game that way. Was it thrown for just chasing one person? If a survivor chooses not to participate in that style/formate of a game they are unsportsmanlike. (?) Killers don't have to show good conduct just players? Where does the code of conduct lay? You play 5 random games, all similar in format, is that fun? To me no. We just have to wait for one decent killer out of X# of tries?



  • TheStabbiNAngeLTheStabbiNAngeL Member Posts: 1,264

    In regard to the killer this is sportsmanship, you can't beat a well coordinated team with out slugging or applying pressure to survivors. Survivors have all the tools they need to escape plus all the time needed to be frank,by mid game a killer is left with two perks his power and add-ons.Surviviors have 4 teammates running the same perks which the killer has to catch and hook 4 people 12 times.

    Consider crossplay with more Optima processing,ginormous lagg spikes and large terrain to cover ,I would say all of it is more than fair anyway most killer's play fair for the most part or what survivors consider fair,but with the time you have, I would say all the above is more than ,fair you would be lucky if the killer camps and tunnel you

    Some teams show good sportsmanship by giving the killer time to get a few hooks before the game is over because they know it's in there favor.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460

    Good sportsmanship includes all behavior within the rules. That means, by default, those behaviors all fall within good sportsmanship. The only things someone in Dead by Daylight needs to abide by, to be a good sport, are:

    1. Don't cheat, either by hack or lag spike.
    2. Don't disconnect; if you start a game, finish it.
    3. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

    That's it. That is all you have to do. The things you are talking about are irrelevant to the equation because they are just part of the game. Please do not conflate your personal preferences, morals, or morays with rules.

  • YatolYatol Member Posts: 1,380

    this is not even close to unsportsmanlike conduct

  • NVerdeNVerde Member Posts: 264

    I personally feel that camping is unsportsmanlike conduct. I don't understand why killer mains do it, EXCEPT and only except for camping the very last survivor if the exit gates are open and they haven't had any kills all game and just want to get their 1k.

    I just don't get it - why camp someone when you could be chasing other survivors, allowing them to heal and chasing them again, getting more hooks - all of which will get you more points. What's the fun in just killing the survivors as quickly as possible? By doing that, you're missing out on a huge part of the game and you are making a boring game for everyone - I will NEVER understand why.

  • stikyardstikyard Member Posts: 524

    The only thing I find unsportsman like is slugging and then letting everyone bleed out, or Survivors who try to hold the match hostage. Also Survivors who intentionally try to get their team killed.

    Everything else is a strategy and bad strategies have consequences.

  • CoalTowerCoalTower Member Posts: 1,730

    If you die after that many second chances that's just sad...

    Anyways, they are a part of the game, so not unsportsmanlike conduct. Same for survivors with flashlight saves, doing gens quickly, and bodyblocking. Nothing that isn't against the rules is unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • Itslat3ncyItslat3ncy Member Posts: 351

    Just a question here then. Why is T Bagging and Flashlight clicking unsportsmanlike and toxic then. They're apart of the game too, but the community considers them toxic, when that could be a strategy to get into the killers head and make them mad, so they play bad.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773
    edited June 2021

    Things I try to avoid as killer

    Double hooking the same survivor (doesn't mean I won't slug if you try to exploit this kindness)

    Camping when there's no reason or logic to even if already losing

    Tryharding in games with an early DC/Suicide. That's not really fun for anyone. I usually just double hook everyone and go afk.

    It's usually used to rightfully try to bait and distract a killer. A lot of survivors also use it as a sort of victory taunt (which has been a thing in games for decades). Some killers with fragile egos can't handle it.

  • ElenaElena Member Posts: 2,188

    "Why is T Bagging and Flashlight clicking unsportsmanlike and toxic then"

    Because the majority of those actions are done with the pure intent to taunt or piss off other people.

  • BuddhaBingBuddhaBing Member Posts: 248

    I only consider it toxic when it doesn't benefit them, like at the exit gates, otherwise you're right. Trying to tilt the killer is absolutely a valid strategy. The same way I don't consider slugging toxic, but slugging and letting all the survivors bleed out to let them suffer is.

  • NoOneKnowsNovaNoOneKnowsNova Member Posts: 2,280

    Because that tactic involves trying to anger the opposition.

    Tunneling, slugging and camping all dont necessarily involve angering your opponent while they do progress towards the killers objective.

    Tbagging and Flashligh clicking is almost always used solely to annoy the killer, which, even if its tactical, is unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • ChiSoxFan11ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 884

    I had a match last night as part of a 2-person SWF against a Wraith. I spent a good chunk of the match running said Wraith, pallet stunning them several times, running loops relatively effectively, and avoiding going down until they abandoned chase with me. In between, I worked gens, healed teammates, etc. On the final chase, he did down me just as the last gen popped. I told my friend (who had been hooked twice and would have been on death hook) to open the gate (both were a decent way from where I was hooked) and go, because I assumed I was going to be camped -- which the Wraith did.

    Was I annoyed that I was going to die on first hook? Sure -- but as I told my friend, I wore it as a badge of honor. I also figured that the Wraith, who got a total of 3-4 hooks max the entire game (and no kills at that point) wanted to secure at least one, and at that point, I didn't blame them for camping my hook to get it. After I died, I spectated a Claudette -- who had hovered near me but never made any attempt to rescue me, even when The Wraith strayed away or cloaked up again -- get downed teabagging near the exit gate, and The Wraith carried them to the exit, furthering my thought that I'd played well enough to cost the Wraith the match and was the one he wanted dead above anything else. Considering how potato a survivor I can be, that just made me feel even better that I'd "earned" the camping,

    As an aside, the Claudette, after getting downed, kept crawling back into the map to try to get the Wraith to pick them up. It turns out they had Deliverance activated and also DS available, so they were trying to bait The Wraith into allowing them to use both (which also means they could have easily rescued me when they were near, but instead they were more focused on hitting the "cool" Deliverance-into-DS combo before they escaped above team play. If anything, their selfish play was more "unsportsmanlike" than the killer's was by camping me.

    As others have said, the devs have stated what constitutes legitimate strategies and what doesn't. Just because someone doesn't like those strategies or think they aren't particularly fair, they're simply part of the game. The real "sportsmanship", IMO, comes AFTER the match. I didn't go on a tirade because I died after being camped -- I moved on to the next game. The people that pollute the post-game chats with raging/salt/insults and profanity and threats/slurs (which being on console, I'm thrilled to not be a part of it) -- THOSE are the people who are unsportsmanlike and should be the target of people's wrath -- not someone who clicked a flashlight or camped your hook.

  • FrndlyChnswSalzmnFrndlyChnswSalzmn Member Posts: 705

    And your personal feelings do not matter. Killers literally cannot win the way you want them to play unless they play absolutely perfectly, and maybe not even then. Stop trying to cripple your opponents and just get better.

  • Exerath1992Exerath1992 Member Posts: 1,035

    Lol, these are tactics in the game. Unsportsmanlike conduct is body blocking a survivor in a corner, rage quitting, going AFK or exploiting bugs (not all textbook, more like general consensus).

    Its like saying "in football, they say to have sportsmanship like conduct but they say the defence is allowed to tackle". Its a part of the game, bruh.

  • Exerath1992Exerath1992 Member Posts: 1,035

    I love how everyone arguing skipped over your perfect annotated response. They only want to argue, not be proven wrong lol

  • CoalTowerCoalTower Member Posts: 1,730

    They aren't unsportsmanlike conduct. Again, they're an intended part of the game.

  • Itslat3ncyItslat3ncy Member Posts: 351
  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 2,308
    edited June 2021

    I tune into not_queen's stream from time to time and I enjoy how little she cares about people's expectations of morality regarding camping/tunneling. It's not something I go out of my way to do on most occasions but I find it to be a healthy attitude: play as you wish and accept that others will as well.

  • CoalTowerCoalTower Member Posts: 1,730

    Because the community in general is dumb as #########.

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